Today’s Ride

Today I rode up the hill up the volcanos and along the road until I found a dirt road that dead-ended into what will be the Paseo del Norte extension. It was an awesome, downhill ride for what seemed like 7 minutes! No cars (yet). Wind in my hair. Bugs in my teeth. It was a great ride…

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Today is Thursday

Life: happy? Work: happy

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Have I mentioned – no sleep?

It’s amazing how ineffective I am on little sleep. I should have stopped at noon today and went home. I was a butt most of the day – but that was mostly because I could not put two thoughts together into anything understandable. Everyone should feel fortunate if I actually did payroll correctly 🙂
Now I’m home and can’t decide whether to go to sleep or hop on the bike and go tire myself out all the way…

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Backyard Camping

Camping in the Backyard!
After being scolded for “never” doing what I say (thank you Railee), I was forced to find the tent and set it up in the backyard last night. The kids were very excited and we (they) finally fell asleep around 9:15 and 10:00. It was almost a full moon which made it VERY bright. Jaeden woke up once and thought it was morning.
I made the mistake of leaving the dogs outside with us – so they had to come check on me anytime I moved. Taya slept next to me, on the outside of tent until it became really cold. In the morning, the dogs decided to play rough and that pretty much kept me up the rest of the morning.
I did not go to sleep until around 2:30 am – the last time I checked the time. Between the wind rocking the tent and just the normal sounds of night = no sleep for me. I will be working on a total of three hours of rest. Yuck.
The kiddos on the other hand had a wonderful night, wonderful sleep, and can’t wait to do this again!

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Happy? Work: Happy

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Damn Roller Bladers

What is it with Roller Bladers? So, there’s a shared use bike/walking/skating paths across ABQ that are probably five feet wide and separated by a “center line” delineating “traffic”. The idea is that it serves like a two-way highway – you ride/walk/skate on the right side, you pass on the left.
Now, I remember getting my first Roller Blades in 1989 – I purchased them on a visit to Washington, DC and brought them to ABQ. It’s a funny story in that during a layover in Dallas, I put on the skates and skated through the parking garage and received TONS of stares. Those were the days where I was dressing rather well and I was in suit pants, a nice long sleeve buton-up and probably a tie – with black skates that made me about 6′ 6″ 🙂 I will say that they were some of the first in-line skates in the state – so I’m familiar with skating.
So, 60″ walkway split in half means that each “lane” has about 30″. The only way to get momentum is that you push on your back skate at an angle (so you don’t roll) and push forward. I get that. But these skaters’ strides take the whole lane! Plus, they HAVE to skate with a partner so they go two wide and seem to get cranky when someone tries to get by them. SINGLE FILE FOLKS!
Also, is there some secret instructions from plastic surgeons stating that roller blading is the perfect rehab excercise? There’s an unusually large percentage of 35-50 year old women that definately have had some “work” done that roller blade. In thinking this thought through, I guess it wouldn’t “stress” the work by making them bounce – but I thought that’s what sports bras were for?

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Happy

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Today is Monday

Life: Frustrated Work: N/A

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Isotopes Field

We went to the Isotopes game tonight. I can honestly say that the Isotopes Field is one of the few places where it doesn’t FEEL like you are in Albuquerque. The layout of the stadium, the views of both the mountains and our awesome sunsets, the colors and textures used on the buildings and the green of the grass – it just doesn’t seem like ABQ.
We have season tickets – 1st time to go out of 23 games – that are quite good – right on the rail and just outfield from third base. This was the excuse to use them and actually say I sat in the seats. The original plan was to have a mini-reunion of old Eldorado High alums. We had planned this originally what felt like months ago, but it snuck up on me as well. We finally met up with everyone and it was good to catch up. We definately have to all get together more often.
The game was good, Nashville came on strong mid game and it was 9-4 for the last innings. In the bottom of the 9th – we hit a home run and brought two on-base runners in as well. That was it – a final of 9-7, but fun none the less.
Now for my beefs. The tickets are paid for in advance and I still think I spent $40 in there. Sodas/Waters were $3 to $4, peanuts were $3.25, pretzels were $3, ice cream dots (yuck) were $4, little bats were $5 and the balls were $6. How did fifty cent soda night ever survive for the Dukes? Every possible break, every word, every inch of the scoreboard, every available sign in the whole place had a sponsor. I felt like my bathroom break should have been sponsored (it may have, I could not hear the announcer as I went in).
Now, I know we had to pay for the pretty stadium so I can’t complain too much – it is worth it and not much different from the food courts at the malls. The kids had a GREAT time and we watched a firework show after the game that I believe was about 20 minutes long. The kids waited in line to be able to run around the bases after the game (I never got to do that) and then they got a coupon for a free kids meal from Blake’s Lotaburger to boot!
We had a great time. Isotopes Field is a “must-see” trip for anyone who has moved away from ABQ or for anyone who thinks that our city is brown/grey.

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Turn for the better…(?)

I am going to take a proverbial bull by the horns this morning and will confront something that will change my life as I have known it. On one hand, the result could be good for the whole in the long run but I feel that I will pay dearly for my opinion in the short term. Or, it could go totally worse and the rammifications that will have started will be larger that I could ever be. Regardless, it will be an interesting morning. . .

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