Today is Thursday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was good in that I had a wonderful bike ride into work. That helps set the mood for the day so I did feel a bit more refreshed. I turned off all the HVAC units back in January. As the inside temperatures hit 80 around 5 o’clock I’m thinking it’s about time to switch them back on.
Finished some more piles o’ work and actually had a strategy meeting with Tim. Apparently we talk better over food. Yesterday was KFC chicken strips with Buffalo sauce. Those almost came back to haunt me on the ride back.
In the moving of the office process I found my helmet camera and took a video on the way home. I posted the video here.
Today has a fairly long to-do list that I hope to get through. I had better get started.

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 28.8 miles Time: 2:04:00
Avg Speed: 13.9 mph Top Speed: ??
Calories Burned: a lot
This morning took 54 minutes to get there in about 64 degree weather. It was truly a nice ride. This morning I found my helmet cam – it only records 60 minutes but I have only used it once since getting it. I was out of SD cards but knew I had one at the factory. I recorded the trip from the factory back home – or at least as much as it would record! The way home was about an hour and ten minutes and was 79 degrees – lots more sweating that the ride in the morning!
So an hour long video is a little long to publish on youtube – plus I bet it’s real boring. I sped it up 1500% to this! It’s a bit grainy, so sue me…

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Frustrated Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
It’s a day… I did complete a lot of tasks at work yesterday. Enough to probably ride the bike to work today. That will make me feel better I am sure.
Not much else to want to talk about today. Sorry.

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Frustrated Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Eleven big orders over the weekend – there’s a big sale going on. I had kind of expected a bit more than this but I’m thankful nonetheless. Last night, right before I left I FINALLY received an email that I have been waiting two weeks for.
The drive home brought some news that caused me much grief. I’m sure that it will play out today in whichever method fate holds for me. More on that later…
I finally paid bills last night. Only one will be late. It’s kind of nice to know that I don’t have a mortgage payment due next week! Bonus!
I’m going in early today to see what’s waiting for me…

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Today is Monday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Hmmmm. Yesterday was filled even further with stuff. Finalized Jaeden’s bedroom furniture designs, color, and sizes; took Railee to her piano lessons; armed with the correct colors, we got his curtains to cover the closet, some bedding and the big ol’ rug! Railee has been wanting to have a picnic for a week now, the afternoon winds have not exactly been conducive to the plans. After returning home, Donald rode over and we went for a nice bike ride. We laugh that this is one of those few cities where you can face a headwind in both directions. It was nice. The plan was to go from Donald and Jill’s house and meet the family at the park for our picnic. I rode to the park and…. nothing. I called and it appears that time got away from everyone and they forgot. I rode home and packed up the car and went to the park. It was cold and windy. After a brief intermission of Jaeden commenting how cranky his mom was, we decided to pack it back into the car.
We had our picnic on the living room floor. It was nice and fulfilled Railee’s picnic wishes. The nighttime we played a DVD game, Disney Trivia – Jaeden won. Bedtime was late for everyone and before I knew it I could barely keep my eyes open.
No computer work. No lawn mowing. No bill paying. Need to get that done before I go in…

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 26.5 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: ?? Top Speed: ??
Calories Burned: ??
Donald came over and we took off. The wind was kind of crazy – 10 to 15 mph, steady.
We figured we’d go south, against the wind while we were not tired so that we could take advantage of the wind on the way back…. didn’t work out that way.
I showed him the ponds that I seem to visit more often. The river was high, we couldn’t get to where I was just with Ginger and Larry only five days before! We guessed that it was the runoff from Colorado?
We went south down by 2nd Street and turned around to go back. I opted to follow him home since I supposed to take the family on a picnic. It was good to see Jill and Emma and I made it up the hill towards the park. It actually was a bit nippy, and still very windy.
It’s fun to ride with someone as you can actually have conversations. You get a bit better learning how to breathe so you can talk and not black out for lack of oxygen. The only quiet time was the ride up Eagle Ranch and the turn up Paradise. Very quiet as those hills were killer…

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Today is Sunday

Life: Indifferent Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I survived another ‘responsible-parent’ day 🙂
Sunnee was working on setting up the garden – something that she has been planning for about four weeks. While she was turning soil and cleaning up, I helped Jaeden get some breakfast, took a relatively quick bike ride before having to take him to an air-soft war at a park about 16 miles away from the house, picking up Railee, getting more soil and some groceries! Made it home, showered, organized the kids for some cleaning and then fired up the grill as Sunnee was making some dinner. By the time our late dinner was over we were all bushed. Sunnee got too much sun when it was all over.
Railee and I played some card games and eventually I watched some mindless movie on tv and texted with a friend while we watched a movie at the same time. That was actually fun as we could text something about what we were both watching. I need to see if I can organize movie events like this…. could be fun?
Today Sunnee and Railee have been planting things and the puppies have been enjoying the outside company. I did laundry until 2 am and have sorted all of that. I hope to get a bike ride in, mow the grass and then pay the HUGE stack of bills that are on my desk. I have a feeling several are a little on the late side. What a day…

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 18.1 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: ?? Top Speed: ??
Calories Burned: ??
I decided to ride north today, I haven’t been that way in quite a while. Lots of irrigation going on along the big houses on the east side of the arroyo. No camels, although there were alpacas and ostriches. I thought that I remembered something about the bike trail being extended north – apparently not here. In hindsight, I think it goes north from Paseo and the big arroyo. I stayed north between the Rio Grande and the arroyo. Nice trail and a few miles long. Nice ride. It dead ends where it runs into the Sandia Pueblo land. I wish they would do something cooperatively to allow and keep up trails along the bosque…
All this looking at the river makes me want to get into it. I want to rent one of those sea kayaks and float down. It’s way too strong to plan on going upriver, but I think it could be fun to go down it. It’s pretty fast so I think it wouldn’t take too long to get from Alameda down to Isleta – maybe 20 minutes or so? I stopped several places and went to the banks to look at it. Very inviting….
At the bank of the Rio Grande, north of Alameda

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Today is Saturday

Life: Indifferent Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Semi-frustrating day at work yesterday but I did get through some more data crunching. True to form, the numbers I crunched were not the ones that Tim wanted so he was ‘wondering’ if I could do the others. I think my answer will be – will you act upon the answers or will this just get filed into a desk drawer somewhere. I think I know the answer to this already.
Came home to my normal – Jaeden on computer, Sunnee watching tv. I opted for actually reading a book! One of the series that Jaeden has been reading – so it’s Sci-Fi teen audience stuff – perfect for me! Three hours later I was done. Not bad for mindless entertainment!
I worked on the office for a little bit and eventually went to bed. It’s been very windy overnight.
This morning I have been playing with the internet connections. Whatever the Comcast person did on Wednesday did solve the download issue on the large files so that the numbers do tend to go a bit more towards Comcast. Qwest has been more consistent. Comcast is all over the board, but still faster – even at it’s slowest speeds.
Test Saturday, April 25, 2009
8:32 am

Flash Test
Qwest – 3132 Down, 724 Up
Comcast – 6889 Down, 1783 Up

Java Test
Qwest – 5924 Down, 749 Up
Comcast – 8279 Down, 2767 Up

Qwest Test – Denver
Qwest – 6.070 Down, .745 Up
Comcast – 9.475 Down, 2.541 Up

Qwest Test – Phoenix
Qwest 6.102 Down, .749 Up
Comcast – 22.93 Down, 2.419 Up

FTP – 82.1 MB
Qwest 15:20 – 94 – 110 – average 97 – Up
Comcast 9:15 – 150 – 370 – slows as it goes – Up

Qwest 2:20 – 665-740 – Down
Comcast 2:50 – 580 – 740 – Down

This time I put a stopwatch on the Comcast for the upload and after 30 seconds it drops from 480 to 280 – 58% decrease. After 45 seconds, it goes down to 240, after 1:15 it goes down to 200, after 2:45 down to 160, after 8:00 it stayed at 140.

I have spent the past hour online chatting with a tech support – them telling me to keep power cycling the modem and computer and that magically will solve any issues. I feel for those poor people having to try to solve things from what a program is telling them. I think that Comcast either has a gate or a limiter that slows the uploads. They swear they don’t. A tech will come to the house on Saturday and see what gives. I think that they control it but don’t want to admit it….We’ll see.
Sounds like Sunnee is setting up the garden – I need a bike ride – and Jaeden wants to have an AirSoft war today. Sounds busy?

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Today is Friday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Went to work, got some stuff done. Went to Barelas Coffee House with Ginger and Larry and had some mighty fine chile. I can’t remember the last time I was there, but many years ago. Nice little place with awesome food. Priced right as well. It was nice food and good company too.
After lunch I took them to my favorite little ponds over by Tingley Beach. Yes, Dirk the same ones I showed you. The river was bit higher and faster than I have noticed previously but it was – as always – beautiful. Lots of toads and we actually saw some trout in the ponds, I have noticed splashes before but never what was in there. Coming up around the North pond I actually saw about half dozen, very green frogs/toads splashing away from the shore and then noticed this quite large object on this log.
Big ol' turtle on a log - Tingley Beach, Albuquerque, NM
His shell was about 8″ long I’d say so he was larger than most I’ve seen in New Mexico. That was kind of cool.
While looking at that picture I noticed another photo on my iPhone from Monday. I had been walking outside and stepped on a stick that hurt, but I didn’t think anything of it. About 2 o’clock, it hurt just to take a step. When I got home, I poked around with tweezers and other sharp objects and dug this out from my heel:
Splinter from my heel
The quarter shows how big it was….
Okay, it just felt that way – either way it was good to get it out of my foot.
I have some of the strangest photos on my phone. I should set up an album of them…. yes, in all of my free time!
Yesterday at work I spent about four hours processing FM output of what designs are selling. I saved my work often so I wouldn’t lose anything like I did a month or so ago. It’s strange how 30% of my business is done in 10 designs. Sad actually when you think of all the options we have. At this point I’m trying to find some common denominator for sales so that I can try to capitalize on whatever that common thread may be. The sad thing is that I have been trying to do this for 3 years – hoping for an ‘aha’ moment. I cannot find a correlation…. yet.
Last night was Railee’s school play. She was bummed because the ‘director’ (ie: teacher who is being punished for something bad by having to take on such responsibility) took away her lines last minute so she became a non-speaking actor and a member of the chorus. She did great, it’s so fun to see your kid on a stage. Afterwards we did the ceremonious visit for ice cream with my mom. Dad is not feeling well again. Same breathing issues as a few months ago.
Hopefully some progress on some unfinished business regarding the generator, some advertising, and some calls that are going unanswered. I wish I could ride my bike to work today but I have some notebooks that would be cumbersome in the camelback. Damn.

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