Today is Wednesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Wow, I think I’ve missed more posts this month than all year!
Just busy busy busy busy.
All of the end of year stuff and starting the new accounting year is keeping me crazy. My new “normal”.
I can’t believe it’s already the last day of 2008 but I can honestly say – good riddance. I can’t think of many things that I’m thankful for this past year…
I’m alive and so are all of my immediate family, we all seem healthy, I got to travel – A LOT – and got to see some places I’d never seen and got to visit with friends and family that I would not have seen otherwise, I still have a job, a house, and a car so I’m doing better than 7% of the rest of the nation.
Wow. Now I’m bummed out.
Okay on the good foot – tomorrow, the first day of the new year it is projected to be nice weather out here. I am planning on going on a long, peaceful, mind-clearing, energy-sucking, bike ride tomorrow!
That is the best way I can think of starting out a new year all fresh and nice!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and be safe and don’t go out on the streets wherever you are. Remember that out here in the ‘west’ everyone still fires guns into the air on New Year’s Eve….

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Today is Monday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I snuck out of the house early this morning and forgot to make an entry for today! Oopsy.
Yesterday found me working on page layouts for some new signs for Home Depot that have been plaguing me for quite some time. Every time I think I have everything for them – another curve ball shows me that I didn’t have an image or something. After several late night phone calls I think I have everything for this morning. Some things just become much more troublesome than they need to.
Today was filled with lots of work, some customers, and some strange requests. Match that with my having to fill out a bunch of forms, do payroll for a short week and everything else that I’m supposed to be doing – made for a busy day. I still have to do the final tweaks on the signs so I will sign off.
Don’t forget to vote for yea or nay on the shaving….

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To Shave or Not to Shave…

The gray hairs in my beard used to be so few that I could pluck them and nobody would be the wiser. Now look at me:
Mark's Graying Beard
So, I’m leaving it up to everyone else – shave or leave it and look distinguishingly older…
So – click on your answer and click VOTE so I can tell

I’m going to let everyone else decide. Railee cried last time I shaved it off – she says she won’t cry this time 🙂

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Today is Sunday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I ran to pick up Jo at the airport and witnessed some of the most stupid driving I have ever seen. It started on our residential street – I was going 25 and the little 18 year old behind me thought it was going to slow so he passed me on the left. Fine. He was obviously in more of a hurry than me. Then entering the freeway, a truck-load of 18 year old girls were ‘dancing’ so much that they could not stay in their lane. Match that with with a huge, plastic, cooler that was in the far right lane – causing everyone to swerve out of it’s way. I feel bad for whomever wasn’t paying attention enough to hit that. It would do some damage. Let’s see, then on Broadway, someone was talking on their phone and crossed the double line into the oncoming lane – into the whole lane! I was one lane over but still. The dude had no idea. Luckily there wasn’t much traffic. The rest of the drive I was so flustered and so defensive in my driving that it truly stressed me out. Little did I know that was just an appetizer for the evening…
I barely made it through the night! I tend to forget that Jo is just shy of deaf and requires the TV to be so loud that the sound distorts from the speakers. I’m not exaggerating…
So, my sitting down to watch some mindless tv was drowned out. Good enough. I’ll just go to bed. Get the ear buds and go to sleep. Not that easy. Not only could I hear EVERY spoken (and sung) word to “Mama Mia” – those freakin’ ABBA songs got stuck in my head! Not conducive to falling asleep. AND… I get the full narration from both Sunnee and her mom as they cannot watch a movie without talking about it. I think someone just got shot in a theater for doing the same thing…
All of this of course was after me having to listen to Grandma Jo explain to my ten year old daughter about things that we have not even broached with her. My GOD! She’s ONLY ten! You can’t stop her because she’s already said it and if I say something out loud – it will only make it seem like it’s a subject that shouldn’t be talked about and I don’t want to force that on the poor girl. Ugh.
So, even with the iPod, no falling asleep early. The movie ended and they kept talking so sometime around 12:30ish they went to bed and I magically fell right asleep.
Today I am working on a bunch of signs that have to be emailed out in the morning and may have to go to work for a quick bit. It’s clear, but very cold outside otherwise I’d try to squeeze a bike ride in!

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Today is Saturday

Life: Indifferent Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
At least I had a good night’s sleep!
The morning turned from ‘chance for nice’ to cold, rainy, and snowy. Somewhere around 30 degrees at 2pm!
I had intended on going the factory, dumping some trash, picking up some papers, and being the slightest bit productive. That plan was waylaid by my having to take the dogs to the groomers – on the opposite end of town. That also meant that there was not enough room in the car for the trash and the puppies so it kind made me a bit cranky.
Okay, it made me real cranky.
Cranky enough to seek out a good bloody mary and maybe even some Huevos Rancheros.
I called a friend who accompanied me to the Range Cafe. They offered Mimosas, a good substitution for Vodka and Tomato juice. A couple of Mimosas and a hearty meal and some good conversation later and I was happier. At least I didn’t care that I wasn’t cranky any longer. It was such a good feeling that I stopped and picked up some OJ so I could continue my happiness in the comfort of my own home!
I went back and picked up the dogs and made it back home. Almost a complete bottle of cheap champagne later, I really was not very productive – work wise. I did manage to get a few things organized and did watch the 3rd Mummy movie with Jaeden and Sunnee. TERRIBLE MOVIE. Ugh. Not that I was expecting anything more than the first two. Okay the first one was tolerable. Yetis? I think that the writers were just trying to think of ‘how far else can we make this totally impossible’?
This morning I have been cleaning up, organizing, looking at finances… and eating like a pig.
I think that I eat when I’m nervous as I have packed on some lbs these past two weeks. Not good for me or my self-image right now…
I have to pick up Sunnee’s mom at 4:15 so that should pretty much end my day around that time. She’ll be here until next Friday so the kids and Sunnee will have lots of fun!

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Today is Friday

Life: Indifferent Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
So much for a night of good sleep. The dogs were barking in the backyard at 6 am and I couldn’t get back to sleep – might as well work.
Yesterday was peaceful – even squeezed in a bike ride.
I finally ponied up $50 to have them come realign our Dish Network on the TV last Saturday. HDTV is freaking awesome. I haven’t had it since we got the TV’s earlier in the year and I forgot how truly superior it is to the regular channel. Very crisp colors, great contrast. Jaeden and I were watching ‘Mythbusters’ last night. I still think that they must enjoy showing up for work every day.
This morning I will be catching up on some data entry and maybe doing a bit more cleaning around the office.
Sunnee ‘just’ realized that her mom comes tomorrow and instead of just finishing some small tasks, had already started some HUGE projects that she needs things that are not available for. This may be a good day to go into work after all…

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 9.35 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: ?? mph Top Speed: ?? mph
Calories Burned: ??
I stepped outside this fine and wonderful Christmas Day to take some trash out and decided that – dammit – it was a nice day and I should be on my bike! I threw on some shorts and headed out.
As long as I was moving, it was fine. No wind to speak of and a mostly nice afternoon. I had figured that I had about 45 minutes of light outside and I was pretty close to correct.
I rode up to the place I love, west of the house. This is the view from up there!
Christmas Day 2008 bike ride in Albuquerque, NM
It was a bit cool when riding down the hills at about 35 mph so I put on my balaclava and all was well.
Let’s hope for at least one more ride this year?

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Merry Christmas to All

Life: Indifferent Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I went out into the ‘world’ yesterday morning. Surprisingly slow everywhere. I went to:
– The Mall – the only ones buying were the men making 30 second decisions and purchasing. Average price I saw was $40.
– WalMart – Busy and people buying. Everything from groceries to tv’s. Everywhere was busy. Surprising that this had the least amount of lines, I guess that advertisment showing more check out lines was true…
– PetSmart – Lot of people getting their dogs groomed?! and parents buying snakes?! Very strange.
– Circuit City – more employees than customers and nobody buying
– Best Buy – a line of people buying, but mostly DVD packs. Those make great stocking stuffers. Not a lot big purchases other than the digital camera department had only one person working and he was not a happy camper.
– Walgreens – busy people buying tape, wrapping paper…. and digital cameras again. Liquor department was quite busy as well.
– Kohl’s – I don’t get this store. The purposely tag everything at higher-than-suggested-retail-prices then put a yellow sign above it stating what a great deal it is at 10% of that price. There are some good prices there, but it just seems shady. The store was busy though and they had lines at their two checkout stands.
All in all I’d say that the Christmas shopping season was a bust unless you placed it on sale. I think that everyone will have things that didn’t sell on sale starting tomorrow. If you still have some money left over or some holiday gift cash – probably get a good deal. My thinking is that lots of stores will be announcing closings this coming week. Sad.
For all the gloom and doom weather-wise that they predicted – we were pretty clear and nice. Blue skies, a bit of a crisp wind but otherwise just another cool, winter, New Mexico day.
My intention of going out in the world was to force myself to get some holiday spirit. It didn’t work. We loaded up the car and went to my Mom & Dad’s around 2 pm. Mom, Dad, Tim, Julia, Jacob, Isaac, Jill, Donald, Hannah, Emma, Uncle Gary and Aunt Evi, Uncle Larry, Sheriece, and cousin Clint. Nineteen people in all! We sorted all the kids’ gifts and let them open. Even for a ‘slow’ present year, they all made out quite well. Emma was unusually personable to me and let me play with her – that kept both of us busy for quite a while.
Dinner was our normal stews – beef vegetable or oyster stew. This really freaked Dirk out when I told him about that. I don’t know how it started but remember that it is supposed to be good luck for a new year to have an oyster. I also remember that oyster stew was more of a New Year’s Eve thing but think that when we were all into drinking out on NYE, that it moved to Christmas. I don’t know, but it’s all very good. I always have a bowl of each.
With all the cookies, brownies, bread, pies and pie dough – I am a bit more round this morning! Oh well – it was ALL worth it.
We actually made it home around 10:30 ish and we all were very sleepy. I can’t hardly believe that we all stayed up so late. I started a load of laundry and then went to bed.
This morning came early when Railee came and woke us up just before 7am. She had been up for at least an hour and I really think it was more like 2 hours. Her skin was cold from the morning air. She was VERY excited. Jaeden on the other hand was a bit harder to wake up. He has been fighting off a cold so he has a small excuse.
Once we were all up and I had a cup of coffee and Sunnee a cup o’ tea – it started. Santa came and filled up our stockings and left some booty as well. Then we opened our presents to each other. It was a whirlwind of activity and when it was all done….
I went back to bed.
A few interruptions but all-in-all, slept until noon. The house is even more trashed and now we have ‘new’ stuff to find homes for as well. While I was napping, the kids tested most everything they have gotten – tired with most of it already. 😦
I am continuing the laundry and trying to get the kids motivated to clean as Sunnee’s mom comes out on Saturday for a week.
I had planned on going up to my Dad’s in Colorado but don’t think that will work either. I’m sort of looking forward to a few days off even though I have a lot to get done before Monday.
I hope that everyone is resting with your friends and family and enjoying that company. Merry Christmas to All!
With love from all of us…

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Christmas Eve Gift!

Life: Indifferent Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Nobody in my family quite remembers the reason or the story surrounding it – but if you say “Christmas Eve Gift” out loud to someone, they had to give you a gift right then. Other than the obvious greed factor – more gifts – it doesn’t make much sense. Regardless, my brother, sister, Mom and Dad, grandparents, and great grandparents all woke up and would try to the be the first to say something. Even in the ‘phone age’ – it would be fun to see who could call the other first. Who knows why. I do know that my kids are not as excited about it as we all were so it will probably die with us….
For a day that is supposed to be exciting for us – we do our family Christmas and presents on Christmas Eve – we have SO MUCH to still do. The house is trashed. I have laundry. Maybe a last minute run to the store – some little gifts and some food items. I feel sorry for those who have to work today – but hey, they opted for retail….
I hate to admit it, but I am so NOT in the holiday spirit that it’s sad. I really just want to hibernate for a couple of days and come out on the other side of this and have it all behind me. In the past I would go to great lengths to think of solutions and spend energy to change things. Anymore I just feel beat down and opt for hibernation. Bears have it good. Sleep during the season where there’s not an overabundance of food and it’s cold. Come back in the spring when it’s warm. Sounds good to me.

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
My weight is slowly creeping up day-to-day – cookies and breads are not my friends. Well, they are my friends. Sweet…. tasty….. friends…..
I actually did wake up early today, but because an alarm was going off on the UPC system on the TV. Some kind of overload. That woke me up and then I figured may just as well stay up. On the way to work they said there was an accident near the house where they lost power. I’ve lost more electronics in the past year or so than I have ever in my life. So, I was glad I had the UPS thingy.
Lots to get done today. Mostly drizzly morning and supposed to snow tonight. There’s a pretty good chance for a white Christmas….

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