Today is Tuesday

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It’s another day… Strangely cold out here – snow expected in the high elevations tomorrow – and then back to warmth over the weekend. Ah…. New Mexico. I turned on the heater last night anyway. [and there was much rejoicing]

I walked to the north side of the house yesterday after noticing a bunch of plaster looking stuff in my neighbors’ yard. It was about 30 sq ft of stucco off of MY HOUSE! Grrrrr! Very frustrating. I don’t know if there’s time to fix it before winter – it really needs warmer temperature and being on the cold North side, I don’t think it’s gonna happen.
Let’s see what other news… One of our chickens which was supposed to be a hen, is a rooster and started crowing over the weekend. If I were one of our neighbors, I think I would be hating me right now. I told Sunnee she needs to get rid of it and of course, that will not be happening.
My dad was not doing so hot yesterday but his blood level increased overnight and he’s doing great. My sister was eating somewhere by the hospital and one of the ER nurses was boasting how he had a patient that with a platelets level of ‘1’ – a normal adult level is between 150,000 and 450,000 according to the interweb – and that his patient was coherent and even more so – alive. The other nurses could not believe it. That is my dad. When we get a medical prognosis, we have become so jaded to respond to them because he is not ‘normal’. He outlasts anyones’ opinion just mostly because that’s the way he is. Whether that is from his genes, his stubborness, or in his head – who cares? One doctor scared the hell out of him yesterday and I bet that doctor will freak when he sees my dad walking around the floors today! If his blood volume level stays up this afternoon and overnight, they will release him tomorrow. Crazy…
Lots of stuff going on and I should be working at this moment so I better get back to it before someone notices – HA!

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Today is Monday

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I had a great time. By this time, apparently the YouTube/U2 show last night was watched by lots of people so people got to see the show. The stage set was INCREDIBLE. Big tours tend to try to one-up the previous large tour with bigger and better. This will be very difficult to beat. Apparently the stage (stages, as there are three of them) cost $60 million. Look at the photos of the daytime shots here.
The night-time shots are here.
It’s amazing that four guys can put on such an amazing show. The only strange thing is that it was soooo…. mellow. A couple of songs kind of rocked out but it was fairly amazing how slow it was. I liked the setlist and they played the songs you wanted from the old days and some from the new ones. The crowd was also – how to say it – old. No kids, other than the ones who carried in their four to six year olds. Not many under 21. It was very similar to the Roger Waters show in 2007 – very old. That kind of shows that they have not been overly successful in crossing over to the next listening generation.
To basically describe it, the center, circular stage was nice with a circle of ‘fans’ around that and then another circular walkway around that – with fans in front of that. There were two moveable catwalks that could rotate around from the back to the front that they would use to cross over to the outer circle. At times, when in the ‘inner circle’ they were just three feet above us. That was cool. In that inner circle area there were SO many beer bottles you would watch where you were walking because if you stepped on a bottle wrong, you would have broken your neck. I love my height when on the floor at shows. I don’t think of myself as tall – until I get into situations like that. It works to my advantage. Bono was such a small person. Then, when he gets next to The Edge, you realize how small he is too.
President Bill Clinton was there – he stayed up in a suite next to the press room where I took most of the ‘high’ photos. Paris Hilton was there too causing a lot of hub-bub. At a time when we walked to the front of house mix position there was a lot of people around and she was walking out. I will admit that she ‘appears’ very pretty – like the photos show. There’s just a cloud of ‘skankiness’ around her. Speaking of skankiness, Gavin Maloof was there too.
All in all – the stage show was unforgettable. I’m glad I was able to see U2, sad that I had not seen any of the previous tours. Judging from the comments and emails – lots of my female friends are WAY into The Edge. One of the friends of the LiveNation crew was very impressed with the drummer. It just goes to show that they still have fans (or is it stalkers?) out there.
The neatest part of the trip was getting to see a friend from the old days. TK had already planned a trip to Vegas from Bamburg, Germany before she knew I was going to be there and she came from the airport to the show. In the middle of a crowd, we picked each other out. We both look the same, which is pretty cool after 14 years or so. She had lived in Vegas previously and had originally come into town to see some old friends. She had been awake for over 20 hours and was a trooper to make it through the show. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that I have friends. It helps me keep my sanity.
Off to work this morning, a bit later than I anticipated while writing all this.

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 22.27 miles Time: 1:45:00
Avg Speed: 12.72 mph Top Speed: ??
The day after the show, I had had a big breakfast (for me) and looking for a reason to get out of the venue compound. My original plan was to ride to Lake Mead. Never made that. Part of that was because I couldn’t get my bike seat to work on the rental bike (thanks Jake) so my tailbone was very sore from riding.
I just went out the Boulder Highway until I couldn’t go any further so I guess that’s way out at the end of Henderson. Whatever the reason, it was good. I started at 4:30 ish and knew that the sun went down between 6 and 6:30. I went a little too far. I had not planned on being gone so long and did not pack my lights. Luckily, I did bring my reflective vest so at least I wasn’t being entirely stupid.
It felt great. I made a good decision in getting the bike. Besides, it’s very hard to talk a hooker into riding on the bike’s handlebars….

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Today is Thursday

No scales around here so I won’t even bother!
Flight was good and uneventful – which is always a good thing. Arrived and went straight to the venue. This thing is freakin’ crazy! It is taller than the seating area which makes it look like something out of War of the Worlds. I met the guy that designed it (another Mark) and he also did The Wall set for Pink Floyd. Nice guy. Amazing feat of engineering going on here.
There are so many people working, it’s like it’s own little city. I helped out as much as I could and ended up having a few beers with Tim from Phoenix. We hadn’t really talked much and boy did we catch up!
A late night pulled pork sandwich was not good for me, but I had one anyway. I regretted that this morning. Jake brought my bike over just before midnight and I went to bed.
Morning came early and any residual beer was worked off on the five mile ride to the venue. It actually felt pretty good. I ended up working more and did not go on a bike ride to Lake Mead. Probably good as the bike broke and that would have sucked had it occurred on the way to/from the lake.
I took more photos – you can see them here.
Some late night accounting issues and all was well. I’m just waiting for the bike dude to come fix the bike.
Tomorrow should be a great day!

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 4.81 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: ?? mph Top Speed: ??
This is the first ‘cold’ morning ride I’ve had since Jan/Feb. It was nice. Just a ride from the hotel to the stadium. Boulder Highway is busy but has a nice bike/bus lane. The only thing is that the drivers out there do not have an idea of what to do for bikes in the right hand turn lanes. I realized this by the second major street. A runner informed me that cars have the Right of Way in Vegas in ALL cases except marked crosswalks. It shows. My plan was to ride back and forth each morning and night but I opted not to ride at night. I think that was the best move.

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Today is Wednesday

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Crazy at work. Mostly dealing with customers who are calling from out of town, trying to play one door company off another for the best deal. It’s kind of silly. I understand that this is a buyer’s market, but at a certain point, they are just taking advantage of the situation. They are fine with the prices, but they are trying to get other stuff tied to my door purchase such as plumbing, roofing, or whatever else they can find. I had two different shops ‘say’ that they were the company that the customer was using for windows, interior doors, etc. One actually produced a PO, so we’ll see if that stops the phone calls. The customer originally contacted me on the 14th and needed the door ASAP. But, in their calling around they wasted almost a week of that time. Oh well. This is the ‘new’ business model.
ABQ is slowly getting sick and I’m trying to not be one of ‘those’ people. I did manage to get all my work done before leaving yesterday.
These extra five pounds that have not been slipping away like normal are REALLY getting to me. I think I may try not eating for the weekend…
It started raining about 3 pm and has not stopped. A nice, constant rain. We need it but at a certain point, it does not get absorbed into the ground and just floods – making for very muddy pets and kids. Oh well – I will take it!
Sunnee made an awesome steak last night – it was very tasty. My dad came back late and we talked for a bit.
Today – no working at the factory – although I am doing a back up from home before I leave town.
Later this afternoon I will be in Vegas and starting the first of my days of no intentional work. Anything I end up doing will be for fun and pomp and circumstance. Mick is running the U2 show that happens on Friday so that will be my fun for the trip. By strange alignment of the stars or something, my friend who is stationed in Germany will be heading to Vegas Friday night and hopefully I will get to see her Saturday and maybe some on Sunday before I leave. I am ‘borrowing’ a bicycle to get around with and hope to ride up to Lake Mead on at least one of the days. Regardless of what happens – I need a break from ABQ. I deserve this respite.
I won’t have internet at the hotel (cheap) but may have access other times and will try to post. I’m bringing my camera so who knows what I will have!

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Today is Tuesday

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Ode To A Stomach.
Oh my stomach, what did I ever do to you?
We went to my sisters for dinner, that was all.
I gave you nourishment and you reward me by not letting me sleep.
It was just chicken fajitas – with a palette of peppers and onions.
Or maybe the two, heavily-poured margaritas?
Whatever it was, you gurgled and bloated and would not allow me any sleep.
Damn you and your fickle ways.

Nuff said?

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Today is Monday

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I think I have overdosed on family! Just kidding – all went well.
After my oversleeping yesterday, I started processing all the photos that I scanned. I scanned two to six photos per scan – then having to separate them and touch them up. That took a good two hours and my plan was to have them back at the hotel around noon when the first wave of family was heading out. I was just about to start burning CD’s when… they moved the part up to another cousin’s house. There was no way I could get them burned and over to that side of town in time. Also, my family had decided to check themselves out of responsibilities with all the commotion of the weekend. Jaeden was a trooper and helped me for a bit but once he was done, he was done. My dad was coming to town to deal with some work for a friend of his and our house was trashed! I cleaned, vacuumed, cleaned, laundered, and did I mention – cleaned? By the time my skin was secreting bleach smells, I changed clothes and hopped on the bike. It was very worth it.
I came home thinking that I would relax a bit – but that was not in everyone else’s cards. Oh well. I ordered dinner (Dion’s Pizza for my dad) and Railee and I arrived about 45 seconds before he did. We had dinner and watched some tv and then I showed him the photos from the reunion. He still remembered most people – he’s impressive that way. I wish I had half of that talent.
I should have gone to bed but got sucked into putzing on the computer instead. Oh well.
Today – a busy day planned. I hope that a lot of the emails that I received about Home Depot are orders. That would be a good start to the week!

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 13.44 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: ?? mph Top Speed: ??
After a busy day of cleaning the house – it was time for a ride. Incredible weather, very little wind.
I went towards the volcanos again with the original intent of doing the long loop back around to old Route 66… By the time I made it to where I could have gone on – I was questioning my logic, my stamina and how much sunlight I had left!
I opted for trying to follow the power lines back to my little corner of the world. I rider had told me that’s all I had to do and I figured I should try it. A bit bumpy, but a nice ride. Some good music made the ride all that more enjoyable.
Made it back to the house just in time to continue cleaning! 😦

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Today is Sunday

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Oy! Recapping the weekend (so far):
Friday – late start to the day. Work. Whatever. After work I went to my Mom & Dad’s house for the beginning of the family ‘reunion’ weekend. Lots of out of town cousins came into town so it was a party. The way that my family is situated, the cousins are not of the same age or generation. My mom’s first cousins range from 69 to 41. My first cousins range from 48 to 2 (yes, two). It’s kind of strange to keep it all straight but out family doesn’t differentiate – we’re ALL related. It gets to hard to figure it out other that we all know that somewhere in our history we meet. It was a nice evening with buffet-style dinner and everyone trying to play catch up. It’s hard to do and there was not enough time. I think I left around 9:30 – my head still spinning from everything and all the stories.
The matriarch – my great-aunt (my grandmother’s sister)
Our matriarch of the family
Mom and her Cousins
Me and my cousins
Saturday morning: Breakfast was crazy! More stories, more gazing at photos – oh yeah, we ate too. Note to self: Why does everything revolve around food? After the food portion and the restaurant kicking us out so they could reset the dining room everyone mingled in the lobby area of the hotel. More photo albums were passed around and it hit me. Why don’t we bring a scanner and scan all these photos that everyone wishes they had? I also wanted to bring a copy of the family tree that one of my unlces (great uncles?) had put together and nobody knows that he has had it all these years. I ran to the factory to get the disk that it was on, or thought that it was there and I picked up the scanner.
Made it back home with no seconds to spare to head out for… our family photos! Yes, this was not the best weekend to schedule it for but I won’t get into that. We drove out into the middle of NOWHERE to have our pictures taken. The only good part? Check out the locale:
Fall in New Mexico 2009
Fall in New Mexico 2009
Fall in New Mexico 2009
Fall in New Mexico 2009
Fall in New Mexico 2009
Fall in New Mexico 2009
Fall in New Mexico 2009

At home I confirmed that the scanner worked and played around with the family tree maker program and loaded it all into the car and took it back to the hotel for a dinner and more family! Nobody seemed very impressed that I brought my whole computer rig and they had arranged for a tv to be brought in and everyone was playing their still photos from the camera to the tv. I mentioned (for like the eighth time) that if they gave me their little chips from their cameras, I would make a CD for everyone right there. No takers. My mom finally gave me hers because she felt sorry for me. I was burning CD’s of her photos when all of a sudden – everyone wanted something scanned. That turned into a bit larger task than I had wished and then, of course – everyone wanted their photos added. I suggested that I just put together all the images for everyone and nobody wanted that. A cousin gave me his 4GB card and… it wouldn’t mount. I was sweating as I have had SD cards do that before and all the data was lost. I was stressing. I rebooted. I tried other ports, nothing. Now of course, EVERYONE was paying attention and making fun of the mac and me. Why did I think this was a good idea?
We closed out down the restaurant (again) and when it was all over, three different cousins came and thanked me for doing all that. Oh yeah. THAT was the reason why.
This morning I overslept – UNTIL 9:21 AM. I guess I missed breakfast.
Today is a whirlwind of activity before everyone leaves. I don’t know what part I will be playing, but I do know I need to separate all those photos that I scanned!

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