Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 11.85 miles
After waking up to a cranky family – strike that. After my family waking up in poor mood – a bike ride was my escape!
The day is beautiful – again. I really had no idea on where I wanted to head today so I just hopped on and started riding. I was thinking the other side of the volcanos but then just kept meandering north through the neighborhoods. A few texts and phone calls later I just decided to follow the open space are along the city’s Petroglyph Park. It was kind of fun – very leisurely.
Along the Petroglyph Park
At the Boca Negra park area I continued taking some photos:
Along the Boca Negra Canyon in Petroglyph Park
Along the Boca Negra Canyon in Petroglyph Park
Along the Boca Negra Canyon in Petroglyph Park
Along the Boca Negra Canyon in Petroglyph Park
I continued up and around to see an area up off of Universe where it had been a busy building area two years ago. No new houses and no new developing going on. 😦
I continued along the dirt paths and took some more photos. I saw a lady walking with her dog a little further south than I was and went to go see what was there and…. ended up right back where I had started!
Just south of Paseo del Norte - looking east
Just south of Paseo del Norte - looking west
It was kind of funny to come full circle like that.
Now it’s time to mow the lawn again and take care of some stuff in the yard before it gets too hot. Maybe I talk my son into coming outside as well? Doubt that…

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Ha Ha! I just posted my cock on the internet

Oh this should be good for the search engines….
This is our rooster – Dippy Sauce:
My Cock on the Internet
He is going back to his ‘farm’ later today. He has been attacking Sunnee which even makes for a better tag-line:
‘Cock Attacks Wife – Video at 11’
Okay, I’m done with puns.
I kind of feel sorry for the dude. As far as chickens go, I think he’s pretty (handsome?) and he’s about twice the size of the hens. I think he’s the reason that the hawks haven’t attacked them in the yard – he’s huge!
I was thinking while he was crowing this morning, how awkward his crows are. Figuring that he doesn’t know what a ‘normal’ rooster sounds like, he’s done okay.
Now the question of the week will be how the hens will react. His fertilization efforts have literally worn the hens’ backs down to the skin. Another strange observation is that three of the four hens are worn down but the fourth – doesn’t look like he’s had his claws in her…
Here is a pic of Taya ‘in the zone’:
Taya stalking 'her' chicken

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 14.92 miles
In between the rains and sunshine – I declared a bike riding morning for this day. It was gorgeous! I looked on the ‘puter real quick to see if the downtown farmer’s market had started – nope. Oh well.
View to the east of the Sandias
This is the ‘hill’ I get to go down (or up when I come this way). Top looking down:
Top of Atrisco
and from the bottom looking back up:
Top of Atrisco
I wanted to go see if ‘spring’ had sprung down my favorite ponds. On the way there, I was taking some pictures of the Sandias and came across a little jog to the river that I had not previously stopped for. It’s normally too sandy to want to go across but the rains had made it into a fairly nice ride. They were doing some strange river re-routing but it was nice. When the canopy grows over, I think I’ll make a point to hit this area when the sun gets too hot.
Down by the Bosque
Down by the Bosque
Down by the Bosque
Down by the Bosque
Down by the Bosque
Back on the trail to the river was nice. During the mornings the traffic seems much more ‘aware’ of bikers – I need to make a note of that. I was also a bit scared that there would be a foot race on the trail. There was an organized ‘training’ – lots of people in the same shirts but nothing too bad foot-traffic-wise.
The ponds were not as green as I had hoped for but still quite calming. I really do like this area and want to come with the dogs sometime. That’s a problem as my dogs are not good around the bike. Belle likes to hop on with me – at 42 lbs that’s a bit much) and Taya wants to ‘lead’ me. This means I can’t take them along the paths with me (I envy those who can) so I either have to drive them (which defeats the purpose) or have the family meet me there. I need to work on that. I actually had the idea of getting one of those trailers for kids and putting the dogs in there but 84 pounds of dog in a trailer does not sound exciting… especially on the hills back up to the homestead!
I took lots of photos. I’m going to experiment with lighting on this trip as I think that I get better shots with the sun behind me. I know it’s common sense but I have been pretty amazed with some of my photos.
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Toads already laying eggs!
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
Albuquerque Bosque Ponds
The trip back was nice and it had started to warm up a little more.
All in all a good ride.

I managed to get home, start the mower and get the lawn mowed for the first time of the year. I had waited about two weeks too long and with the recent rain it was kind of like a jungle back there. The top section 8-10″ tall. Mowers don’t work well on that much grass – let alone still damp grass. It was a workout but I got it done. It looks great.
Apparently, yesterday Sunnee was picking up one of the hens and the rooster took offense to that and attacked her. He broke her skin and his pecking actually bruised her. She went out to garden this morning and he took off after her. It’s kind of funny in a not funny way. Anyway, he’s done. She’s ‘returning’ him on Monday. Poor guy. They just destroy roosters so I’m kind of sad, he was just ‘protecting’ his harem. He’s an Americana which are supposed to lay green eggs. Except they really can’t sex the chicks until they are way older past the time you buy them. Poor dude.
On the way to Railee’s piano lesson the clouds were starting to move in – by 4 it was storming. We had several other stops to make, Yeller Sub, PetSmart, HomeDepot, Bike World, and then the grocery store. By the time we got home it was crazy raining. For almost an hour it dumped – it overflowed the pond so I’m thinking that we got about 2-3″ in that hour!
Sunnee had tweaked her back while we were gone so she was hating life. Several Advils later, she was able to hobble about.
I am so glad that I took advantage of the great morning.
And to answer the question about had spring sprung at my ponds? Yes.

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 11.52 miles
It’s Spring in New Mexico!
Overnight Friday it rained. Not that we get so much rain out this way but typically you get rain for fifteen minutes. An hour is extraordinary. It rained for HOURS! It was awesome. The day had been so windy I had shut all the windows in the house. By the time I had realized that it was raining I opened as many windows as I could to hear and smell the rain. I slept well.
The storm blew out around 6 am and turned into a beautiful day. Sadly I had to work – both at the factory to play catch up and then at DirectBuy. I left there about 4:30 and opted for a quick ride.
I forgot to see what the temperature and humidity were as I wanted to write it down as it was PERFECT! Just cool enough that you didn’t get shivery and not warm enough to overheat. No wind. It was great.
Jaeden returned from his 8th Grade Mission Trip. They worked at a homeless shelter in Abilene, Texas. They start them off by making them homeless for 40 hours. They get nothing other than the clothes on their back and no scheduled food. It looks like it made them appreciate things. After that they drove around giving homeless people food, clothing, and other necessities. He returned around 2 pm and then slept for four hours! In talking to him later in the night I feel that he had a good life experience with the whole thing.
Tomorrow is supposed to be ‘hot’ again but I’m going to ride in the morning. Then it will be time to work on the yard again – I’ll see if the mower will actually start.

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Welcome Back!

Well. What can I say, it’s been a while.
I haven’t much been in the mood to type in several months and during my long bike ride on Monday decided that I need to start again. I doubt it will be a daily thing – but I will try to at least weekly. Fifty two posts instead of 400? Should be easy…
Life has been crazy still. My dad died in October and although I really tried to back on track – it has not worked.
The holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) were emotionally unbearable. Right after Christmas our dog was attacked and lost her leg. January brought some stress with an attempt to get out of town and apparently I did not handle that well either and sadly is still a sore spot in my life. I’m working on that.
I have not been able to ride my bike as much as I would like to. I’m about ten to twelve pounds heavier than last year and it doesn’t appear that it’s going away anytime soon. There truly are not enough hours in the day. We had to make further cuts at the factory and I am now doing three people’s work plus my normal stuff. Adding to that I now work every Saturday at the local DirectBuy trying to sell my doors. I used to think that if we just made it through 2009, that 2010 HAD to be better. Nothing that is being proposed or actually passed has given me (or anyone else apparently) any faith that the economy is going to get any better this year. April normally kicks off the ‘busy’ season as people start thinking about spring/summer projects. Not happening – again.
Working your ass off when you are making money kind of makes everything worth it. Working your butt off to lose less money sucks ass.
My plans are to update my life a little more. Wish me luck on that…

Things I do when I have any extra time:

    1. Watch TV on Hulu – favorites are: Community, 30Rock, Parks & Recreation
    2. Investigate energy saving upgrades to the house: Windows, Doors, Appliances
    3. Try to Sleep. I don’t get too much of that
    4. Try to figure out what I can do.
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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 37.27 miles
Okay. So I knew that I wanted to go on a ride today before the 2pm winds kicked up. Off I went. I started East, almost turned south but then continued East.
View to East, no winds yet
Ghost Bike - Comanche @ Hahn Arroyo
I have not noticed this one before – these are the ‘Ghost Bikes’ put up by a local biking group to memorialize when a cyclist has been killed. It kind of stands out so that’s why I think that this is a new install.
I have not taken a gander at the iPad yet so I figured the Apple Store would be a good stop. It was unusually slow there – but I don’t know how often I’ve been there after lunch on a Monday….
My review? It’s heavy, the screen is smaller than I had thought it would be. Internet was not as snappy as people have said. The keyboard was pretty cool and the iWork programs worked kind of nice. I don’t think I spent more than fifteen minutes with it and was bored. 😦
I started East again and stopped off at an friend’s old house to see if it was still there. Yup.
I came to the street that went to my old house, from birth to five years. It’s still there too. I rode around that neighborhood and was amazed at how small I find that area of town. The yards are small, the houses are small – even the streets are small.
For some strange reason I had it in my head that I wanted to ride all the way to the furthest-most East street in Albuquerque – onto Tramway. I don’t know why. I made it. By this time, it was after two and the winds were CRAZY. Stupid me.
From Juan Tabo @ I-40, looking west
From Juan Tabo @ I-40, looking east
I started back to my side of town and kind of meandered around the bike trails/side streets. I had a couple of options on my trek and ended up going back to the Hahn Arroyo trail.
Overlooking the Big-I, note the flag = very windy
Overlooking the Big-I, looking east
I could see the cemetery from the trail and figured since I was ‘in the neighborhood’ headed that way. I found my grandparents gravesite right away. My recon trip last year made it much easier. While clearing some weeds my iPod went to a gospel song that my dad had chosen for his service – the same one I posted on his funeral day. That was strange. I tried to find my cousin’s site but ended up walking aimlessly around in that section. Never did find that. I went up to my dad’s burial site. We have not got a headstone yet but I recognized it immediately. The grass hasn’t quite taken in that area yet so it wasn’t some 6th sense.
View from Dad's plot, looking east
View from Dad's plot, looking north
View from Dad's plot, looking east - Note the flag again....
View from Dad's plot, looking southeast
After a Green Day song, another song of my dad’s came on. I can’t remember which one that was. Then as I was getting ready to leave – the song that my mom had picked for his service – a Kenny Rogers song came on. That was kind of freaky. Call it what you want – it was a little unnerving. Sweet, but unnerving.

By this time, the winds were full and gusty. I was getting tired but my respite at the cemetery gave me a bit more energy.
By the time I got back to Montano, I was beat. I was sunburned. Windburned. Tired. And I was getting cranky too. I just wanted to get home.
The Montano leg of the trip was painfully slow. That last hill up to the west bank was a killer. My knees started hurting by that time. The winds from the south made heading south even more dreary. I made it home and collapsed.
I had someone coming to look at my windows so I couldn’t pass out. I took a shower that felt great and got dressed for the meeting.
I will sleep very well tonight.

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 15.9 miles
This week COULD have been a great week for cycling but I have been too busy. The nights have been filled with projects as well so I’ve been kind of cranky.
Last night I made up my mind that the morning was going to be my time.
It was mid 40’s when I started, with a bit of a wind I was hesitant to go very far. I don’t like being cold – even when your body is kept warm by the exercising – I hate having my arms and chest cold. Big baby – am I!
View towards the volcanos - about to cross I-40
View of downtown and valley - looking east
I wanted to go out towards my favorite ponds. I ended up going a backwards way (for me) to the river. I don’t particularly care for riding on the streets around Central. It’s like nobody know what to do with bikes. I had a lady pull across Central into my path going into K-Mart. I actually had to slam on my brakes to NOT hit her freakin’ car. Someone that was waiting to pull out saw the whole thing and was laughing out loud at the whole spectacle. I love the valley.
I made it to the Bosque Trail and found… a fun run/walk. The city puts on many of these every year so I’m used to them. The problem today is that NOBODY was playing by the rules. They were taking the whole trail and not moving – as if they can’t see or hear me. Grrrrrr.
I took off along the side and went to the riverside.
View towards the south along the Rio Grande - not much green yet
I decided that it was NOT worth fighting the masses. I went back onto Central and took my life in my own hands as there’s not a bike lane from Tingley down to Rio Grande. I thought about riding around Old Town and Tiguex Park but there were too many cars. Just crossing Rio Grande was a P.I.T.A. I opted to go down to Mountain and go back to the Bosque Trail. Mountain is a dedicated Bike Street now with 18 mph limits for vehicles. There was a pack of very old bikers that felt the need to take the whole westbound lane. There was a truck that didn’t know how to pass them and I could have passed the truck and the pack! I finally broke free and cleared them all. The trail wasn’t busy with runners at this point and I was able to see the new bike bridge that will go to Coors. I can’t wait for that to be finished – and it IS steep.
The rest of the trail was uneventful and much more pleasant. I need to keep to the trails as bike riding is supposed to be a release – not stress me out more.
Up the hill and back home.
Now it’s off to work 😦
Hopefully I will get in rides on Sunday and Monday as well… wish me luck!

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 10.85 miles
H A P P Y E A S T E R !!!
It’s Easter Sunday and after doing the egg hunt – 1st time the Easter Bunny hid eggs outside in many years – it was time for a family brunch at St. Clair’s on Rio Grande. We knew that our table would be outside and the wind had picked up so we were worried how it would be. Luckily the patio was shielded by the restaurant itself. It was buffet style and everything was just kind of – meh.
The server was nice and mostly attentive. I used to hate holiday brunches and feel for the poor souls who have to work them.
Noon came and I asked if we could have mimosas. He complied even though he REALLY wanted to turn our table. The kids were busy with face painting which meant we had at least another 30-40 minutes there. I figured we should make the camping at the table worth his while so… three rounds later…. 🙂
We went back to my Mom’s house for more egg hunting and me passing out from food overdosing.
We went home finally and I laid down for almost an hour and then decided that my sloth was making me angry. I headed out on the bike. Still a bit groggy from the champagne and it was still a bit windy. I didn’t know how I would feel or how long I would go out. After about five miles – my head was clear again and it was a good ride after all.
This week is going to be too busy to get some more rides in 😦

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