My Jury Duty Experience

Scales outside Albuquerque Metro Court
I know it’s my ‘civic duty’ to serve on Jury Duty and I know that if I were ever accused or in in court for something that I PRAY that there are twelve people who I would be counting on being fair sitting across from me over there – but it’s just such a PITA. This is my last week of three on duty. You can either call in or look at a website to see if your juror number is called and your presence is requested.
The system is pretty amazing – they know how many jurors they may need and obviously after all these years know how many the attorneys go through and call that many. I’m juror pool #364 so there’s at least 400 called each week for District Court. You pretty much get the opportunity to be called once each week – they just rotate through. I’m sure there’s more to that based upon the questionnaire that they get in advance. The people who work in the courthouse should be commended for doing that day after day. They keep a good face on and I’m sure that they could tell some stories.
In a room of hundreds I saw two people that I know – one who used to work at the State Fairgrounds back in the day and another wife of a guy who used to do marketing for us. Lots more ‘looked’ familiar. I was not so talky to everyone as I was still a bit tired.
I apparently missed two Mondays ago and they scolded me. If you miss your whole three weeks’ worth they issue a warrant – I think. I don’t think that they throw you in jail but they they want you to treat it seriously and they’ll just reschedule you. They show a fifteen minute video about what it means to be a juror and the history of jury and America. One of our country’s founding beliefs was that EVERYONE was entitled to a jury of their peers as opposed to the English way of a Magistrate ‘telling’ the jury which way to vote. In the video they show how one jury voted against the Magistrate and were all thrown in jail. The Magna Carta included a provision for a fair jury. I have forgotten most of my history and civics lessons.
Bernalillo Couty Courthouse
Since it was my first time in the jury room for me I was amazed at how dressed up everyone was. There was only two slackers in yucky t-shirts but for the most part – everyone was nice appearing. There were two guys that were wearing baseball caps and when they were called to go upstairs to be interviewed – they make them take them off. I think that’s cool. I’m still one who misses the days that people dressed up to fly….
Anyway. After 3 hours we found out that the person accepted a plea agreement and I was let go. Luckily for me, I’m off on Mondays and this wasn’t a big deal. If it were in the middle of the week I would be screwed as I would have to go serve from 8:30 to 5:30 and then have to go work for six hours afterwards. Ick. Three more days….

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Welcome To May 1st

This year is just flying by. In some ways, I am happy. 2010 does not look to be a banner year in any way and the sooner it goes by, the better. On the other side, this accelerates everything like – summer coming, summer going, high school for Jaeden, winter, Christmas – UGH!
The strangest thing is that the weather – after all these days of over 80 degrees – it’s back down to freezing overnights and highs in the 50’s. It may even snow tomorrow in the city!
I’m looking to changing some things for ‘me’ in the immediate future. More on that later.
Happy May Day.

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Ha Ha! I just posted my cock on the internet

Oh this should be good for the search engines….
This is our rooster – Dippy Sauce:
My Cock on the Internet
He is going back to his ‘farm’ later today. He has been attacking Sunnee which even makes for a better tag-line:
‘Cock Attacks Wife – Video at 11’
Okay, I’m done with puns.
I kind of feel sorry for the dude. As far as chickens go, I think he’s pretty (handsome?) and he’s about twice the size of the hens. I think he’s the reason that the hawks haven’t attacked them in the yard – he’s huge!
I was thinking while he was crowing this morning, how awkward his crows are. Figuring that he doesn’t know what a ‘normal’ rooster sounds like, he’s done okay.
Now the question of the week will be how the hens will react. His fertilization efforts have literally worn the hens’ backs down to the skin. Another strange observation is that three of the four hens are worn down but the fourth – doesn’t look like he’s had his claws in her…
Here is a pic of Taya ‘in the zone’:
Taya stalking 'her' chicken

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 14.92 miles
In between the rains and sunshine – I declared a bike riding morning for this day. It was gorgeous! I looked on the ‘puter real quick to see if the downtown farmer’s market had started – nope. Oh well.
View to the east of the Sandias
This is the ‘hill’ I get to go down (or up when I come this way). Top looking down:
Top of Atrisco
and from the bottom looking back up:
Top of Atrisco
I wanted to go see if ‘spring’ had sprung down my favorite ponds. On the way there, I was taking some pictures of the Sandias and came across a little jog to the river that I had not previously stopped for. It’s normally too sandy to want to go across but the rains had made it into a fairly nice ride. They were doing some strange river re-routing but it was nice. When the canopy grows over, I think I’ll make a point to hit this area when the sun gets too hot.
Down by the Bosque
Down by the Bosque
Down by the Bosque
Down by the Bosque
Down by the Bosque
Back on the trail to the river was nice. During the mornings the traffic seems much more ‘aware’ of bikers – I need to make a note of that. I was also a bit scared that there would be a foot race on the trail. There was an organized ‘training’ – lots of people in the same shirts but nothing too bad foot-traffic-wise.
The ponds were not as green as I had hoped for but still quite calming. I really do like this area and want to come with the dogs sometime. That’s a problem as my dogs are not good around the bike. Belle likes to hop on with me – at 42 lbs that’s a bit much) and Taya wants to ‘lead’ me. This means I can’t take them along the paths with me (I envy those who can) so I either have to drive them (which defeats the purpose) or have the family meet me there. I need to work on that. I actually had the idea of getting one of those trailers for kids and putting the dogs in there but 84 pounds of dog in a trailer does not sound exciting… especially on the hills back up to the homestead!
I took lots of photos. I’m going to experiment with lighting on this trip as I think that I get better shots with the sun behind me. I know it’s common sense but I have been pretty amazed with some of my photos.
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Toads already laying eggs!
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
The trip back was nice and it had started to warm up a little more.
All in all a good ride.

I managed to get home, start the mower and get the lawn mowed for the first time of the year. I had waited about two weeks too long and with the recent rain it was kind of like a jungle back there. The top section 8-10″ tall. Mowers don’t work well on that much grass – let alone still damp grass. It was a workout but I got it done. It looks great.
Apparently, yesterday Sunnee was picking up one of the hens and the rooster took offense to that and attacked her. He broke her skin and his pecking actually bruised her. She went out to garden this morning and he took off after her. It’s kind of funny in a not funny way. Anyway, he’s done. She’s ‘returning’ him on Monday. Poor guy. They just destroy roosters so I’m kind of sad, he was just ‘protecting’ his harem. He’s an Americana which are supposed to lay green eggs. Except they really can’t sex the chicks until they are way older past the time you buy them. Poor dude.
On the way to Railee’s piano lesson the clouds were starting to move in – by 4 it was storming. We had several other stops to make, Yeller Sub, PetSmart, HomeDepot, Bike World, and then the grocery store. By the time we got home it was crazy raining. For almost an hour it dumped – it overflowed the pond so I’m thinking that we got about 2-3″ in that hour!
Sunnee had tweaked her back while we were gone so she was hating life. Several Advils later, she was able to hobble about.
I am so glad that I took advantage of the great morning.
And to answer the question about had spring sprung at my ponds? Yes.

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 11.52 miles
It’s Spring in New Mexico!
Overnight Friday it rained. Not that we get so much rain out this way but typically you get rain for fifteen minutes. An hour is extraordinary. It rained for HOURS! It was awesome. The day had been so windy I had shut all the windows in the house. By the time I had realized that it was raining I opened as many windows as I could to hear and smell the rain. I slept well.
The storm blew out around 6 am and turned into a beautiful day. Sadly I had to work – both at the factory to play catch up and then at DirectBuy. I left there about 4:30 and opted for a quick ride.
I forgot to see what the temperature and humidity were as I wanted to write it down as it was PERFECT! Just cool enough that you didn’t get shivery and not warm enough to overheat. No wind. It was great.
Jaeden returned from his 8th Grade Mission Trip. They worked at a homeless shelter in Abilene, Texas. They start them off by making them homeless for 40 hours. They get nothing other than the clothes on their back and no scheduled food. It looks like it made them appreciate things. After that they drove around giving homeless people food, clothing, and other necessities. He returned around 2 pm and then slept for four hours! In talking to him later in the night I feel that he had a good life experience with the whole thing.
Tomorrow is supposed to be ‘hot’ again but I’m going to ride in the morning. Then it will be time to work on the yard again – I’ll see if the mower will actually start.

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Welcome Back!

Well. What can I say, it’s been a while.
I haven’t much been in the mood to type in several months and during my long bike ride on Monday decided that I need to start again. I doubt it will be a daily thing – but I will try to at least weekly. Fifty two posts instead of 400? Should be easy…
Life has been crazy still. My dad died in October and although I really tried to back on track – it has not worked.
The holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) were emotionally unbearable. Right after Christmas our dog was attacked and lost her leg. January brought some stress with an attempt to get out of town and apparently I did not handle that well either and sadly is still a sore spot in my life. I’m working on that.
I have not been able to ride my bike as much as I would like to. I’m about ten to twelve pounds heavier than last year and it doesn’t appear that it’s going away anytime soon. There truly are not enough hours in the day. We had to make further cuts at the factory and I am now doing three people’s work plus my normal stuff. Adding to that I now work every Saturday at the local DirectBuy trying to sell my doors. I used to think that if we just made it through 2009, that 2010 HAD to be better. Nothing that is being proposed or actually passed has given me (or anyone else apparently) any faith that the economy is going to get any better this year. April normally kicks off the ‘busy’ season as people start thinking about spring/summer projects. Not happening – again.
Working your ass off when you are making money kind of makes everything worth it. Working your butt off to lose less money sucks ass.
My plans are to update my life a little more. Wish me luck on that…

Things I do when I have any extra time:

    1. Watch TV on Hulu – favorites are: Community, 30Rock, Parks & Recreation
    2. Investigate energy saving upgrades to the house: Windows, Doors, Appliances
    3. Try to Sleep. I don’t get too much of that
    4. Try to figure out what I can do.
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Today is Monday

Life: Frustrated Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
It’s been a while. I’m still trying to get through all of my thoughts. In some ways, I’m wordier (see last post) and in other ways I am not so verbose any longer. Here is a recap of since I got back from Vegas.
I went straight from the airport to work 😦 I had to complete all the paperwork for the end of the month and then get payroll completed. I was pretty late. I came home and did some laundry and then packed up for the next morning’s trip to the Austin, Texas area. I hit about six stores after landing and after checking into the hotel I had a hunkering for some crab legs. Say what you will, but a pound of steamed crab legs for $12 at Hooter’s is a good deal. Are they the best crab legs? No. BUT, for $12, some cold beer, and some easy-on-the-eyes people working around me while I devour crab – it’s hard to beat. I went back to the hotel and tried to crash. It didn’t work so well and morning came quickly again. I headed out and hit about seven stores before going up to Georgetown about 30 minutes north of Austin for my class. The class went okay, my first class that I had taught in exactly 364 days! I did okay but had to keep my notes out just for the outline. I used to be able to give the classes without any notes and my timing was pretty good. Not so much anymore. Out of eleven people, only one almost fell asleep. They all paid attention which was nice. After the class I went to IKEA and had dinner and shopped. I love that store. Back to the hotel and a little better night sleep. Thursday I thought I had it planned so that I would hit the last stores and be at the airport around 12:30. I guess the traffic gods were smiling on me as I hit the airport at 10:15. I had over four hours to wait. I tried to change my flight (I had three to choose from) and it would have cost an extra $172. Not worth it. I just hung around and shopped EVERY store there. I finally made it home.
Friday was the day from hell at work as I could not catch up. Lots of other curve balls were thrown at me that day but by 5 pm I was a basket case. The kids ended up at Mom’s and Sunnee and I went to dinner at some place that we had a coupon to. It was a Teppan Grille/Sushi place in Rio Rancho. I should have left after we walked inside but was just tired of the day by that time. The food was just okay – service sucked liked only Albuquerque seems to be able to do. We left, picked up the kids and made it home in time for me to go to sleep early for a change.
Saturday was busy with housework and then I went to the factory for about five hours to actually catch up on all the week’s worth of stuff.
Sunday was a little easier but hectic. I took Railee to her piano lesson and then the rest of the day was kind of a blur. I can’t tell you if I was productive.
Today – I actually did NOT go to the factory. I did a lot of computer work that was almost therapeutic. It’s kind of sad that I enjoy doing some computer work. It’s like exercising your brain in some ways.
I had to run a few errands and think I figured a way to get the ‘new’ car painted in a way that will make me happy. There’s some ,minor paint damage that needs to be fixed that I’ve been too busy to look into. I just need to save to get it done.
A very busy Tuesday is in store for me…

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Vegas Recap

~ Hit ABQ Sunport with about an hour to spare. We walked around, mostly people watching. OK, people critiquing is more like it. First thing we notice is that nobody has any fashion sense and that nobody is smiling…
~ Arrive Vegas and didn’t even have to wait for a cab. Never had that happen before but just another sign that it’s not so busy in Vegas. Quick cab ride to the Mandalay Bay and we were in our rooms by 5pm. To think that I was thinking we would be rushed to be at the show in time! We walked around Mandalay and over to the Luxor. Jill was properly amazed. We had a ginormous BLT sandwich that was truly worthy of our bellies. My intent was to leave the hotel at 6 pm to make it across to the MGM for a 7 o’clock show. Ended up making it downstairs about 6:20 AND it had been raining! We thought that a cab would be more prudent but did not account for a Stevie Wonder show that had traffic backed up. We couldn’t even get out of the cab without taking our lives into some crazy driver’s hands. They added those concrete barriers to prevent jaywalkers which made it even more difficult.
While waiting I got to talk to Shannon who was to accompany us to the show. Sadly she thought it started at 8 and would be late. We got our tickets and literally sat down as it started. The Ka show is part of the Cirque de Soleil shows. The theater is amazing – very steam-punk-ish. I was lucky enough to have seen the show before although there was a LOT about it that I had forgotten. It is an amazing piece of theater – a fantasy story in true Cirque paegentry. Cirque should do a promo on their invented ‘language’ for their shows. A mix of inflections and nonsense that conveys the emotions with no tangible words. It’s pretty amazing. Shannon texted me a little after 8 as she had been stuck in traffic and would not be coming in. I felt bad for her to go through that much effort for nothing. Jill was happily amazed!
~After the show we walked around the MGM. I introduced Jill to gambling with a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. I gave her $20 and within a couple minutes she had $35 and smartly cashed out. After some more siteseeing there, we started walking. We went across to New York, New York – thus starting our trek of ‘things-to-show’. The next stop across the new City Center property.
Jill in front of City Center - with Paris and Planet Hollywood in the background
This place has seemed like it has been 10 years in progress but I bet it’s been more like 5. Either way it is impressive and one (of seven) tower is scheduled to open in the next couple of weeks. Just in first impressions, it is too huge! You would never leave the property unless they gave you a personal golf cart and driver just to take – and retrieve – you to the property lines! It supposedly will have everything and I guess that is the idea.
~ I wanted her to be able to see some of the casinos so that she could compare the ‘vibe’ of them all. We went over to the Planet Hollywood – the old Aladdin for us fogeys. I give the Aladdin credit for doing a Vegas remodel well. You can still tell that it’s all the same, but they did a nice job of adding lights, pillars, and other stuff to make it look ‘hip’. I think it’s my favorite looking casino. We were at the Paris when we got a lucky crosswalk break to cross over just in time to watch one of the fountain shows in front of the Bellagio. The fountains were choreographed to Gene Kelly’s ‘Singin’ In The Rain’.
Jill in front of the fountains at Bellagio
It was amazing. We walked on into the casino and showed her the crazy glass umbrellas in the lobby and then into the garden display. It was still the ‘fall harvest’ set-up and was amazing. Jill couldn’t believe that they had all of that as a ‘temporary’ setup. From there we went into Cesar’s Palace and I showed her the ‘original’ table pit room that has been the same since I have been going to Vegas. It’s very ‘old school’ for Vegas seeing that they typically tear down stuff like that. We walked over towards the shops and I showed her the replica of the Trevi Fountain. Again, just more proof that ANYTHING can exist in Vegas.
~ We hopped in a cab from Cesar’s to go to the Palms since we were so close. I had texted Bryce to see if he was up for visitors. I got to see Joe Maloof hanging out. I wonder if he would remember me? Doubt it! Bryce had the KISS show in the Pearl showroom and it was done. He still had to take care of some things but he led us upstairs to the Playboy Club/Moon in the tower. The Playboy Club is exactly as I remember it. Kind of slow, but it was only 10:30 or 11 – still early. We went upstairs to the Moon dance club. It has a retractable roof that open up to the sky. Sadly, the two of us found ourselves feeling very ‘old’ there. The music is too loud and the people looked like kids. We laughed as we were able to totally people-watch. We both decided that it was getting late and we went downstairs. Bryce wanted us to hang out a bit longer but I told him we were just old anymore. He told us that GhostBar was more ‘mellow’ and to try it. We went up to the top of the other tower and indeed, it was more mellow – and a bit older crowd. By this time, I think we were both on the verge of falling asleep. We took a cab back to our hotel and passed out. I think it was about 1:30 am.
~ Sunday morning my phone rang at 6:50 am to remind us to check in online for our flight out. Stupid alarm function. We couldn’t fall back asleep as the noise of the airplanes taking off was CRAZY. We laughed that the ONE day that neither of us had ANY family responsibilities – we could not sleep in. Fitting. We finally crawled out of bed and went downstairs for some breakfast. Raffles cafe at the Mandalay Bay was just good, straight-forward food. We split a large omelet and a stack of banana-nut pancakes. The service was incredible.
Awesome breakfast at the Mandalay Bay - Banana Nut Pancakes
~ Our Spa Mandalay appointment was for noon and we got there a little after 11. I think that this was my first time to a ‘spa’. I’ve been to Ten Thousand Waves and to different places that have had massages but I don’t think I had been to a men’s spa prior to this. I have to laugh a bit at myself as it’s a bit disconcerting to walk around when your first response is to cover up when you see someone when you ARE naked. Regardless, I opted for a dry sauna for about 20 minutes before the massage.
The massage was awesome. My therapist had been working at the spa at Mandalay for ten years! She said that quite a few of the workers had been there that long. I asked about the economy based upon what she saw and she said that people that come to Vegas have money to spend and that will never change. She said that people used to not think twice about spending $400-$500 and now it’s more under $200. She said that the crazy tipping is gone. People think more now, she thought.
After the massage, I went back into the spa for about an hour. More sauna, cold plunge, hot tub then the showers and back to the room. Jill had said that she was going to hang out for a while and since I couldn’t find her (and I knew she wouldn’t have a place for her phone) I went back to the room and then back down to the casino.
I went for my normal slot machine – Wheel of Fortune. It’s just a slot machine, but there’s something exciting about watching that damn wheel spin. On a quarter machine, I hit a forty coin win ($10) and then….
I hit a 1,000 coin win! I have only done that one other time and it was in Albuquerque at the Sandia Casino. That time was on a dollar machine, still this did not suck. I continued playing for a bit – something that you should NEVER do. I still walked away with $250. Jill called and I met her upstairs.
I just won $250 on the Wheel of Fortune Slot machine
~ We cleaned up a bit and decided to head out again. I showed her the casino at the Tropicana. The most noticeable thing about the older casinos was the crazy amount of cigarette smoke there is. The newer ones must pump Febreeze or something through them. We took the Monorail from the MGM up to Imperial Palace. The Monorail was very shaky feeling – like it needed some nuts tightened up somewhere to make it less of a rocky trip. Still, we got there fine. The Imperial Palace is another old-school casino. We walked across to the Mirage. I was actually impressed with the remodel job over there – it really looked nice. It’s kind of strange to see the new bars and restaurants – one of them is where the white tiger cage used to be! We decided on some apps at Stack. It’s run by the Light Group who operate several restaurants and several clubs around the Strip. We split an app of lobster tacos with ‘avocado puree’ – something the rest of us know as ‘guacamole’. I had a big ol’ bowl of hearty, tomato soup and Jill had a salad. We were laughing that all the employees could have been models. We walked around Mirage at bit more and then went over to Treasure Island. It’s funny how in the old days you would walk along Las Vegas Boulevard to get everywhere. Now it’s all done in the casino and via monorails and trams. They have actually rebuilt a lot of the walkways so that you do not even get near the street. I showed Jill Fashion Show Mall, it was closing for the night but it’s pretty impressive from the outside. It used to just be a ‘normal’ mall – now it’s way fancy. We went across to The Wynn and was even more amazed at simple things like the flower arrangements and the inside landscaping. We went over to the newly opened Encore as well. WOW! Even more extravagant. The use of the color red is impressive.
We got in touch with Byrce and Shannon and opted to meet at a bar in Bellagio so we started ambling back towards that part of the strip. We went in through the shops at the Palazzio and down through the Venetian. They have that whole place all messed up as far as getting around in it. I actually got us lost only because they closed off an entrance or exit or something. Again – more proof that anything can exist in Vegas. We stopped in a few of the shops. There was a very cool glass place that had some incredible objects and even had some carved wood pieces that looked like fabric. Wow.
By this time we were getting a bit crazed in the head as we were tired, hungry and not looking forward to the 6 am flight in the morning. Once we made it back to the Bellagio, the bar that we were going to meet at was closed for a poker tournament. Jill and I were physically tired and mentally done with the trip. The early flight was weighing heavily and we almost bailed. Intead we waited at Fix, which was strangely similar to Stack – same group. The bartender, although we could NOT understand him was fun. We were the ‘first’ customers he had ever had from New Mexico. That was strange. Bryce and Shannon came up and Jill and I were getting our second wind. We opted for dining across the way at YellowTail for some sake, some rolls, and some edamame that kicked butt! We enjoyed the fountain shows from the inside and some stellar conversation about all sorts of topics. It’s amazing how much I miss conversations with other adults. We closed down the restaurant and said goodnight to our friends. We cabbed it back to the hotel, went upstairs, packed our bags and hit the beds.
~ That alarm came early. We ran downstairs, hopped a cab for the airport and left – just a mere 37 hours after arriving. It was a whirlwind trip. We got to laugh at other people, laugh at ourselves, eat some good food, and escape our ‘normal’ lives for a bit. In some ways I wish we had a few more hours there and in others I was happy that we had the time we had. We didn’t solve any of the world’s problems – or even our own. But I think that we realized that we all have issues and the only way that you understand how normal that is – is for you to share with others. My life hardly seems as complicated and maybe the best thing that I think we both got out of the trip is that we need some time to escape and see the other side.
I had someone tell me last week that the thing that I most need is some ‘me’ time. I think I got it…. 🙂

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Happy Thanksgiving AND Happy Birthday Toni!

Happy Thanksgiving!
You know? I DO have a lot to be thankful for and if for some reason you do not think that you have anything to be thankful for this year – call me. I will think of something for you.
I was talking to a friend last night and although I think that 2009 will NOT be on my list of favorite years – there are things to be thankful for:
~ We have each other
~ We (hopefully) are alive today, hey some didn’t make it through yesterday
~ We will be sharing this day with people that either we care about or that care about us – regardless that says SO much
Although I have had many calls and texts today asking ‘Howyadoin?’ – I really am ok. My dad had the idea that we should have Thanksgiving the night after he got out of the hospital – which just happened to be Halloween. Thanks to The Cooperage – we had an awesome turkey dinner complete with stuffing and smashed potatoes and full bore salads and of course – Jello! It was awesome and even better in that we did not have to cook anything! The pans were even throw aways and we even used paper plates.
Today could be sad in that my Dad won’t be there with us, but we already had one WITH him. Of course, just the way he wanted it.
I always feel for people that have birthdays around the ‘big’ holidays. My sister Brenda’s is right before Christmas and Toni’s is today. I don’t remember it falling on Thanksgiving Day but obviously it does every seven years or so. I guess I don’t think that through all the time.
For those who don’t know, Toni is one of my longest-known friends ( I can’t say ‘oldest’ as she will hit me! ) and even though she doesn’t always live in the same city as me – we tend to always see or talk or type on our birthdays. Never fails that no matter how my birthday may be going – I always hope to talk to her. I failed miserably on finding her a gift this year – but hey, I’ve been busy with stuff! Maybe I’ll make it good by Christmas.
Anyway, I was thinking about the birthdays-around-the-holidays and although they may get gypped on presents that may be ‘combo’d’ I think it’s kind of cool that in most cases your families are around you. This does not work if your family is extended and people are off somewhere else or if you don’t care for your family – BUT the possibilities are kind of cool that everyone that you care about could be around at the same time. Yes, some may be watching football instead of watching you eat your cake – but I don’t think that I give it enough credit about possibly being a good thing!
Either way – hugs to you and all of yours from me and all of mine.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday, Toni~

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Today is Thursday

Life: Frustrated Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Hey! I’m back. Well…. sort of.
In the past seven days: I have sought counsel from both professional and non-professional means, attempted to busy myself, think things through, did some yard work, attempted to run away to Las Vegas, ignored ALL laundry duties, and….. I think I’m okay.
I have realized some things that perhaps I’ve been avoiding dealing with that most likely can’t be avoided any longer. I have been told that I need to take more ‘me’ time. Most of all, I know that I possess something that most people don’t have available to them – friends. Some are casual, some are business, some are friends of friends, some I’ve had for over 20 years, most in the 10-12 year range. Even more so, I realized that a lot of other people consider me their friends and even in some cases the sage advisor to help them through things. That’s what it is all about. Having the people to go to to talk through things. Some may be small things – like what exactly is ‘chutney’ and others are how to deal with death of a close person. Some people choose to google things – others seeks more personal advice. Sometimes I feel bad for those who choose the impersonal way of investigation.
Either way – I think I have a better handle on things and will be back to at least my version of ‘normal’ very soon. It will take me four days to catch up on the laundry issue! Sadly, I am not exaggerating.
Last weekend I spent Saturday laying brick pavers around the chicken coop. Who would you say digs around the coop the most? Dogs? Hawks? Chickens? Raccoons? Skunks? Wolves?
Nope. Little freakin’ sparrows and finches. They want in to get to the chicken food. The smarter of them have figured ways in through the roof – the others literally ‘dig’ from the outside in. The pavers now take care of this and when/if we actually ever get any precipitation – it will be less muddy for the caretakers. I brought one carload of pavers from the factory and leveled out the dirt area and…. needed another load. I think I put out about 120 of the little suckers and honestly could have added about another 50 or so to complete the job. You know? It looks better and solved the issue.
Sunday I rode my bike – see post here.
The rest of the week I spent slogging through trying to work. I thought that I had Monday off and had planned to tackle some tasks when I regretfully remembered that it was a short week because of Thanksgiving and the factory was operating Monday through Wednesday this week. Oopsy.
That kind of set the tone for the rest of the week as I had to cram five days of work into three. I lived through it – although I was there until 8 last night.
The other good news is that this weekend I will host my sister to 39 hours of Las Vegas. Jill has NEVER been to Las Vegas! Who Knew?! We received some great deals on travel and I have got us set up. I will post more and hopefully have some great pictures too.
Today – going to my Mom’s at 4 pm. Is that some unwritten rule about starting Thanksgiving? Starting at 4? Okay, I am beginning to realize that I DO need to post more often or I get rambling posts such as this….

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