Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 17.19 miles
Today’s Ride was just to get out of the house. I had waited for a worker to come by the house and he was late – the story of my life lately. Oh well.
My intent for today’s ride was to go to the Farmer’s Market that I enjoy in the fall. Their website says that it started and I ended up giving myself about 24 minutes to get there. I was booking it for quite a while. I get there and…. nope. Not happening. I don’t know if the late night rain made everyone cancel it but regardless – nada.
I continued down Central – not much going on there. I went to the train station and for a brief moment, contemplated taking the train up to Santa Fe or just about anywhere actually. I didn’t.
I continued down 1st street and was VERY surprised to see the old El Modelo bar still open! Wow! That brought back memories. That was a crazy bar that was a mix of bikers, lawyers, students – it was kind of a rough place back in the day and apparently still is judging from the broken glass everywhere outside. I followed 1st down to the old Railyards where parts of the last Terminator movie were filmed. A gate was open and I thought about going in but I didn’t have my ‘real’ camera with me so I figured if I took photos, they would be from very far away. I went on down to the Hispanic Cultural Center – because you know, it would be bad to have a White Person Cultural Center and rode around there for a bit. VERY slow down there too…
I hopped onto the Bosque Trail and opted to go through the Bosque instead of the trail. With all the rain, my tires picked up all the mud and felt like 20 more pounds onto the bike. Lots of lizards everywhere…
The Rio Grande had some crazy silt-looking stuff floating down it. It looked kind of freaky and actually from the bridge looked like oil. I guess I just have oil spill on the brain from all the videos from the gulf?
I went back up Central/Old Route 66 and back across towards the homestead.
It was muggy hot today and is supposed to get rainy again in the afternoon. I’m glad I went out now!

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