Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 9.1 miles on bike and 1.03 miles walking…
My intent, when I started today’s ride was a 20 to 25 mile ride to the east side of ABQ and back around. All of this starting at noon when it was high 80’s….
I got ready, filled up the tires and took note that the back tires are pretty much just racing slicks anymore and started out.
North on the Bosque Trail to Paseo del Norte, then just for fun, took Rio Grande to see how far it went – DUH! to Alameda. Started up to the Hahn Arroyo and…
Flat Tire.
This is the FIRST flat tire I have had in some 20 years. Most people don’t believe me when I say that as apparently ‘everyone else’ has flat tires on a weekly/daily basis. I used to carry a spare tube with me but it weighs a lot so I stopped carrying it. Also, with my track record, it seemed unlikely — or — would it have been more prudent since I had NOT had one…. Hmmmmm.
Either way, I tried pumping it back up and the valve stem ripped off so I was hosed. Luckily my sister was home and she met me by the train station and brought me back home.
Not quite the day I had planned for and this definitely puts Monday’s bike ride in limbo as I don’t know if I can find a tube or know if I can change the tube and tire myself. We’ll have to see!

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  1. Hi Mark. You don’t know me but I am trying to reach Mike Brutin here in Albuquerque. We had a mutual friend pass away last week in Maryland and I desperately need to reach him. She was my best friend and Mike had known her for years and years. My phone # is 227-6244, if you could forward me his work number or cell. I can’t remember if it is Landmark security or Prestige. Thanks so much for your time. My name is Kim Duran.

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