Today is Monday

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The pond has been frozen over for about a week straight now – it can support one of the kids! So, after being the responsible parent who told them they’d fall through and drown and to get off the the ice – I decided to break apart some of the ice so that the fish had more open area. The ice is about 3″ thick through the places that I was able to see – I’m sure it’s thicker around the ‘cold’ edge. Sure enough – my leg broke through! Good thing I didn’t get an air rifle this Christmas as I surely would shoot an eye out by now.
The kids too a break from the Wii and Computer to actually play Monopoly (five hours worth, Jaeden triumphed) and we all went for a bike ride on their new bikes! They did great. The bikes are a bit large for them now, but I think that they will grow into them by the summer. Sunnee and her mom walked the dogs while we rode our bikes around them.
Employees are working today, so I figured I should too. So many are on vacation that it’s really looking dead back there. I have some year-end clean-up to do accounting-wise and then hopefully get out at a decent hour. I got reservations at a local French restaurant for Sunnee and I and I’ll try to get home so that I don’t stress her out. We used to go out every New Year’s Eve to eat – something that we got out of the habit of. I don’t know how I’ll be able to compare it after Bouchon in Vegas with Dirk – but I will soldier through it!
Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone and be safe tonight!

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Today is Sunday

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What a crazy day! Eileen is here from the bay area and we got to go to Sadie’s for a wonderful green chile fix. The food was great and we had super-busboy working our table so ice tea never got below a drink’s worth. I showed her the ABQ Uptown area – the newest outdoor mall area – and we walked around that area for a while. It was a great visit. Her visit reminded me that I don’t spend enough time talking to all my friends. I need to do something about that…
I tried to go to a movie but the timing was not in my favor – I was too late for the 7 o’clock showings but the 10:00 showings would have gotten out too late. We found ourselves in the same ABQ Uptown area instead. I’ll have to catch up on current movies some other time.
I need to spend today working on the Home Depot computer thing which WILL be finished on or before January 18th – coupled with a visit to Nashville to wind it all up. I am SO looking forward to getting this (very long and extended) chapter of my life complete.

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Today is Saturday

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Oh, to have a full night sleep – that’s all I ask for. No more coughing attacks, but guests make the whole house alive with excitement!
I have a busy weekend – some Home Depot computer stuff, out-of-town friends here for the holidays, catching up on some bills. It promises to be busy.
I don’t remember it being this cold out here for so many days. The highs are in the 30’s, it’s in the teens when I wake up and go to the car. Granted last year, I was in Mexico with the kids and the city got dumped on with snow for three days, so maybe my memory is just not so good. I don’t mind the cold but it’s annoying when there’s no snow to accompany it. If I’m going to be cold, I prefer a winter wonderland!

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Today is Friday

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So, I have been working on some stuff at the house until midnight – nothing new. I was REAL tired and hopped into bed. In about 15 minutes a hear a little, electronic chirp sound. It’s loud and annoying. I recognized it as the smoke detector, low battery signal. I pray that it is early in it’s warning and will chirp every hour. Nope. Every 60 seconds – I counted. I kept trying to talk myself into ‘you can sleep through that’. Nope. I ran outside to get the tall step ladder and could not unplug the thing from the hard-wired wires. The ceilings are 12 or 13 feet and with the step ladder I was still on my tippy-toes and couldn’t figure it out. I ended up just ripping the wires out of the ceiling and finding some pliers to get the connector off so I could change the battery. Another 30 seconds and I would have just thrown the whole thing outside.
Now, a good home-owner would tell me that I should just change all the smoke detector batteries twice a year like you should. Me, being the cheap bastard that I am, always wait until they need it. I do not feel like I am putting my family at risk as all of my alarms have this annoying, but nice feature that they chirp when the batteries are getting low. All of this for a $3 battery…
I’m finishing up the end of the year stuff at work still and had forgotten that I have a check-up appointment on my eyes. I think I have a lunch too. Something tells me that today won’t be as productive as it could be.

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Today is Thursday

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I slept through the night without coughing! Whoopee!
The kids are starting to clean up from their booty. I am making them write thank you cards this year as I think that kids today are not exactly thankful enough. I think next year I’ll make them write them BEFORE they get to play anything!
Jaeden and I played guitar hero last night for about an hour – that is such a cool game.
Work was weird yesterday. I need to go in on time today so that I can start closing out the year and getting ready for the next accounting year.
Still no snow that they have been promising us…
Getting the house ready for Sunnee’s mom who arrives Friday night for a week.

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Today is Wednesday

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I awoke around 2:30 to one of the dogs howling from her kennel. She got sick last night and needless to say – made a big mess. It took almost an hour to clean it up enough to leave the rest and I made her sleep outside the rest of the night. She’s an Australian Shepherd so she’s okay with the cold.
When I woke up, I had to finish the job – outside in eighteen degree weather. For some unknown reason, I just went out (in the backyard) in my underwear and a t-shirt and hosed off the kennel and shampooed the carpet. I wasn’t cold – probably still sick, but I don’t think that I helped it any!
All the cheese, cream cheese, cookies and cake that I have been eating has gone straight to my weight. My old idea that pizza equates to exact poundage holds true with other cheesy items.
I actually have to go to work today – strange that people expect to still be paid around the holidays!
It was nice to NOT even touch a computer or do anything work related for four days. That doesn’t happen very often!

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Today is Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
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Although Jaeden woke up at 5:30 am, he waited until 7:00 am to wake everyone else up!
We had a great day yesterday at my Mom & Dad’s with all the local family. We took some great photos of everyone and had a kind of a brunch.
Then the kids opened all of their presents. Both my kids REALLY wanted a WII, and the Grandma came through for them. They got some really nice gifts from everyone.
After they were done, we snacked some more and then got started on all the grown-up gift opening. We actually finished before 7 pm for the first time in our lives – it normally goes on until midnight!
My prize possession is a camera that mounts to my bike helmet or onto the bike. I will start video-ing my bike rides and editing them down to a few minutes! I also got some more clothes that fit my new size – I had given all my “Large” sized clothes away last year as I thought I would never get any smaller. Most XL’s don’t fit me anymore! That is a welcome change.
This morning Santa brought the kids new, ‘big kid’ sized, mountain bikes so that they can go on some rides with me! We also opened up the presents from eachother – they are too hard to lug back and forth to my parents’ house.
Along with the WII the kids got Guitar Hero – which is a game where you act like you are playing a guitar or bass. It’s more of a coordination thing but it’s pretty darn fun! My fingers are sore from playing. I am proud to say that I am pretty damn good on the ‘easy’ setting – that’s only using three ‘keys’ on the neck of the guitar. The songs are a mix of 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s rock. The sad thing is that I found myself lecturing the kids on who the artists were. ‘Foghat was made up of Roger Earl, and Dave Peverett…’ What an old fogey. I do have to admit that the WII is a pretty amazing system. It’s not that the graphics are as crazy good as X-Box or PlayStation – it’s just that the controller allows you to do so much more that previous systems. The kids, and the Mom & Dad – think is cool.
We are going to lounge around today and eventually go over to Sunnee’s dad’s house for dinner. It seems like a shame to get out of our jammies!

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Christmas Eve Gift!

I’m not sure how it got started, but my family has always made the edict that if you say “Christmas Eve Gift” to someone else – first, then they owe you a special gift. It could be something simple like a regular pen, or some food. But something.
As we grew older and more apart, it was fun to call the other person. Before caller I.D. it was easier as the caller because you could say it after they said hello. After caller I.D. it became much harder because they would just answer the phone with a “Christmas Eve Gift”.
I don’t know who started it or more importantly why we stopped it so much.
I have a feeling it was more of a communication tool – something that made people go see other people. Once we became more telephone centric, it was a good excuse to make people call one another. We don’t do that much anymore. Very sad.

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Today is Monday

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Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Still coughing a bit, but think I’m on the upswing of this thing.

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Today is Sunday

Life: Happy Work: N/A
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Still getting some sleep. I think I need it.
I went to both malls yesterday – it really wasn’t that bad. The worst part was the parking lots. It’s always amazing to me how nobody follows the ‘rules’. Most mall parking lots are based on one-way lanes – it’s easier to park that way and nobody has to worry about cross traffic when backing out. Plus, if you are going the wrong way, it’s pretty much impossible for you to get into the space without doing a multi-point turn. Get with the program folks!
I do not go to the malls much – maybe only during Christmas. We only have two malls left here – Coronado which has been here since the 70’s and Cottonwood on the west side that opened early 2000. I have always thought that stores in Cottonwood were too close. I’m speaking in terms of across the ‘mall’ to eachother. This is very evident during Christmas. It is almost impossible to navigate the halls. I laugh at the – more often than not – 3XL females in hoodies and with their hair hairprayed into unnatural shapes that just stop in these cramped hallways. There’s a cadence that everyone adopts so that we can all just move through. One of these ‘parkers’ always just stops – the funny ones are these overly large women who stop with their posse to look at the storefronts of many size smaller mannequins and say – out loud – “Eeee. Lucy that would look sooooo good on you.” As if there was ANY chance that a) that would fit on Lucy and b) that it would look good in ANY way.
But, I digress. They just stop the flow and everyone goes into panic mode and everyone shoots off in other directions – often running over an elderly shopper or a small child. Casualties of the shopping season!
The worst thing that happened was that there was a small boy – probably about five that was in obvious distress mode. His poor face said it all – he had lost sight of his mom/dad. He kept going back and forth within about a ten food space and his eyes went from just fear to flat out crying. I honestly had to think twice about how to approach him with all the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ thing. The last thing I needed was to add to his stress. I stayed with him and he was wearing a Oklahoma U. sweatshirt. I looked up ahead and found a man with a child on his shoulders that had the same color orange on. I steered the kid in that direction and indeed that was the missing dad. The poor kid was really distraught. The dad couldn’t read that level of stress and kind of just yelled at the kid for not staying close. When the waterworks started, the dad felt bad and stopped and hugged the little bugger. It was sad. It was more sad that I hesitated in helping the kid. What a world we live in.
I hope everyone is taking it easy this weekend and taking care of those around you!

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