Today is Friday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Getting out of bed when it is cold has become very difficult to do. The sun isn’t shining bright into the bedroom – that makes it even more difficult. It’s much easier when the room is bright and warm!
I went to let the dogs in and they somehow had managed to get a tupperware-type lid off of a box and were eating all the Lincoln Logs. So much for that idea.
It’s kind of misty outside – not raining that you can see, but your clothing gets wet. It’s kind of cool and very un-Albuquerque-ish. A storm is supposed to run through the state this weekend brining snow and ice.

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Happy B-Day to: Tim

Happy 45th Bro!

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Today is Thursday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Today is cold. Very cold. It’s 9am and it’s only 32 degrees. The thermostat in the house says it’s 62, needless to say, I turned on the heater.
At work I have to confront a computer program developer that I am at my wit’s end with. That will not be a good conversation.
Otherwise I am just having trouble motivating myself today. Wish me luck…

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Happy Work: HappyWeight: Hours of Sleep: Yesterday was such a good day, today will have a lot to live up to! I finished two computers for family members. One replacing an old Windows ME with a speedy new XP, the other taking off the dreaded Norton suite so that the computer actually functions as a computer and putting in a DVD burner. I gave my best friend an original version of the Spirograph. Not only did she like it, her son thinks I’m cool too! That made me feel wonderful.

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I almost finished wiping all the old computers – it looks like I’ll have eleven! Now I just have to pair them up with monitors, keyboards and mice and my employees can have a hey-dey!
For all of you fellow computer geeks, there’s a computer recycling event at Hallmark Computing on Cutler, just east of Washington on Saturday, December 8th. If you have an old tube monitor or an old ‘puter or an old printer collecting dust at your home or office – get rid of it responsibly. Please remember to either remove your hard drives or wipe them so that somebody doesn’t end up with your Quicken data!

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Happy B-Day to: Toni

To one of my oldest friends (she’s known me since 1988) and my best friend – you are a year older and definitely wiser!
Happy Birthday!

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Today is Monday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I’m in for a better day today. Hopefully I will get over all of this and:
– Finish readying all the old Pentium III’s from work for sale – $25 each to the employees!
– Hopefully my new double LCD’s for my computer show up and I can install the new video card and can transfer all my files from the old computer to the new one and wipe the old one.
– Start calling all the leads from the last Vegas show
THAT should keep me busy for the day!

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Today is Sunday

Life: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Kind of just a ‘blah’ day.

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Today is Saturday

Life: IndifferentWeight: Hours of Sleep: Wow, what a sleep! That’s about the best night of sleep that I’ve had in a few weeks! The sun is actually showing today so I may get the Christmas ornaments out of the shed today. Railee had won some tickets to the Lobo football game today so we will be going to that. I have to find some warm clothes – I haven’t needed those in about two years.

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Today is Friday

Life: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Welcome to shopping Friday! I was up late after eating WAY too much food and not feeling the best – I should have stopped after the third ‘sliver’ of Pecan pie. The weight gain was less than expected but doesn’t make me feel any better. Anyway, the Apple Store was having their Black Friday Sale online and was supposed to start at 12 Midnight (Pacific Time) and didn’t go online til about 1:40 am. Some good deals but not worth waiting up for!
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving – we did.

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