Today is Sunday

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I really despise Google Maps. I have been trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to load all of the home depot locations into one map. There’s an online thing that helps get the geocodes (lat and long) and creates a spiffy little XML file to import into Google Maps. That wasn’t liking over 2,000 points. In true, geek-like fashion, I made a program to create the file for me. That went fine. Then the importing took over 2 hours. I started investigating and found an erroneous ‘space’. Check. Still didn’t work. Then I found that I reversed Lat and Long – who knew that Longitude goes first. Check. Then I put it all in. Seven seconds later the map populated! But, it broke the placemarks into ‘pages’ of maps – not all on one. That really irked me. I spent about five hours of my day, not including the hours ‘waiting’ and still didn’t have anything. I googled options for another couple of hours to no avail. It just wasn’t doing what I wanted. I can ‘make’ solutions using java and the Google API, but that sounds like too much work. Ha. I really need to go back to work.
Here’s an interesting note – my morning weight is like two pounds heavier when I get less than 8 hours of sleep…. I’ll have to look at that and see if there’s a correlation.
Today – I am mapping out my travels for next week. I hope I get a comfortable car as it appears that I will be in it A LOT. Twenty Five stores. That’s not a lot except that I there a lots of one to two hours drives between the stores. That fills the day pretty quickly. I can hit fifteen to twenty stores in one day in Phoenix, since they are all so close to each other. Oh well. I have two wild-card stops where I may get called into that will totally mess up my plans. I wince every time I check my email in case one of those choose to call my audience.
Today will be actually doing some real ‘work’. The family is getting restless – kids are bored and the adults are running out of ideas for them to do. One more day…

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Today is Saturday

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What an absolutely non-productive (in a good way) day! I pretty much stayed in my jammies until at least 1 o’clock. Putzed around on the computer, around the house, and attempted to take a couple of naps in there. I looked online for ‘deals’ – no good ones to be had. If you wanted some cheap ‘netbooks’ low-powered laptops, there were some. Some big screen tvs and some cameras. Otherwise it was pretty poor pickens from what I saw.
Jaeden and I brought out the Christmas tree for Sunnee. We used some old bananas for banana bread – it didn’t turn out so well – very mushy. Railee finally came home and Jill, Donald, Hannah and Emma all came inside for a bit. They got the good loaf of banana bread. I watched another episode of CSI, I think I’m finally caught up!
I should have taken advantage of the nicer weather earlier in the day for a bike ride as it got too cold and overcast later. The rest of the day was spent playing games, watching the Thanksgiving edition of ‘Deal or No Deal’ (like watching a accident), and finally eating. I went to bed early and now it’s today.
I awoke to the sounds of crows – hundreds of them. I don’t know why they are congregating but they are!
Lots of ‘work’ to do today – mostly some Google Maps stuff and some data entry. Then we’ll see what the day brings!

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Today is Friday

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Sunnee needed some extra items that she had forgotten at her early morning shopping trip so I rallied the kids and went for a quick ride to the John Brooks market a few miles away. It had been kind of drizzly in the morning but they went with me anyway. About halfway there, the drizzle resumed. While I watched the bikes as the kids shopped, it turned into a constant sprinkling. The kids were troopers and didn’t complain much.
This was like a lazy Sunday – not much motivation to do much of anything. Before we knew it, it was time to go to my Mom & Dad’s. Food was wonderful as always – very moist turkey this year. I didn’t overeat as I normally do – just enough. Everyone had a great time and Jill’s Donald’s parents came over too. Back home and into bed.
This morning is cool – about 37 degrees, high clouds, but looks nice. I may try for a late afternoon ride – just because I can!
I am helping my Dad’s church convert to a Mac for their new pastor and was hoping that the ‘sales’ for today would be even better than they are offering for a church organization. Nope. Actually, of all the email ‘deals’ that I have received for today – nothing worth dragging my butt out into the masses for… Sad.

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 3.7 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: ?? mph Top Speed: ?? mph
Calories Burned: ??
What a beautiful day for a bike ride. It was… crisp. But I talked the kids into going with me to the nearby market that we knew was going to open on Thanksgiving morning. It was a bit overcast but we all wore hats, gloves and jackets.
Halfway there, a light drizzle started. Not enough to even get your glasses wet, but enough to make it a bit cooler.
I stayed out with the bikes while the kids went in to ‘shop’ for some last minute food needs for the evening. They eventually came out and we started back.
The drizzle was a bit more prominent on the way back but there was not much complaining. The little troopers!
It was just fun to all be together…

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
We all woke up late to a hazy day, drizzly. Strangely a lot to do today before the festivities. All of us wish you all the best to you and yours today. Hopefully you are sharing the day with family or friends – whichever makes you happier!
Yesterday was another not-so-productive day but all ended up well. I am sort of looking forward to four days of not a whole lot going on. A little prep for next week’s trip but otherwise not much of an agenda.

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Happy B-Day to: Tim

Happy Birthday you older guy you!

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Happy B-Day to: Toni

There’s very few people who will admit that they have known me for over twenty years – and you are one of them (thankfully)! Have a Happy Birthday, I’ll see you at lunchtime…

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
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Yesterday was a pretty much another non-day. Not a lot of accomplishment – just chipping away at the tasks at hand. On a good note – we shipped out all the EXPO display doors – all 93 of them. Sometimes Tim gets so focused that he doesn’t see ‘everything’. They could have shipped today but he wanted to get them out yesterday. So there were a quite a few that were rushed and he kept about six people two extra hours to help pack them up. I think we both agree that we are happy to have those off of our backs. I managed to get someone from Home Depot to send me an excel list of all the stores. They possess all of this critical information but don’t give it out to us. I was comparing the new list to what I already had – a few errors that I don’t know if it’s mine or theirs. That took up almost two and half hours of comparing lists. Still have a bit more but think I’ve got a handle on it.
Railee spent the night at her friends’ house. Sunnee made meatloaf – one of my favorites. She has cooked something different for dinner now for almost three weeks. We’re trying to NOT eat out and she has been doing spectacular. The amazing part is that we haven’t been spending any more on food and have the added savings of not eating out has been helping. PLUS, I have not added any extra weight with all this eating going on! Another good thing – for me, at least – is that they watched the LAST DVD of Charmed. This has been a thorn in my side for almost two months as they have watched every damn episode of that stupid show. I have to admit, when it first came out that it was I who suggested we watch it. (Hmmm, three hot girls – oh and there’s a show too!) We watched the first season together and then slowly tapered off when they episodes started getting a bit too stupid. Go figure – witches, demons – how much more stupid could that get…. The show ended after five seasons yet, they have been watching EVERY…. EPISODE…. for ever. It’s been a thorn in my side as I feel like the TV has taken over as a house-sitter for my family. As long as they don’t find another show to watch, maybe that will return to normal.
Today I have quite a lot to do and today is Toni’s birthday so I get to take her to lunch. It gives us a good excuse to see each other. We live in the same town and see each other something like twice a year!

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
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Yesterday was almost a non-day for me. I putzed around the house, mostly doing laundry and dishes in the morning (no I didn’t make it to work early). Once I got there – after doing what I needed – my back was aching so much that I called the chiropractor. I figured if she was in, that it means I should go. I left work at 3:30 (after putting in my solid four hours), went to the doctor, and went home.
I started working on things that I didn’t get done at work and ended up staying up until after 1 am.
Oh wait! I did spend about two hours of the evening with some of the more exciting news. I purchased the Apple TV (aTV) back in January and was impressed with the ease of use and how it works with iTunes. It never has become that ‘groundbreaking device’ that I always wanted it to be. Music – the satellite has about 100 music channels so that’s not so special. Having my iTunes playlists is nice for setting up a ‘mix’.
Movies – iTunes ‘rentals’ – I did actually rent Batman as it was faster than going to the store and finding it, renting it, watching it, and returning it. That was cool. With, I can watch most shows, but that’s from my computer screen.
Internet – the device fails miserably! It’s hooked up to the internet and the best it can do is YouTube? What is up with that? - visit the site
I had heard about boxee a few months ago but didn’t have time to investigate it more. noted that the new version was just released. I looked into it more and was amazed at what it offered. Sure, I’m reprogramming my aTV and it says it’s reversible so what is there to lose?

First, you have to make a bootable USB flash drive ($10 at walgreens) and in one way you are hacking the aTV – but was a simple task. Then the sad thing came up. I needed to create an account. I signed up for an account – please wait ‘several weeks’. Arghhh. Then I sent a nice poem to the blog-worthy princess Christina Warren – a blogger from and she responded with a personal invite so I could access the info immediately. She ROCKS!
Two minutes later I was up and running. THIS IS WHAT APPLE TV SHOULD BE! I can browse internet radio, internet streams, access to lyrics and more! I haven’t even played with all of it yet. BBC, NPR bears, tigers, oh my! I watched an episode of the Simpsons on hulu and it didn’t suck. The text was a bit ‘glowy’ for the titles but was comparable to regular definition on iTunes. This thing is wonderful.

Apple should pay more attention to this and reward the boxee folks for making something apple even better! It’s open source so it’s possible to still customize it and I’m sure that they are updating it all the time. I’ll report more as I play more…

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Today is Monday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
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The bike ride made me feel tired so I went to bed early. That felt nice.
Today I have to go in early to be able get payroll in for Wednesday for the short week.
Not much else today.
Awesome wedding pix Dirk & Kat – I look like a kid!

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