Today is Friday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
T.G.I.F. – oh boy! I need a weekend just to recoup from this week. Kind of slow week business-wise, although I’ve been busy at work. Jaeden helped me start processing some images of our inventory, more for him this morning. We need to be there early so that I have some time to get the day started. Also, we are finally celebrating his birthday as well as Donald’s tonight so I won’t be hanging out after closing.
I’ve been lugging my backpack, computer case, and the revived windows laptop as well as all the paperwork back and forth every day so I have not been able to ride my bike to work. This week would have been perfect. It’s been cool in the mornings, almost chilly. The afternoons have been a bit windy but again, cool. Especially if it has rained. This weekend needs at least ONE nice bike ride, maybe two.
Lots of laundry in store for me as well. You can’t have too much laundry – I have been told.
Coolest news of the week! I’m going to take the kids with me to San Antonio to pick up the car and drive back with me. Since we haven’t had so much time together this summer I am kind of looking forward to it. They both actually seem excited – we’ll see if that holds through the next couple weeks with me at the factory. It will be good to have some company in the car. My plan is to stop at EVERY roadside stand I can find! Rattlesnakes? Pecan Pies? Whatever we can find!

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Today is Thursday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
In the morning yesterday I went into the warehouse and there was one guy waiting by the stairs – he had been taken care of. I was in search of an elusive extension cord and I found two other guys back in the pits of the warehouse. I went back up front and asked if anyone was with the other guys. Everyone claimed ‘no’ and acted like they may help the guys but I just went out and did it to make a point. TWO HOURS LATER… they had changed their mind so many times that I just wanted them to leave. The contractor used to work for us about 20 years ago. It’s kind of funny how everyone remembers ONE early job with admiration – Fox Manufacturing was his! I had given them everything they had wished for. The problem is that they couldn’t even keep track of their own selections. I finally pushed them out promising the emailing of some photos. He called back for some more pricing and a poor attempt at the ‘oh, my budget is $xxxx can you do this for less’ talk. I fulfilled his budget with a lesser style and put the nail in the coffin of showing how the one he wants is much more stylish. He had no problem earlier in the day with the price being his ‘budget’ plus about 1/3. He ended up purchasing one of the doors, still deciding on the other two.
Keeping the kiddos busy at work is turning into a task in itself! I thought that having them work on detailing the Caddy would keep them busy. Nope. Ended up spending more time ‘supervising’ than I cared for. It’s disheartening to see a lack of pride in work from your own children. Where did they get that from? Where did I get mine from? Eeeek!
We received a nice amount of rain yesterday – which we always need.
Still working on the Home Depot computer thing. What has this been, three weeks tomorrow? Yup.

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
How strange is this world? I had made an offer on a car to a lady in San Antonio last week and was quite cranky when my other half nixed the whole idea. This weekend I test drove one and made an offer for what I believed it was worth. That salesperson was the FIRST car salesperson who has EVER called me back. The offer was refused.
I received a strange phone call from this lady who found my number in her phone from last week. Seems that when she refused my offer on the car, the next day someone was coming to pay what she wanted. Ends up, he wanted to make payments to her. Well, long story short. I have a new car. I’ll fly out on the 13th, pick it up, and drive back. I’m kind of giddy over the whole thing as the last time I got a car was in 2002.
Mark's New Car
This is her picture from craigslist. Yes, it looks like my old car. Folks joked about my ‘pimp’ Caddy, now I’ll have a thug car…
Yesterday was busy with work, still not a lot of orders. The kids went to work with me and I could not keep them busy as I was dealing with stuff all day. Back home to an interesting evening and finalizing the deal with the car. Nice lady – going in for hip replacement surgery today. Wish her the best.
Up at o’dark thirty this morning and been working since. Take a shower and then off to work with the kids again. Lots to work on with them. Busy, busy day!

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Happy Anniversary to: Jill & Donald

Jill & Donald's Anniversary
Three years ago you exchanged vows on a beach in the middle of nowhere, Oregon? Why? We still do not know…
This is the photo from the day before your wedding where I walked into the restaurant that you were at – not knowing that I was coming and this is the look of surprise – right before you started crying. I often bring that emotion out when people see me, mostly from fear. Or sadness.
The funny thing is that Hannah’s expression was more of just like – whatever. Uncle Mark is here. Donald’s look was more of… what’s that guy doing with a camera taking our picture?
But NOT in this case!
I’m so happy that I was able to share that day with both (all three) of you!
Happy Anniversary!

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
What started yesterday as a productive morning, strangely turned once I made it into work.
I was busy with customers while other office people stayed on the phone or ran errands. Under normal circumstances, customers = good. Not yesterday. They were a mix of time suckers who really were not in the mood to buy. There are professional shoppers out there – note I said ‘shoppers’ and not ‘buyers’. They usually hang out in malls and upscale stores more on the beaten path but we get some that make the trek to the showroom. In order to buy a door, you have to have a clue. You need to know what style you like or need. You also have to do this magical thing of MEASURING YOUR DOOR! When they come down without any of this, we try to focus their selection but we eventually get to the point where we can’t go any further without them actually making a decision AND measuring their door. Everyone who came in will not be making a purchase anytime in the next year.
I had a great old guy come in who wanted an entertainment center. His hearing was… lacking – which he mentioned to me about a dozen times but even being right in front of him and making eye contact, he could not hear me. I felt bad screaming at him and it was a little like a comedy skit. The funniest part was after hearing how much it cost, he wanted to know if there was a bank nearby that he could hold up on his way home. I liked him.
Everyone else was in some kind of fog at work. In the front and the back. Between answering phones, dealing with customers, and everything else that was going on – NOTHING that I had started in the morning could be even started. This sucks.
Today, I’m up early getting busy. Sunnee goes back to work today so I get the kids for these last three weeks. They are not overly excited about that. I’m trying to figure out how much of this work I can teach them to do…

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Happy B-Day to: Dirk

I LOVE finding old photos, especially ones that can go online…. This one? Circa 1992?
Happy Birthday buddy! I think that you are channeling your caloric intake to me this weekend. It must be a new iPhone app that you got?
Happy Birthday!

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Today is Monday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was filled with computer work. I cleaned up the office a bit to get started and set up the two laptops around me for command central. I took a break and went and looked at a car. I wasn’t so excited about it after driving it around.
Back to the house and a quick mowing of the lawn, another shower and then it was back to work. All the way until 9:00 ish. I had hit the proverbial wall of not being productive any longer. Went to bed.
Up early this morning to continue…

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Today is Sunday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Woke up early, cleaned the house, and left to pick up the kids. On the way there, I stopped by Sunnee’s dad’s and dropped off some stuff. Sad news, they had to put their dog down last week. He was very old. Very good life. Still sad.
While driving I was listening to the radio and when a new song would start, I could tell you the name of the song, the band and could sing most all the lyrics. Why does my brain have that kind of stuff in it? I need some memory power to learn a new language, a new programming language, people’s names! But nooooooo. It’s filled with lyrics and songs. Railee thinks it’s for a reason – I’m destined to win a game show…..
The kids were great and we returned to a nice cool lunch. I figured it was time for a bike ride and took advantage of the few hours I had to go car shopping. Didn’t find anything that was in my price range and they are all over priced locally. I left all my info with two new salespeople. Let’s see if they do anything this week…
Last night we ran over to Mom & Dad’s again for food and to see two nieces that were in town. One from upstate New York and the other from Colorado Springs. It was good to see them as I had not seen them in about five years or so. We caught up as much as you can after that many years. Before I knew it, it was 9:30 and I was tired.
I actually have so much to do, I contemplated starting last night. I sat down and…. couldn’t keep my eyes open. I went to bed and slept a little. Strange dreams about nothing in particular.
Today – up and at ’em! I just made my coffee and am clearing space in the office. Now let’s see if I can keep everyone else from bugging me….

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 18.2 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: ?? Top Speed: ??
Calories Burned:
I decided that it’s been too long since I’ve been on a ride. Never mind the 100 degree heat. I just needed it.
Today I decided to go hit all the car dealerships. I went to five different ones, all regular car dealerships – not small lots. Their attitudes towards me on my bike are MUCH different than the smaller lots. I couldn’t even get someone to get out of their chair. Once I picked out someone, I gave them my card and told them what I was looking for. I explained what I need, what the price needs to be, and the colors I’m looking for. Two of the five acted like they would look – but we’ll see what this week brings.
Truthfully – any temperature over 90 feels the same – there’s no real difference. You sweat. Drink lots of water. No biggie.
Felt great.

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Happy B-Day to: Kat

Happy Birthday Kat!
It’s your birthday…. happy birthday….
Wish I was coming out soon to help you both celebrate birthday week 😦
Have a WONDERFUL day!

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