Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 16.2 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: ?? Top Speed: ??
Calories Burned:
Mostly a shopping trip to Cottonwood Mall, all the shops around there and back. Throw in a quick stop to be fed by Jill, Donald and Emma and I would say it’s a successful bike ride!
Very hot outside but I remembered my sunscreen this time. So, even though I was baking myself, hopefully I cut down on the Ultraviolet Rays.

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Today is Saturday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I am going to just erase all memory of yesterday. IT SUCKED! I can’t say it was all bad… it was just…. crazy and unorganized. It all started when I went in extra early knowing I had to get all those items to Home Depot. I had them mostly all done by 9 am. Alice finished labeling them and put them on the pallet. By then, I should have known it was going to be strange. Tim was being frantically cagey, the employees were all complaining, my family wasn’t overly happy, and the customer calls started. At first they were all stores needing something – nothing bad, just strange in a demanding way.
My insurance broker finally sent me over some numbers – the policy expires Sunday night so it’s a BIG deal. I always get another quote – just to keep everyone in line – and I’ve never had the other quote close. Well, it’s been close, but not enough to change brokers. I like our company. Today though, it was way different. The sad thing is that it went from good to worse as the day carried on – ends up the companies bidding for our business kept being competitive. I enjoy the free market insurance world. About five years ago, I couldn’t get anyone to TAKE our business. But here’s my beef with the whole process – when we ask for the ‘best’ rate – you had better well give it to me! Why should I have to them together? In a perfect world, give me your best shot – I sit down with the agent and weigh the differences and decide. Why I am dealing with them on this level – 11th hour is absurd.
Now, in the middle of all this – we get inundated with customers. I’m talking about nine sets of customers through the day. I got to wait on two of them. I closed one and the other is coming back on Monday after showing his wife what we designed. Customers – in the showroom – are great but fairly rare. They kind of interrupt your day but we obviously like the sales so it’s a nice kind of break. In between customers, and then my having to answer the phone while they are with customers I was answering calls pretty much all in succession. We talked to all the people asking if they were spending tax returns, won the lottery, or — thinking that recovery was on the way. Nope. Just blind luck.
Add payday, freight, trying to eat lunch, oh – and my dad wanting to have a meeting and it was hellish. My point of going in early was to get those brochures out and to catch up on the books for the week – I had not processed any of the daily paperwork because of everything else going on. Needless to say – no catch up work during the regular working hours. I locked the front door at 6pm and started working. The daily paperwork was FULL of errors. Just everyone being lazy. Stupid mistakes. That makes it even harder and when the people aren’t there – I can’t yell at them or get the answers so it was all on me. I left at 10:30 pm. Sixteen hours after arriving….
I was a mix of stressed out, pissed, and just all around funky by the time I left the place. Mick was in town for the Queensryche show and I drove over there but it was load-out and there was nowhere close to park. I went home, checked emails and hit the sack.
Today I feel much better but still cranky that I had such a crazy day. A bike ride is in order and then some work.

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Today is Friday

Life: Indifferent Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
What I had intended to be a very productive day – wasn’t. From the moment I walked into work I was doing something. That is normally a good sign, but all the things I was doing was not what I needed to be doing. I never had the moments to get the kids started on their tasks. This was good for them as they were left unattended upstairs where they had full run of the place. Computer games, Wii, and movies. They actually had a good time. One unexpected meeting, several sales calls, one customer, and my emails back and forth to try to get the insurance numbers. Late in the day I went and picked up the catalogs from the bindery and took them back to the factory. They have to leave for Atlanta today – no options.
The kids and I went and picked up Subway and then had a picnic in one of the parks by the river. We actually had a great time there. We walked around and just talked about various things from government conspiracies to their upcoming birthdays. The sad part later in the day is that a 13 year old boy fell into the river up by Rio Rancho and as of this morning still has not been found. That sucks.
The No Doubt show was last night – something that I had actually wanted to run up the hill and see some of but that was not in the cards either. I came home, ate, cleaned the kitchen, and was in bed before 9 pm.
I won’t say that I’m bushy-tailed this morning but I feel well and have lots to do. I think I’ll go the factory and get started on the packing of the catalogs so that I can make the labels. Like I said – no option other than shipping them today.

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Today is Thursday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was filled with the added stress. We were supposed to mail out these printed materials to Home Depot – they were supposed to have shipped before the holiday weekend. Part of the shipment required some shrink wrapping and I called a company that helps us out. He said no problem, bring them on over. I was there that same afternoon and dropped everything off. They were supposed to be done last Thursday. I left a message around 4 pm on Thursday – nothing. Friday I called and left a another message. I admit that Friday was a bit crazy and before I knew it, it was after 2 pm – no answer. Okay, it’s not going out – I can’t do anything about that. First thing Tuesday I called and it seems that they ‘forgot’ about the job.
So….. yesterday I contacted the Home Depot guy and plead my case and got an extension – I called the shrink wrapper and let him know that the deadline was extended and if he could get them done in two days for me. He had some story about how my call ‘caught him off guard, and he would call me right back’. That was ominous. After an hour of him not calling me back and my leaving him messages on all his phones, I started calling other binderies. I found another one and drove across town, picked up the pieces and delivered them to the other place. Nice people – husband, wife, and it looked like about two other people. They will have them done tonight or first thing in the morning for me – no problem. One less thing to worry about.
I have been looking at used MacBooks now for a couple of weeks. I keep getting scammed on Craigslist by these people who list things at a stupid price and then when they email, they ‘magically’ now live in Scottland, Wales, Barcelona, or some other European country. If I wire them the money, they will happily send the computer….. Grrr. I really don’t NEED another computer, it’s just that if I go to Dirk & Kat’s, I don’t have a way of working on stuff from there. Let alone if I go anywhere else – I’m kind of stuck. Keep in mind that the 17″ iMac was my travel computer last year – I just carried it under my arm. The 24″ iMac is a bit large to be doing that. So I’ve been looking and this week one came available. All three of my windows laptops have died since not traveling. Either they won’t boot or the batteries have died. New batteries are about $150-$200 and I haven’t had the time to investigate the other issues. It does not look good for them. Having the windows computer allowed me to do all my ‘work’ stuff but I’m planning for the future and that doesn’t seem all that necessary any longer. I would like to look at a dual boot system, just to know more about it….
I called and it looked good but the timing was a bit strange. The guy selling it really wasn’t thinking it would sell so quickly and I think it caught him off guard as he hadn’t moved things from the computer, etc. It sounded like it was perfect and he was fair with the price – if not underpriced for what they had been selling for. David brought it by in the afternoon and it was in awesome shape. He’s a PHP/mySQL programmer and has done lots of other programming. Very ‘math’y kind of guy, a textbook programmer personality, and we ended up talking for what seemed a couple of hours. He lived in Santa Fe until 1989, had done work for different beer distributorships, knew common places and people, and he’s working on a big database project for my old orthodontist! Small freakin’ world.
My new (old) MacBook
I really should not be spending anything right now but for some reason I think that this will work out for me in the end. We’ll see if I end up having to sell it in three months!
I spent the last of the afternoon putting Tim’s Navigator on Craiglist – I hope he won’t mind. I also finished some ad stuff that I needed to get done. I also updated the server with the newest updates and the browser update. I skipped IE7 but went ahead with IE8. We’ll see how that goes for me. When we moved the upstairs offices downstairs in January, I left the servers upstairs. We disconnected the HVAC units and knew that once it started getting hot that it would be an issue. The secondary server has already shut down from the heat issues – I can’t do anything about that. The main server seems to be doing okay so I think we will be fine – for now.
Came home late and finished up some things.
Today I get the kids again – and have fun stuff for them to do as well!

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I had a great day with the kids at work yesterday. I quickly put them to work processing some images for me and they both did awesome. I put them in hour long shifts giving them one hour working, one hour having fun. They did great. We went to lunch and sat outside. The rest of the day was very hurried trying to get things done with the holiday day of the week and everyone needing things. I think I did everything that was due….
I had scheduled what the kids needed to complete today but when we got home, Sunnee wants to use our little, slave-labor at her work so I’m outta luck for the day. Sad, because it allowed me to do other stuff.
I have to be in early for an insurance guy to come take pictures. Our insurance renews on Sunday and our regular carriers have been slow in getting new rates to us. This will be a crazy couple of days making sure that we get a rider for the coverage for next week and get everything else wrapped up.

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I woke up at 5:30 and could not get back to sleep. Luckily I had gone to bed especially early so it really didn’t feel that bad. Been paying bills – I seemed to have forgotten to do that mid-month and with the bank holiday yesterday – eeek. Hello late charges. Grrrr.
Yesterday was good for the bike ride – check out those details here.
After the bike ride I came home and then left to the factory to get some work done there. Only about three hours’ worth – but productive. The clouds moved in from all sides while I was there and I made it home just in time to be able to mow the grass before the winds really picked up. The highs have been in the hight 60’s and 70’s – more of what we are used to this time of year. Those 90’s were scary to have so early in the year.
Ate some food, did some laundry, and went to bed.
Today is the first day that the kids do not have school so they will get to go to work with me. I can’t say that either one of us are overly happy with that situation but we will see how they do. Hopefully we all get along!

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 6.04 miles Time: about 20 minutes
Avg Speed: ?? Top Speed: 32 mph
Calories Burned: not so much
This morning was so nice out that I coerced the family into going down to Tingley Beach. The idea was to have me and the kids ride our bikes and then Sunnee and the puppies go in the car and we all meet there. I purchased a bike rack for the car at least one year ago, maybe even more. It’s still in the box. But not anymore! With some finagling it all came together. Jaeden couldn’t be talked into the bike ride so he was going to ride with Sunnee. I asked them to give us a ten minute head start and then to go – thinking that we’d be about right. Railee and I didn’t make awesome time, but we were less than five minutes behind meeting them. The dogs had a blast!
Actually everyone did. We ended up back at the train station there at Tingley Beach and I stayed with the dogs outside while everyone else got ice cream. Well, Jaeden got an Icee and Sunnee and Railee didn’t get anything and nobody got me anything. The lone dude working the snack counter was not in a mood to actually do any work and it showed. It took me almost ten minutes to get an ice cream sandwich – but it was SOOOO worth it. I haven’t had one in such a long time – it was yummy.
We started walking back to the car and saw Sal from the factory and his grandson. We talked a bit with him and one of his friends was fishing and had two catfish about 18″ long. Sal is the record-holder for catfish at Tingley Beach – something like 33 inches! There were tons of people out – it was nice.
It started to rain as we got into the car – I was going to ride back but I was still hungry.
On the way back we stopped off for some Golden Pride where they proceeded to butcher our order. I don’t know how that happened.
Kids – Happy. Doggies – Happy. Adults – Mostly Happy. All in all – I’m glad I got out on the bike twice this weekend!
It is my therapy…

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Today is Monday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
A fun filled, busy day yesterday:
Fixed bike seat, took a nice ride to the volcanos.
Putzed around the house for bit.
Watched ‘O’ Brother Where Art Thou’ – for the hundredth time. It is pretty funny and has a lot more that you imagine is there. I really have enjoyed the soundtrack. For the rest of the day I annoyed everyone by singing this song:
O Death, Ralph Stanley
Yes – I can annoy just as well as they can!
I had forgotten that this was the day that Cathryn and Gloria arrange all these old School buds to go to the Isotope game. Railee was having some friend call to see if she was going. Aaron and the Eyes were going too. I rounded up the troops to go too. Around 5 pm it started raining at our house and it soured the plans but after I pretty much forced everyone to go – we went. It was very quiet ride and walk to the grass area to watch the game. I got to see Cathryn and Gloria and others but was sad that I couldn’t stay longer with them. Aaron and I were saying how unbelievably cheap it is to go to a baseball game. Four lawn tickets – $24. Of course the ‘get’ you with all the other stuff – beer is $7 or $7.25, all snacky food is $4 – $6, nice food is around $7. If you plan well enough by eating first it’s actually enjoyable. There’s always someone else to see passing by and oh yeah, they play baseball too! We lost by one to the Salt Lake City Bees. Oh well.
Afterwards there was a nice fireworks show:
Memorial Day Fireworks at Isotope Park
The kids got to run the bases after the game and then we went home. All in all – the family had forgiven me for making them actually get off their butts and doing something and we all turned in for the night.
This morning there’s not a cloud in the sky, the birds are chirping, and it’s still quiet as the kids are still sleeping. We’ll see how long this lasts….

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 15.1 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: ?? Top Speed: ??
Calories Burned: a lot
There was a lull in the rain and I opted to hop on the bike – after finally figuring out how to remove the mount off of a new bike seat. The volcanos were calling me – it’s my happy place.
From the volcanos on the west of ABQ looking east
It’s so peaceful up here that I could just stay all day….
From the volcanos on the west of ABQ looking south
I went up to the north of volcanos and while resting (and adding facebook photos) a couple came riding by. He told me to take the trail south instead of hopping onto Paseo del Vulcan and then cross back under the power lines. I was feeling adventurous, so i did. I missed the turnoff that he was talking about but was feeling good so I just kept going. I crossed back about even with the airport. The storm clouds were starting to skirt up from the west so I thought that I should head back. Back down the hill and home in time to still do things!
What a great ride.

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Today is Sunday

Life: Frustrated Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
It pretty much rained all day yesterday – a few breaks in the clouds but would start up soon enough afterwards. I tried to do as much work as I could – the restless family didn’t always allow that though. I was WISHING I could go out on a ride. It’s not like I melt, it’s just that extra cleaning up of the bike afterwards and I am covered in road gunk. My shoes don’t do to well in water either. Not making excuses. Yea, I guess I am. I think I’m going to go this morning…
Did cleaning, laundry, referreed and other stuff during the day. Ran to the bank and to the grocery store. We were able to take a break and all go outside on a walk (parents) and bike ride (kids) with the doggies. They had a good time. It actually got hot for about the 30 minutes that we were out. Took Railee to a sleepover – it’s amazing how her crappy attitude changed once she had that option. Ah, parenthood.
After a brief stomach bug from something I went and met Steph in Nob Hill area. I met her at Gecko’s which was surprisingly slow for a Saturday. It was a little busy earlier for the end of the NBA game, but pretty dead. We were talking so much I didn’t notice that it was almost midnight. Came home and went to bed.
This morning, up early and ran through some work. Thinking that a ride is in my immediate future even though I should take advantage of a single child – when there’s two there is WAY too much going on to concentrate. Sunnee is making dinner and thinking about going out as well…… No, a ride will help me clear my head! Marco Awayyyyyyyyyyy!

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