Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 15.67 miles
I ‘finally’ have my car back! I received a gift certificate for a window tinting and this seemed like a good day to get it done. The Chrysler 300 has back seats that fold down into the trunk area. I have delivered a door from my car before and was hoping there was enough clearance to get the bike in – yup!
I drove it up there, dropped the car off and brought out the bike. It’s mostly a downhill ride, but I try to keep the gears to where I’m pedaling – got to keep the cardio going!
It was a bit windier than I thought it would be but still was about 47 degrees. My face got a little cold but otherwise it was an awesome ride!

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An Apple a day…

Apple Announcement Day
We’re less than four hours away to see what product Apple is going to release. I hope that Steve Jobs does the whole presentation and that he looks well. For all the Apple ‘haters’ there are out there whether it be for price, features, the sort of locked-down OS and hardware – you cannot argue that most every product they have released looks SEXY. The first iMac? Looked cool. Were the colors kind of strange? Yes. But the damn thing was awesome looking. The clamshell iBook? I was stopped in the airport by people that wondered what the hell I was carrying. The flat screen iMacs? Damn cool. The iPhone? You wanted to just go get one to LOOK at it. The first month I had my iPhone, people would just be drawn to you.
Although I don’t know personally how much Steve Jobs actually comes up with the designs, I know from books and articles that the man at least has visions and then assembles the team to get it done. We’ve all heard about how focused and how much of an ass he can be towards people. But if you look at the end results…. I’d say it’s worth it. The iMacs, the OS, the iPhone, even iTunes – all work. You can pretty much just set someone in front of it and it’s kind of like second nature. Yes, there is a learning curve on some things – but for the most part it seems more intuitive.
Pricey? You bet. I do feel that the Apple products of old were made a little more bulletproof than current standards. I also believe that Apple realized that they built their products ‘too well’ – in that even though they didn’t break down, they wanted you to upgrade more often than what was happening. Short of the major OS changes – you could keep an old Mac for five years plus. I think that most people upgrade every 2-3 years. Some people have to have the Latest & Greatest no matter the product.
What will today bring? We can all assume from the ‘leaks’ – I promise they are all part of the marketing ‘plan’ – that it will be a tablet Mac. The name? Who knows. Who cares.
When the iPhone came out three years ago (!) I didn’t care what the price was. I could only afford the small 4GB version at the time but cash was a bit more available then. Today’s product? I don’t think I have much more than about $500 available and think that it will be much more than that. We’ll see.
Features? Who cares! I’m sure that even it were a iPhone Touch on steroids that it will still be impressive. I feel that Apple is on track with delivering a new experience as far as book readers are concerned. Did Apple make the smart phone? No. They made an impressive piece of hardware with some kick-butt software. The potential to salvage print media – without the printing – is impressive. Whether or not the big ‘printers’ will play will be interesting and hearing how the revenue sharing will work will be even more exciting. Think about the ability to make your ‘print’ ad clickable or imbedding video all in your ‘print’ media. I imagine that this revolution will make a lot of new jobs at print media houses for video, programmers, and coders. Huzzah!
The potential from an education standpoint will be wary. Apple’s products have never been ‘affordable’ and with the budget shortfalls of public schooling – will never be adopted as a norm. Colleges and Universities have the potential – similar to the iTunes U usage – but an mp3 player is more widely available and much more affordable. If they want to hit the world with ‘shock & awe’ – the product would be $399.
I think that the paint splashes on the invite also hint to an Apple art program. Those color splashes could have just as easily been geometric shapes and the fact that they are not makes me lean that way.
Sadly, I won’t get to watch the presentation until I get home tonight and it is hard to stay ‘dark’ on whatever gets announced as it makes headlines. Apple stock will go down by the end of the day. I suspect if they make any announcements about other wireless companies – other than AT&T – AT&T will drop. That won’t help the market for the day. Once the new product actually rolls out and people are waiting in lines for it – it will all correct itself.
Regardless – I can’t wait to see what the new ‘thing’ is. I can’t wait to see Steve Jobs onstage again. I can use some excitement this week…

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 9.56 miles
Time: 45 minutes
Average Speed: 12.75 mph
I had to be up in the foothills anyway and since I was in the van, I threw the bike in the back. It was much cooler on that side of town and it looked like it could snow any minute. It’s kind of strange how much cooler and climatically different it can be just that far away. Instead of heading on the Bear Canyon trails, I opted for riding down Tramway – it’s relatively flat and a decent shoulder.
I only had 45 minutes anyway so a ‘safe’ trail was smarter.
I turned around at Indian School and came back – exactly on time! Woo hoo!

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 13.38 miles
After being the responsible-driver-person for the day I came home to beautiful weather – no wind, blue skies, etc, etc. LOVED IT!
My view

My view

I opted for heading towards the volcanos again – first time this year. Quite a lot of bikers out today which was kind of nice but they ‘interrupted’ my ride 🙂
My view
It’s supposed to get worse on Tuesday and snowing by Wednesday. Explain why I’m not in Zihuatanejo, Mexico again? Oh, never mind…

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 25.46 miles
Another nice ‘Albuquerque Winter’ day – low 50’s which was a perfect excuse to get out of the house. I wanted to go to the east side for no apparent reason other than it had been a while. Sometimes – in my head – I plot out a trip where I could stop and visit friends. The problem with this thought process is that even IF they were home, who would want to see a sweaty, stinky, me? Also, again IF they were home, they aren’t exactly expecting you so they will be all freaky about someone seeing them at home. It’s the thought that counts, right?
So, over to the east side I went and ended up by Central/Washington area. I had not been down to UNM since we went to the circus at Popejoy so I figured this was a good time. I don’t like driving in a car along Central because of all the side streets and streetside parking – on a bike – I dislike it even more. Too many things to pay attention to to be able to enjoy the sights. By the time I made it down to UNM I was scared of city buses that drive a bit too close today. UNM Johnson field was busy with football and soccer practices – but lots of people enjoying the sun and warmth. I rode over to the Duck Pond and was surprised to see so much color! Turquoise and Pumpkin Orange…. Mexican Wedding attire! There were two wedding parties taking photos and the colors were…. original? I thought it would be in poor taste to take photos but the mental images will be with me for a while. It was a perfect day for them though.
I opted to continue down Central through Downtown and back to the west side. I had someone to share the trip from UNM to Broadway with. He was bit more of a ‘biker’ than me but I kept up relatively well. He had obviously done that trip before as there is no bike lane and he kept our lane clear so I followed his lead. Pissed off some motorists but Central is not exactly bike friendly. I see why they made Silver (one block south) a ‘designated bike street’ – to keep bikes OFF of Central 🙂
Downtown was sort of busy – mostly people that have never been there and wandering to see what’s there. It’s kind of funny as there really is not so much to do on a weekend day in our downtown. Even the strip club is closed 🙂
Continued west towards Old Town and up Central / Route 66 to the west side. I missed my normal turn off and before I knew it, was up at Coors already. Oh well. I went up to Unser and back home. All together, almost 6.5 miles along Central. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but still had a good time.
Even through I’m not doing my daily postings, I am catching up on these bike ride posts just so that everyone knows that I am alive 🙂

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 19.95 miles
I went riding with Donald today and took him along Atrisco. He mentioned – I’ve said this many times before – that riding along different streets and paths makes the ride more exciting. When you become bored with your scenery on a ride – it makes the ride not as enjoyable. So down Atrisco we went!
We pondered all the construction along the path from the river up to Coors and I really think that they are extending the bike path that way which would be AWESOME. I can’t say it’s the best use of city funds when we are cash poor – but if it’s going to be spent….
We went down the long hill along Atrisco to Central and across the river. We kept going south and at the point we turned around, it was getting a bit too cool. The ride back was nice.

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 11.42 miles
The second day of the year and the second bike ride – I’m two for two!
Yesterday’s ride was a bit of a stretch for not riding in so long so I opted for the ‘hour’ ride to Central and back.
Nice and easy…

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First Bike Ride of 2010

Map for the day
Distance: 15.08 miles
H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !!!!
Last New Year’s Day (2009) I went on a bike ride to start the new year. It was a great way to reflect on what I plan to do this year. I really can’t be too optimistic but my wish for 2010 – to have a lot LESS of 2009.
Part of what I want is to continue to ride my bike riding. I need to help make it a bit more of a scheduled thing as it has become very therapeutic for me. It’s ME time. I don’t get that enough and the one counselor also mentioned that I need it. Smart lady. I have (knock on wood) done pretty well on staying healthy this year. Allergies were mostly non-existent and I can only recall one upper-respiratory-infection thing. I attribute some of that to staying more active. There’s always room for improvement and I intend to work on that.
Today’s ride served three purposes: exercise, reflect on the coming year, and to get the van from the factory since I will be needing to cart Taya in a kennel back and forth with me. I am also taking advantage of the NOT driving the ‘new’ car to have the body work done from the drive back from Texas. For those keeping track, in the parking lot of the hotel, someone dinged the back passenger quarter panel. Also, the night before, someone hit the door trim piece which made it bend out and when the back door was opened without the front door being open – it scratched the front door. Grrrrrr. This is a good time to get it done.
The ride was wonderful. Not too cool. My stretch pants came in handy! The only thing I do not care for about riding in the winter is how dead everything appears. It’s just shades of tan and grey. The skies are blue – as always but I have to keep my eyes groundward while riding. There are lots of ducks and geese around and I did see two roadrunners but I miss the ground creatures that are surely hibernating right now. The bosque, which usually has so many colors regardless of whether we’re talking spring, summer, or fall – is void of anything pretty. Unless brown is pretty.
Happy New Year to all and here’s hoping that the bike rides continue!!

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