Today is Wednesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday will not go down as one of my favorite days. Not much traffic for the sale and still no assistance on getting everything ready. By the time Tim showed up I was ballistic. I had to get out and luckily Jennifer was up for going to lunch. Barbecue and some grape sodas helped me get over it. Back at work I had to put up with some other issues. I left at 4:30 as I had had enough.
The weather was awesome and I figured since I missed any weekend rides, I’d head out. It gets dark just after 6:30 so I didn’t have long – but it was SO worth it.
Back for some dinner and laying down. Didn’t sleep much for no apparent reason.
Today – a fresh day….
On the way to work this morning, I came up on a wreck involving a motorcycle on I-25 that had just happened. The guy was moving but it looked pretty bad. Ick.

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 8.94 miles Time: 0:45:00
Avg Speed: ?? mph Top Speed: ??
Calories Burned: ???
This was just a quick ride to clear my head and to get me some exercise. I have been coming down with a cold or allergies or whatever and I just needed to get outside. It worked!
Up the hill and back…
Walk softly and carry a large shadow....
Walk softly and carry a large shadow

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was VERY busy over the phone, a few customers came in. Tim hasn’t exactly been helping set up and that has been a bit frustrating. Oh well, normal. Trying to coordinate the Habitat for Humanity people has been totally frustrating. They are off on Mondays and Tuesdays so I can’t say I didn’t know…
I managed to get some work done, need to complete payroll today and finish marking everything.
I watched Tropic Thunder last night. That was Ben Stiller’s last movie. Eh. The funniest parts were the fake movie previews at the beginning.
Back to work [insert snap of whip sound here]!

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Today is Monday

Life: Frustrated Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
The home show was not exactly a success – something that is just becoming more the ‘norm’. Of the people that did stop to talk – NOT ONE new home being built. All remodels. That says something about the economy here. I did get a couple good leads but mostly it’s people thinking about the ‘future’ and ‘wishing’.
I woke up yesterday with a cold thang. It progressively got worse as the day went on. By the time I got home I was beat. I made a Theraflu and sat my butt in the recliner. I don’t know if I actually slept or not but I felt a little better by dinner time. After dinner it was more computer work.
I finished about 2:30 this morning with most of what I wanted set up. The alarms came awfully early and I got almost 90 minutes of finishing done before leaving. My point was to be at the factory at 8:30 am – I barely left the house at 8:15. Traffic was not my friend and it was almost 9 am before I arrived. Tim just showed up – how nice of him to make it.
No bike rides over the weekend and WAY too much food to process without the exercise. I need a break…

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Today is Sunday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was not filled with as much productive work as I had wished.
I did manage to get all the laundry done though!
Before we had known it, it was time to go to dinner. We went to Church Street Cafe in Old Town. A party of 21 is never easy – but they only gave us one server so everything was slow. I took about an hour just to get the food once they had successfully taken our order. We had good company so that wasn’t that bad. The food was just okay. It was tasty, nothing was poor – but it wasn’t ‘OMG’ tasty.
After dinner we ambled over to the plaza where they were having Indian dances. It was kind of cool, but I hate to stereotype – everyone was on ‘something’ over there. It was kind of strange. We left and went to Mom & Dad’s house for cake – which was truly too much food at that point. Happily we made it home and I just putzed until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.
Today – my day to run the home show. Yummy.

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Today is Saturday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
My attempt at completing the tasks at hand last night did not go well. Half of it is the lack of motivation and the fact that my mind is contemplating a lot of options that all have the potential for live-changing events. Twenty years ago, I acted first and dealt with the repercussions after the fact. I thought first but reacted more quickly. Now I take into account a bit more than I probably should. My two largest life-affecting conditions are my children. This is somewhat silly to weigh my decisions so heavily toward them as children are so resilient. They do not think of the future – just for the day. Oh well. More on that later as well.
I woke up at 7:00 am on purpose to get to work – with the intent that I would finish and hop on the bike and ride for about three hours. I need that therapy today. Motivation to work? None. Three hours and I’m nowhere closer to being done.
We did have some morning excitement already. Sunnee lets the chicken become free-range-poop-making critters and lets them run around the yard. Our dogs have to stay inside during this time. Sunnee and I were upstairs and we heard Jaeden yell downstairs from the kitchen. The neighbors have two dogs, one mid to large size, pit-bullian mix who has enjoyed our yard and house on recent visits over the summer (not invited) and a little, yappy, thing. Little yappy dog had chewed through the fence and had his little mind set for chicken chasing. Oh the excitement!
With my having to work the show tomorrow, I HAVE to get this work done….

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Today is Friday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
A whirlwind of a day again yesterday – kind of a week of that. My friend Frank had announced to me on Sunday that he would be in town on Thursday. That fact escaped me until late last night when I saw him online and posting about being in ‘Burque TODAY. I had intended on putting more of an effort to reaching out to people to make some gathering for folks who he used to work with. It ended up being totally spur of the moment and I set it up at Garduno’s.
The morning time was spent on last minute edits and making sure that I had all my stuff together. That and sending emails and making phone calls. Work was relatively stressful – a common feeling any longer. I needed to make a website and every time I started groovin’ I would be interrupted by some ‘thing’ that would occupy 20-30 more minutes. Then I would have to spend about ten minutes just remembering where I left off and why I didn’t do some other ‘thing’. Very frustrating. My most productive minutes were from 5:30 on… once the phones get switched to AutoAnswer. Before I knew it, it was 6:00 and being the hostest with mostest – I needed to be on time.
I unplugged all the computers and placed them in the car and ran to Winrock. I actually pulled up at 6:25 pm and ended up being the first there. I had personally invited about a dozen people and had hoped that we could get some more stragglers just by word of mouth (and facebook). I always have pity on the sole person of a group when they first arrive somewhere – I used to love watching them at the bar. They arrive and look everywhere for a familiar face. They look in the dining room. They look on the patio. There’s a point where they may ask someone if there’s other people there but you know that as long as they had eyes, there’s nobody else. Here’s where the dilemma sets in – do you sit at the bar and order a drink and wait so you don’t look AS lonely; or sit at a bunch of tables and look the lonely part?
Luckily for me, the next person arrived while I was deciding and we opted to sit outside. About fifteen minutes later everyone else showed up. There were six of us in total and it was nice in that we could all still talk to each other and have discussions without including everyone else. Everyone knew each other – if not personally – at least through others that they had all worked with. It was nice.
Frank had gone to Burning Man earlier in the month and was telling us all about it. Part of me thinks I would like it but the other part tells me it’s just not ‘me’. He had some great stories and we all had fun talking about people that we all knew. The lone person who thought enough to bring a camera will send me pictures on Monday.
The night was over rather quickly and I still had to make a website. Five margaritas does not inspire the creative thought processes required to do a good job on a website. I tried and a little after midnight, had given up without a good version online.
This morning I got up early and polished up what I had done. It wasn’t so bad afterall. I was having a bear of an issue with some files that kept Error 404’ing me when I could ‘see’ the files on the server. It took about 90 minutes of constant retrying when I remembered that the ancient version of Dreamweaver that I use only allowed file names to be twenty or so characters! Moved the files via Fetch and everything worked!
There’s some text issues that I’m dealing with but the site is up at:
Not my best or most proud work, but for what I needed and the resources and time that I had – I’m okay with it. I’ll tell you more about the program later.
I rushed through paying some bills this morning and headed out. I needed to go run by two different printers on opposite ends of town to pick up stuff for the home show this weekend. That took a long time. I still needed to get the sale website up and running so I plugged in all the computers again and…. started answering phone calls.
Oy! To make sure Murphy’s Law was operating full force – we received a sizable check from Home Depot – meaning that I had about an hour’s worth of processing to get it all entered into the system. About 4 pm, I tried to start on the website. Got nowhere.
Busy weekend: Home show both days, dad’s birthday party on saturday, sister from Colorado is in town, HOPE for a bike ride and I have to get the sale website completed.
Yeah, I’ll have time for a bike ride…

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Today is Thursday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Having someone else help out on the daily paperwork processing has been a bit easier but the learning curve is pretty steep. In the long run, it will all be worth it.
After trying to coordinate Public Service Announcements with the Habitat for Humanity people for over a week – yesterday was the day that everyone magically reappeared. All very nice people, but trying to get the ball rolling again has proven difficult. Still, everyone seems willing to help – now to see what kind of magic I can pull off to promote the sale next week…
I completed payroll with about 30 minutes to spare and finished a few other things around the place.
Made it home eventually and continued working. Still need to set up the website and all the pricing. Ugh.
Last night was very windy and there were all sorts of unfamiliar sounds outside – things rattling around. I go outside and Belle comes into the ‘dog room’ carrying something in her mouth. I ask her to drop it… and it’s a mouse. The little dude hits the floor and then scampers off! I yelled at Belle to ‘pick it up!’ ‘get it!’ – I wish I had a camera as I’m sure it was the funniest thing to witness. I cracked myself up.
When it was time to go to sleep – not happening. I guess the neighbor’s trees have grown towards my house over the summer and tree branches kept hitting the walls. Every time the wind blew in a certain direction I would wake up. I think that the wind died down around 2:30 am and I think that’s when I actually fell asleep. WIll need to cut those – soon.
Today – LOTS to do and I forgot that a friend is coming in from out of town tonight. We’ll see how that goes…

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This was my view of the sunset while leaving the factory this evening…
Sunset in Albuquerque NM 23 Sept 09

More proof that we have some of the most amazing sunsets – anywhere!

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
WTH – 48 degrees this morning? I think that this may be the day I break out the ol’ jacket. Waking up was slowed down by my burrowing under the covers. Two nights ago I was just using a sheet overnight. Fall is here.
A lot to get done today although I got a bunch of stuff done by the end of the day. Hopefully more progress today.
So much going on…. Auntie Em, Auntie Em!

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