Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 13.5 miles
Today was good for several reasons:
#1 – I got to go OUTSIDE! I can’t tell you how much it does me good to have sunlight on my face, wind in my face – no matter how cold the wind may be blowing. Being cooped up inside for such a long amount of time is disheartening.
#2 – I got exercise! This going 3+ weeks in between rides is for the birds. I can feel when I need some cardio and I needed this.
#3 – I have been guessing what they were doing down by the river and up along I-25 westbound before Coors. I had guessed that they were extending the Bosque Trail. My thought was that they were building something over the river and then going up the steep embankment. A couple of weeks ago they put up a bridge that goes from the river to the embankment. I was sort of correct….
I rode to the top of the trail and scoped it out. It’s a bit steep, my thoughts were clarified by a walker-pedestrian-dude that was scoping it out too. He was a bit older than me and said that the project was part of the ‘shovel-ready’ plans that Obama promised to create jobs. Near as I can figure, my federal tax dollars have made an extension to a bike trail that probably serves a few thousand people a warm month and employed about a dozen people. They actually had to divert the flow of the Rio Grande to build an earthen ‘bridge’ to get a crane to. As the pedestrian said, the silvery minnows have better lawyers than we do. I asked if he knew how much the project was and he thinks it was about $6.5 million. Wow.
I can’t wait to say that I will actually get to knowingly enjoy a Federal Project that my federal tax dollars went towards! Woo hoo!
Regardless – it was a great escape and good ride. I hope to take advantage of some non-wind tomorrow!

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