Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 8.88 miles
My original plan was to head up towards the volcanos – maybe not all the way in the big loop around them but maybe just to the top of one of them and back down. My lungs are still not the healthiest and with all the rain we’ve been getting I kind of thought it would look nice from up there.
Heading up the hill was a bit strenuous but I made it okay. I got to the top and turned around….
Rain coming from the South and the East!
Rain coming from the East!
I was being followed by the rain clouds! The ones coming from the south were heading right towards the house. The ones coming down from the mountains were a ways away but still kind of ominous looking. No lightning – which was nice. I don’t mind rain, I don’t mind getting wet. This day was just not the day to go through all that.
I opted to turn back and head back to the homestead. I wasn’t home ten minutes and it dumped.
Kind of glad I turned back when I did. A couple of guys passed me on my way down, them going up and I’m pretty sure they got drenched. At least they were on the trail…

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