Where Am I?

Last chance to guess?Where Am I July 30, 2008
Guess who was at the Alamo this morning?
Phil Collins at the Alamo
I noticed him looking at some shirts, then when he spoke – it was confirmed. He looked great. He was having to wait for them to find a certain shirt in a certain size. I said ‘hi’ to him and returned the pleasantries. I just read online while finding this picture that he just announced his retirement from touring. I wish I had known that ahead of time as I would have had something more trendy to say to him!

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Today is Thursday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: ??? Hours of Sleep:
Good night last night. I need to walk off more of this food that I have been eating since I have another body to care for.
We have a trip this morning and then to the airport.

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Where Am I?

Public Art:
Where Am I July 30, 2008
Cool Guys by the water:
Where Am I July 30, 2008
View From The Top:
Where Am I July 30, 2008
Shrimp Eating Fool:
Where Am I July 30, 2008
View of where we were:
Where Am I July 30, 2008
More pix tomorrow afternoon!

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Where Am I?

Where Am I July 30, 2008
This is the happy kid on the plane. He had a toddler behind him kicking the seat the whole flight. I reminded him of why we stopped him from doing the same at that age. The mom didn’t care but at least apologized for what was happening.
It’s warm and humid out here. Jaeden liked this place better as it actually had ‘trees’. He decided that is was much nicer than New Mexico and he’d like to move here 🙂
We went to his first Hard Rock Cafe out here.
Where Am I July 30, 2008
He went looking around at all the cool rock stuff and we discussed musical tastes, old songwriting, and other stuff. We both had burgers that – even for overpriced – were quite tasty.
We walked around a lot afterward and contemplated our schedule for the rest of the trip.
He brought his Game Cube and played a lot before finally going to bed. Maybe I prompted that with my constant “GO TO BED” chant from under my covers?
Today he also got to see his very first car fire. We were driving through a parking lot and this lady’s van was on fire. Some people tried to use fire extenguishers – apparently not enough though. The fire department came and put it out. He was very excited to have seen all this…
Where Am I July 30, 2008
We couldn’t post the other pictures without totally tipping out hand.

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: ??? Hours of Sleep:
First night in the hotel. I’m paying way too much for this place. The pool is about the size of a bathtub – I had wanted us to be able to lounge by the pool if needed – there’s not even enough room for that!
Class was from 8am until Noon. We got up early as I didn’t have an idea how the traffic would be. Ended up it was fine – we were 45 minutes early! Jaeden wasn’t so happy about that.
We visited all the stores in time to go downtown in search of Teriyaki Chicken. No luck on that in this neck of the woods.
We hope to go somewhere fun tonight – we’ll post pix later.

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday lived up to a Monday’s expectations. It’s kind of funny – not – how when everyone asks for money, they seem surprised that things are tight for me as well. It’s as if they never thought of me as one of ‘them’. Granted I’m not working on an hourly basis, but it’s like they forget that we are still filling our gas tanks with expensive gas, paying exorbitant prices for electricity, and we still have to feed our families. Through all of this, there’s a select few that still seem to budget for: body piercings, smoking, drinking, silly car accessories, satellite tv, and my favorite: casinos. I just don’t get it and don’t have the patience like I used to.
I spent almost two solid hours on the phone with customers trying to resolve some old issues. I did manage to get payroll completed and actually printed up most of the stuff that I need for my trip. I’m still playing around with Google Maps – still not 100% happy but working through it.
On a happier note, I have successfully stayed under 190 pounds for a week. My ultimate goal is a lean, mean, 185. Not through dieting mind you – but just eating smarter and semi-regular exercise. We’ll see how I do with another mouth to feed on this trip.
Early flight out this morning and Jaeden is my co-pilot on this trip. Hopefully he will enjoy our time together as much as I hope to!
I also plan on him to take more pictures than I do so you can guess where we will be…

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Happy B-Day to: Mollie

My niece, originally from Colorado, new to New York State this year. Happy Birthday!

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Happy Anniversary to: Jill & Donald

Jill & Donald's Anniversary
Two years already? Wow. It really does seems like it has been longer, like a lifetime…
Jill & Donald's Anniversary

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Today is Monday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday, Railee wanted to us all to go on a picnic – with the puppies – to the park. It was getting a bit windy, but it was still nice. We got some Fried Chicken and some sides and hit the nearby park. It was great. My legs were still a bit tired but we ran the dogs until they pretty much just collapsed.
The park was pretty busy. We were the only natively speaking English people there. I’m not exaggerating. There families all over the park. It’s kind of funny how the different cultures do picnics. Whitebread families such as mine, purchase (or pre-make) the food and go to the park to enjoy it. Other cultures pack up the whole grill and ice chests and everyone brings food to be prepared on the grill. I don’t think that we ever thought of that. I could see for a beach or a mountain camp-out, but never a public park. It’s just kind of funny to see how things have changed over time.
I’m off today to jam out all the work I can so that I can leave tomorrow. I stayed up until after 2 am just trying to get my expense reports and enter all the store visits that I have visited in the past few months.

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Happy B-Day to: Dokie!

Happy Birthday to you as well! The end of July parties are upon us, I always let them sneak up on me. I see you had a great time in Carmel. Wish you were here, but that’s not just on your birthdays…
Happy Birthday!

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