Today is Wednesday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I forgot to mention that on Sunday we identified ANOTHER crack in the sprinkler system and had to dig a new hole. I’m glad that the sod wasn’t already down. I purchased the parts to fix the hole and mistakingly was too cheap to buy the $16 PVC dope. They had a .75 oz. tube of cement that seemed like a good idea. I shouldn’t have been so cheap. This stuff has the consistency of a facial scrub and only after reading the instructions AFTER I purchased it – it takes up to 48 hours to dry. The whole thing seemed stupid. I asked my maintenance guy at work and – sure enough – we had some at the factory. I brought it home last night and put the final elbow on. Dries in 5 minutes.
This morning I need to fire up the water and make sure the original cement actually held. If all goes well I’ll refill the hole and try to finish the leveling of the yard.
Here’s my sod issues as well. They make a new Kentucky Bluegrass / Texas Bluegrass blend called ‘Reveille’ (spelling depends on the state) that supposedly only needs to be watered every 7 to 10 days. You have to ‘flood’ it to water it – so it probably takes twice as much water at one time, but still better than watering every second-third day. The problem is that I can’t find ANY evidence of anyone installing it in New Mexico. I can find some in Texas and some in Colorado. The nursery here started selling it last year but they can’t get me any references. The nursery is so busy right now that I can hardly ever get them on the phone. This new grass is about 25% more – but would save me more than that in water in just one year. This weekend is supposed to be cold and windy so I don’t know if I’ll order it for this weekend. More drama.
Didn’t get anything scheduled yesterday for my trips 😦
Sunnee’s ‘new’ job is up in the air as well. The two partners at the firm that she went to work at have decided to part ways and today is the one’s last day. There’s no clear idea as to what the resolution will be so I don’t know if she’ll be employed next week. I am really upset at the friend/partner that originally hired her. I specifically asked him before she accepted the job about the longevity of the firm and his (the younger of the two partners) plans for the future. If all of this was going on then – I really feel violated. It’s not exactly easy to find employment right now and I don’t need the added stress of that missing income.

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was one of those – sadly not so infrequent – ‘blah’ days where I could not get motivated to do ANYTHING. I barely got some work done – the most of the time I was just sitting at the desk in a semi-comatose state of barely being. If I go a long time between eating and then eat, after about 45 minutes I become a slug. I imagine that means that my body is using all of it’s precious energy to digest my food and get the nutrients. That’s probably not so good. I’m back to eating one meal a day – lunch. Maybe have a bit of something for dinner. Although it doesn’t show in my weight stats – I am eating a bunch of candy bars/cookies during the day. Gotta get out of this slump.

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Today is Monday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Let’s take a look at my weekend to-do list to see how I did:
1. Ride bike to Journal Pavilion, see Krystal, get Disturbed tix for Toni and family (~40 miles)
2. Level off the dirt to prepare for sod install for next weekend
3. Help Sunnee fix all the sprinklers – again
4. Clean office a bit
5. Actually put things in for the summer
6. Measure all the floor areas so I can see how many sq ft we need
That’s pretty much a failure by most standards. My ride was only 26 miles due to wind. I didn’t get the tickets because EVERYTHING was still on hold. I leveled off one of the three grass areas. I did do some other gardening stuff and I cleaned out all the Christmas yard decorations from the shed so I can actually walk into it. Fixed sprinklers. Didn’t get to the office. No events. No measuring as I need a second person and nobody thought that I needed any help this weekend.
Jaeden actually is learning how to kiss-up with a little better success. He has been grounded from computer for so long due to grades that he actually helped me in the yard for about two hours. He almost made a full (for him) 80% effort towards the feats.
I have to finish scheduling all my upcoming trips. I think I’ll be on the road almost every week again for about seven weeks.

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Today is Sunday

Life: Happy Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I didn’t really feel so good last night. I think it was a mix of the long bike ride and following it up with some greasy pizza for dinner. Railee had two friends over for a sleep over. I went to bed at 9pm not feeling so well.
Today we had a BIG breakfast and trying to get the day started. I hope to get more through the list – I HAVE to get the yard work finished today as there won’t be time during the week. I need to do one final measurement to make sure I get enough sod.
It’s been kind of nippy at night time and in the early morning – almost like fall. It’s 43 degrees now – at 9 am. Almost need a jacket to go outside. What a baby…

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Today’s Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 26.5 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: 12 mph Top Speed: ?? mph
Calories Burned: ??
When getting on my bike, I caught my headphones in the spokes of a tire and messed up one of the ear buds. Grrr. I tried riding with just one headphone and it pretty much messed me up. It’s kind of funny how I can let a little thing like that mess with my head – but it did.
I was supposed to be at Journal Pavilion at 1pm and I had left with plenty of time – perhaps an extra 30 minutes. There’s a fork in the bike path that would have either allowed me to make it south – OR – I could go east and could hit the Apple store (just 5 miles out of the way).
As I headed east, I stopped off at Circuit City since they seem to have a lot of iPod stuff anyway. Entering the store with my camelback (the water storage backback, not a physical condidtion) I asked the kid behind the desk whether they wanted me to check my backpack. He had to ask his manager. I could have already shopped by the time he found his manager and requested that I leave my pack with them. I go to the headphone aisle and it took three people to find one that could answer my question. Yes, all of these $10 headphones would work with my iPhone – as they looked at me crazy since the packages all say “Compatible with iPhone” clearly on the fronts. But I really through them over the edge when I asked if any of them had microphones on them. The guy actually asked me if I wanted to “talk” while using my headphones. I informed him that was the point of having an iPhone. He didn’t see the humor in it. Needless to say – they don’t have any.
I continued up to the Apple store. There were two people at the front door – one was the ‘greeter’ the other was a salesperson that was talking to him. I walked in – asked for the iPhone ear buds and she tried pointing me to them. I asked her if that was a credit card swiper on her belt (or was she just happy to see me…) and asked that she follow me so that I could purchase them. They are $30, by the way. I was out of there in just about two minutes.
I go outside and Apple apparently uses some kind of Eco-Friendly, developing country originating, super sap as glue and I actually had to tear the box open to get it open. Inside there was an envelope containing the earbuds that was made from some NASA, space-shuttle, fiber that does not allow it to be torn open. I imagine that I looked very nerdy-geeky outside the Apple store sitting on bench with my bike-helmet on, trying to open a simple looking white envelope with my teeth. I wish I could get that surveillance video – I’d post that in a minute.
Anyway. I continued back on course. No wait. There was a Whole Foods Market up ahead and really was having a hunkerin’ for a carrot/beet juice. It really sounded good. Apparently the customer service gods of the world were not smiling on me today as there no less than thirty minions walking around in double breasted chef-jackets – all ignorant that I was actually standing at the juice counter wishing to be served. I asked a passing ‘chef’ if they actually juiced things at the ‘Juice Bar’ and she seemed very nasty towards me. Then all of sudden I had no less than four ‘chefs’ assisting me. Yes they had carrots. No beets. Yes, spinach, garlic, and some other miscellaneous veggies. I finally received my juice and drank it quickly. While gulping it down I realized that I probably looked like someone’s 40 year old, mentally challenged, helmet wearing-so-he-doesn’t-hurt-himself, son/brother standing in the deli section. I need to work on that look.
I get back on track and head down through the University Area. After several near-hits (more true than ‘near-misses’) with cars that seem to ignore the posted stop signs – I made it to Yale. I continued down to the airport and right about then is when the Spring Winds arrived. Luckily they were at my back but I imagine that they were about 30-40 mph. Again, it was nice that they were going my way. At Rio Bravo – they used some of the 1% for the arts tax money to make some big ol’ road snakes. They are about 100 ft long and made from rocks. They are actually pretty cool.
Road Snake!
I made it to Journal Pavilion. There was a Kanye West show tonight. I saw Mike Brutin – the de-facto head of security for all shows in Albuquerque – and he was his normal cheery self. He looked good. I wanted to see Krystal in the box office but she was dealing with some stuff. I got to see Dorothy – a person that I got her the job in the box office while I was leaving my inaugural year at the venue. She is a hoot. She’s been doing ticketing since the 70’s! I got to see Krystal again and she said she’ll help me with some ticket needs. I said goodbye and started down the hill. It’s mostly a three mile, downhill road. With the wind coming straight at me now, it took what seemed like 15 minutes to get down it. The wind was crazy. Crossing the freeway on Los Picaros was a trip. The winds almost blew the bike over! I made it to Broadway and since there was no bike lane it was a bit scary since the average speed on Broadway is 80 mph. I thought I was smart crossing to the west side of the street but did not count on a bridge over the arroyo that I could not pass. Forgetting all common sense, I attempted to ride along the white line against traffic. Luck would have a semi barreling towards me in my lane. I should not have tried that. Not only did I get a facefull of sand, grit, small rocks, etc – he almost too the bike out from under me. I went to the frontage road and continued down. I could barely make any headway against the wind now. Luckily, I had found that I DID bring my factory keys and stopped by and got the factory van.
My day was finished. Riding against the wind almost triples the exhaustion factor. I was beat.

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Happy Anniversary: Jeff & Deena

My brother and his wife up in Colorado!

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Today is Saturday

Life: Indifferent Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was just an ‘eh’ day. Nothing too exciting. Windy. Always seems to be windy anymore.
My big plans for this weekend:
1. Ride bike to Journal Pavilion, see Krystal, get Disturbed tix for Toni and family (~40 miles)
2. Level off the dirt to prepare for sod install for next weekend
3. Help Sunnee fix all the sprinklers – again (third time in last 30 days)
4. Clean office a bit
5. Actually put things in for the summer
6. Measure all the floor areas so I can see how many sq ft we need
That’s the plan – let’s see what happens.

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Today is Friday

Life: Indifferent Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I had my shaggy locks cut. That always feels good.
The Thai food was awesome yesterday – we should have ordered two orders instead of splitting the one. It was wonderful.
After work, Railee had her school musical. She was one of the ‘chorus’ so she got to sing and dance with about 40 kids in three separate numbers. The teachers that put all that together are amazing. They must have beaucoups of patience to handle all of that. Railee has good rhythm – something that she didn’t get from her parents. She really seemed like she enjoyed doing it and had fun. We all went out for ice cream afterwards.
Today was supposed to star much earlier but I didn’t even wake up until just before 9am – through two alarms and Sunnee kissing me goodbye. I guess I needed it. I finished the taxes last night at about 1 am and took them to the accountant this morning.
I’m back at it again – just a bit later than I had expected.

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Today is Thursday

Life: Indifferent Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
It’s kind of weird to blog about some things. I have a mix of mostly friends that are regular readers of this blog – and a bit of family drops by every now and then. So, I have to sometimes rethink my entries – even sometimes ‘editing’ them after I post them…
This has been a frustrating year at work – the grim outlook that everyone has come to regularly state on the news took hold around November and it’s been slow. That Home Depot pricing thing has shown an increase in business – but at a newly added cost of 8% of those sales (not including the development costs). My frustration has been compounded by the lack of proper communication between my brother and I. Yesterday I sort of confronted him about it all and at least we agreed to work towards communicating better. Baby steps. Maybe.
I get to eat lunch with my newly unemployed friend today, I think we’re going back to the Thai place. That was really good.
I need to get the roll count for the sod figured today so that I can order it for next weekend.
My plan is to do about 40 miles on the bike on Saturday and ride down to Journal Pavilion to get some tickets for Toni’s kids for the Disturbed/Mayhem tour.
Lastly, I need to work on finishing up the taxes, leveling the yard for the sod, and I really need to get things back on the site. It’s been too long. Maybe Jennifer could keep it up 🙂

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
This may be an interesting day – I’ll let you know.
I paid bills last night until 1 am – it is very depressing. To compare – we have been spending an average of 24% more this year than last year. We’re not buying better or more – it’s just the same. You can figure gas and groceries and utilities as being more but it’s kind of sad. I really don’t see any changes on the horizon until next summer. It doesn’t matter who wins the election – that won’t be a magic light switch of change. Then they won’t take office until January. Then we’ll have to wait until the next congressional session to see any ‘changes’ – but they haven’t exactly been a stellar bunch yet. I hope I’m wrong.

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