Railee’s Second Piano Recital

Today was Railee’s second piano recital over at Mrs. Stevenson’s house. Railee did very well and here are some videos so you can see and hear as well…

#1 – Dance of the Wooden Shoes – 47 seconds

#2 – The Flight – 1 minute 21 seconds

#3 – Shaggy Dog Bop – 1 minute 44 seconds

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Today’s Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 11.6 miles Time: 1:18:56 minutes
Avg Speed: 8.8 mph Top Speed: 16.4 mph
Calories Burned: 586
What started out to be a ‘family’ outing – Jaeden and myself, Jill, Donald, and Emma – turned sour when Emma didn’t care for the trailer/carrier.
Emma - Okay with all of this. So, Far.How many more hands?
Emma - Boo Boo FaceEmma - Okay, that's enough
So, Jill & Emma went back and ‘los guys’ went on. This was Jaeden’s longest ride to date so his legs cramped up a bit and since his bike didn’t have gears, we went a bit slower. He was a trooper though and we went down to Tingley Beach – where he REALLY wished that train would go all the way to our house. Donald was also a trooper as I bet this was the slowest bike ride he had taken in a while. He also had to work out a bit more since he was solo on the tandem bike. It created the ability for us to ask other riders if they had seen his other rider 🙂

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Today is Sunday

Life: Frustrated Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I have spent this WHOLE weekend trying to remove the virus on the PC. I had about 15 hours of work to do but will only get in about five. I finally have it to the point that I can actually get online for longer than 60 seconds but still cannot ascertain if I’ll have to reinstall XP or not.

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Today is Saturday

Life: Frustrated Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Computer still has a virus so I couldn’t work last night and am already two nights’ worth behind. I ran MS Malicious Software Remover all night and it found FOUR more. Still running this morning to make sure it’s done…
It’s really windy out here this morning, it’s like someone just turned on a fan at about 6am.

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Today is Friday

Life: Happy Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
ACK! There are not enough hours in a day to get everything done. We have to get the Vegas show truck loaded up today and Monday and I still have to put together all the stuff for the show. I am about two weeks behind. AND…. I have to finish all the Home Depot / Edgenet stuff this weekend – and a wedding, and try to ride the bike, and, and, and….

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Happy B-Day to: Dad

Happy 74th Birthday old man!

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Today is Thursday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Other than having to wait 2 hours before the five second procedure – all is well. They only did the right eye. I’m still a bit sleepy…
Crossed Eyes - Surgery Success?

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Let’s see. QWEST had a “cable issue” and our phones were out at the factory from 3pm Monday all they way until 4 pm last night. We had to have calls forwarded to cell phones and the fax machine to the house. It’s all better now.
Today, on the other hand I get to go have my eyes cut open again. The ‘procedure’ from last December was incredible in that I don’t have to wear glasses but just wasn’t 100%. Dr. Coleman wants to go back in and do some work. The flap never really heals so it’s not a big deal – no worries on this end. The strange thing, and I can’t ask him until I get there, is if he can look at the scans and see what he’s going to do ahead of time or if he can tell just by looking when I’m reclined and under the laser. Either way, it will be interesting to hear and see what is/can be done. Surgery time keeps changing – originally it was 11:30, then 12:30, now 1:30. After the procedure they give me an Ambien to knock me out – I’m going to have someone film me as Mom said it was pretty funny the first time. We’ll see…

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Wow. What a crazy day. Very busy catching up from being gone for three work days, then at 3ish – all of our phone lines went dead at work. They can’t come out until after 12:30 today. We have calls being forwarded to a cell phone and faxes to my house. What a pleasant day.

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Today is Monday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Came home to a Windows machine stock-full o’ viruses! They hijacked the Internet Explorer and deactivated Firefox and Safari – sweet. There’s a slim chance I won’t have to reformat the drive – but it took most of the night. It’s kind of strange to NOT go a beach this morning 😦

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