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I am not sure what this means, but my blog was listed on 6/30/2007 as WordPress’ 22nd of the top 100 “Growing Blogs of the Day”! Out of 1,141,442 blogs on, MINE was 22nd! That’s incredible. I lost out to: “Sexy Belly: Videos of Girls’ Bellies and Navels” but beat out: “The Secrets of Yarn” – so I guess I fit somewhere in the middle.
It’s got to be something based upon the incremental growth of traffic as far as I can tell. Regardless, it’s kind of cool. Two Hundred and Sixty Two (262) people checked out the blog today. I’m sure that the iPhone reviews had something to do with that. The two videos that I posted have been watched about 1,537 times and 1,317 times! The internet is too cool!
For all of those who have been coming back – this has been fun. It’s kind of a neat way to keep in touch with everyone without actually having to keep in touch. Sadly, we all seem to be too busy to pick up the phone, pick up a pen, or heck – even send emails anymore. If this helps accommodate people to know what’s going on in my life – then all the better! This has also allows me some therapeutic use as I can unload, rant, talk (type), and keep track of my weight, attitude, and amount of sleep to see if there’s any correlation 🙂

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Today is Saturday

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iPhone Review (first of many)

Okay, this thing rocks! I think I can borrow Dirk’s words on this – this is a handheld computer that takes makes phone calls.
The styling of the thing is remarkable – sexy. It is the exact same width and height as the Palm 650, minus the antannae. It’s exactly half the thickenss and I’ll guess that the screen is 5% wider and about 30% larger/taller. Weight-wise, they almost feel exactly the same – I think from the glass screen? The touch screen is awesome. It is a bit awkward at first – but it gets easier. I am used to using my fingernail in lieu of a stylus and you can’t do that with this touch screen – you need to touch it. The virtual keyboard is suprisingly easy to use. The point of view of a right handed person using their right finger is perfect. When I tried using my left finger/thumb it was off. When you use them together, it’s perfect again. I think lefties may have issues with this. The other strange thing, is that the natural (albeit first 60 minutes) method of holding the iPhone caused me to cover the speaker, which muffles the sound to almost nothing. I think future versions should have it on the top. Regardless, the response is incredible.
Music Player – works. What more do you want. The cover view thing is pretty amazing and the interface is cool. I have an iPod already, music was secondary for this device.
Video Player. I admit that I do not watch movies on my Mac. Watching them on an iPhone seems silly. Until you look at one. I have some free movie from iTunes that I synced up. As Sunnee said, the quality was better than our TV! It really looks good. Playing my videos caused alarm – they didn’t play! Apparently it does not like videos created with iSquint! The sound plays, but no video. Hmmmmmm.
Safari – My Treo has a browser – although it is tini-tiny and unless the page has a mobile version – pretty much useless. This is incredible to surf REAL pages. The thing that they show on the video of clicking and having the area zoom in – does not work on this blog for instance. Actually, it doesn’t work on any. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I just tried it on the NYTimes site – doesn’t work. More Hmmmmmmm.
Phone – works.
Camera – works. The opening/closing aperture is a bit annoying – and I’ve only had it a few hours.
Photos – Just like iPhoto. Damn amazing. I managed to hand the computer by trying to set a photo to a contact. Just a spinning ball – but clicked the button and got out of it. It did not save the photo. I won’t try that again 🙂
Widgets – Weather, stocks, calcualtor – all work. Just like a Mac.
Calendar – synced up all pretty and painless.
Settings – very nice, needs to have more ring tones, set wallpaper – very nice.
Clock – multiple alarms available by name and day of week. I will try to wake up to it tomorrow.
Maps – probably the best feature. I just put in Dions Pizza 87120 and it asked if I wanted Dion’s Pizza (with the apostrophe) and away it went. Click on the pin, click on the phone number. It works. Very cool feature.
Wireless – It saw my airport network immediately and asked me to sign on. It is very fast, same speed as my computer that is hard wired to the router. I have not tried the phone off the network on the AT&T network, but will. Funny and well timed – AT&T ran at least two radio ads on my way to work this morning on how they just spent 170 million dollars in the New Mexico area to upgrade their network for data speed. Hmmmmm, again.
That is it for tonight.
More photos and stuff later!

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iPhone Countdown

The first iphoneiPhone in Box
Okay, so it was a bit sad that there was NOBODY in line at the AT&T store in the South Valley. I went to the store at 5:40, they opened up at 6:00 pm and I was in the car and on my way at 6:24 pm!
They took care of everyone there. I heard that the line at the Apple store was C-R-A-Z-Y. We all got our phones and were on our way.
This is the Grand Opening of the Box:

Here I am, proving that I CAN remove the plastic:

But, Joel Siegel did die. So live and learn.

I activated the iPhone in about 5 minutes. Synced to my ‘puter in about 5 minutes.
Spent the next hour or so playing around, showing everyone, taking pictures.
Sadly, I think I have played with everything and now I am telling everyone about it!

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iPhone Countdown


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Today is Friday

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Rescue Me – the 4th Season

So, I’m three episodes into the new Rescue Me Season on FX and so far I am pleased. For those who haven’t looked at the show, it’s pretty decent. It stars and is produced by Denis Leary. After 9/11 he was very active and vocal with charities for fire departments, sadly I cannot remember the personal reason – but one of the results is this show. Basically it’s show about a NYFD house and centers on about seven of the crew and their personal lives. The star is Leary (as Tommy Gavin) who has more issues than could fit on an Oprah couch.
He lost his brother and lots of others in 9/11 – and he regularly sees the dead people as live people. They talk to him, offer him advice, etc. His cousin has been the most recurring person – almost like a conscience. His son was killed by a drunk driver. His brother, a NYPD detective was killed last season and has already shown up once this season. He drinks, he stops, he drinks, he stops. He gets back together with his ex-wife – who of course was having an affair with the newest dead brother – they have a kid. He hooks up with his dead fireman brother’s widow. For a skinny old guy, this guy has lots of sex.
As most shows on FX, they start out the first two seasons being “edgy”. It hooks the male viewers. They cuss more than they can on network tv, they show simulated sex scenes – A LOT, they show way more skin, and they deal with issues that other shows would never do – bisexuality, date rape, teenage drug use, teenage lesbianism, problem drinking [usually all in one show!]. The show hooked some of my female friends by featuring good looking men that are having the sex. The sadly sterotypical Irish roots, Catholic upbringing, and frat-house mentality of the firemen is a bit overdone – but also causes car-crash rubbernecking. By the thrid season, they started feeling cocky, like they didn’t have to do the pandering that made it popular. The skin quotient leveled off, except for Leary’s skinny legs and butt that personally I could have done without [female fans agreed].
So, new season. Tommy’s brother was killed in the last episode of season three without knowing if the baby was his or Tommy’s. Tommy moved back in with his ex-wife to help with the baby. His now 18 year old daughter and another younger daughter also live there. His uncle, who went to prison for killing the drunk who killed his nephew’s son is getting out of prison. The firehouse’s chief had a major heart attach at the end of last year and he’s getting back to the house and his gay son is getting married. The end of last year also had Tommy and his brother’s widow NOT decide to quit the NYFD and move to the beach – which resulted in her drugging him and accidently setting the house on fire. Tommy is being investigated for arson and insurance fraud. All normal stuff for this show.
I’ve been happy with the show so far. It is mindless tv that at least is entertaining. They really spend a lot of time acting like they show some realism to the firefighting. The relationships – whether they are one-night or long term – are caricatures at best – but again, entertaining. No matter how much you may think that your real life may have troubles – here is Tommy Gavin, who makes you look like an amateur in every front. It’s funny.
Rescue me is on FX – cable or satellite only – on Wednesday’s at 8 pm. They rerun it immediately afterwards and again at least once on the weekends. You could pick up the show midstream pretty easily and still understand what’s going on. You need to see the first four minutes where they recap what has happened – not just the show before but just in general.
Nip/Tuck starts sometime soon, they guys move from Miami to L.A. and hopefully they get rid of the stupid sub-plots that made the last two years almost un-watchable. I’ll try it 🙂

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Happy B-Day to: Donald

My brother-in-law here in Albuquerque!

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iPhone Countdown

This is it! Tomorrow is the day – albeit we all have to wait until 6 pm local time.

If you go to the AppleInsider, search for iPhone in the upper right corner and you’ll get 294 quick articles of everything from a list of what Sprint is telling their customers who want to switch to the fact that AT&T isn’t offering insurance plans on the phone.

For those who want EVEN more information here are some links (thanks Dirk!):

David Pogue’s POV – New York Times

Walt Mossberg’s POV – Wall Street Journal

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Today is Thursday

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