New Car

Well – we just purchased a new car…
2007 Subaru Tribeca B7
I had driven one of these when I went to Jill & Donald’s wedding in July and like it. The ol’ van has been needing quite a bite more “care” (or Dollar$) lately so we were just looking. I guess the new car market went to hell this month because they were REALLY willing to deal. So, at 7pm on Halloween – we signed the paperwork.
Most people just get candy, right?

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Dad’s Surprise B-Day

This past weekend we went to Cortez, Colorado for a suprise 70th Birthday Party for my dad. Well, it wasn’t a surprise in that he KNEW that he was turning 70, he just didn’t know that he would be surrounded by fifteen family members and about fifty of his close friends!
We came up from Albuquerque with my sister and her family. A set of stepchildren came from nearby in Colorado and another from Albuquerque. This had been planned since Thanksgiving ’05 and was to include my brother and his family from New Hampshire and another step-family from Santa Fe. Housing issues and a broken elbow in NH prevented that trip and a recent death prevented the others’ arrival. Even with a few missing members, we surprised him at a ballroom at a local hotel. We had a sit down dinner which floored him as he didn’t know that anyone was in town.
After dinner, the local friends all started showing up and he was even more surprised. Everyone was very cordial and happy to meet the family members. My Dad is one of those people that KNOWS someone everywhere. This not just a saying – he REALLY knows someone everywhere. It may be the cousin of a friend of a guy he played tennis somewhere with – but they all know eachother and share stories. He’s a freak. I can only wish that when I turn 70 I am surrounded by half as many friends as he has.
The next morning we stopped by his place in Mancos for lunch. It was such an unusually warm day we all sat out on the porch in the sunlight. The mountains are such a neat place this time of year.
Happy 70th Dad!

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I could use/need a drink

If you try to stop drinking and really miss it, is that a bad sign?
As someone who truly enjoys an ice cold beer on a hot day, a tasteful glass of wine to compliment a meal, or just flat out enjoy a tall bourbon and ginger ale – I can’t tell if I need it or want it. Whatever it is, I miss it.

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Camping with Scouts (p.s. – NM State Parks rule!)

It started as an unassuming task – take five, ten year olds on an overnight campout. Luckily for everyone involved, I was not in charge of anything camp related – just a chaperone. We went to Villanueva State Park, east of Albuquerque on I-40 and then north 20 miles on highway 3. This is where we went!Now, those of you have known me, probably know that I can count the times that I have been camping on one hand. I really had no idea what to expect.
I am happy to report that the New Mexico State Parks totally rule. Not only did the campground have totally cool facilities (bathrooms, portajohns, playground, trash receptacles) it was clean and organized. Upon my return, this seems to be the norm in most all of the parks. Anyway, the place was perfect. We set up camp, had lunch, and let the scouts play in the Pecos river. The water was what I would say was about 45 degrees but the kids had a blast. They captured a deadly garder snake that I am sure will be traumatized for the rest of it’s little life. I’m sure that it was praying for a quick death instead of being manhandled by ten little hands non-stop for a day. It was deemed the Scout den’s mascot for the campout and in honor of the river it was found in – named Peco (Pay-co) the snake.
After drying the Scouts out, we went on a 2ish mile hike that seemed uphill the whole time. This also proved that not only am I soooooooo out of shape (round is a shape, right?) it suprisingly takes more energy to carry this weight around. I think I feel a workout bout coming on – probably will last a week. We’ll see.
After the hike, we started working on dinner. Camp Pizza was the idea – although an untested idea. Common sense would have said that we either had previously tried this recipe or at least made a test batch. We didn’t. The first one was scorched so badly on the bottom, that the smell of it made me ill. After some adjustments to the level of the grate over the coals (raise it) and adding some butter between the dough and the foil – we had success. It was a good thing that some other responsible person brought along some hot dogs as well. The third one went okay, but by then the kids did not care.
The other responsible person came up with the idea of the Scouts playing flash light tag in the playground opposite our camp. That kept them busy for hours. The adults sat around the fire and talked – something I recommend highly to all adults. There’s something both peaceful and exciting about a fire. It gives warmth on a chilly night, yet you know that if you turned your back or if a wind kicked up – the whole forest would just go up in flames!
As the kids played and hopefully tired themselves out, our conversations turned to how we all played outside, shot guns, were away from our parents for unsupervised lengths of time, and pretty much survived without helmets, pads, seatbelts, car seats, government warnings, or much parental intervention. Now the kids rarely are allowed to play outside in the front yard, never allowed to roam freely through the city, are padded like little dough-boys, and are never given the chance to poke their eyes out, get scraped, burned, or otherwise mutilated. Our fathers weren’t this way, we became cautious and we couldn’t figure out why. Was it the news reporting EVERYTHING? Was it the laws that allow other parents to report us to Child Welfare for leaving our kids in the car while we went into a store? Was it that we look at every stranger that approaches our kids as pedophiles? Was the pain of burning yourself so scarring that we don’t want others to go through what we did? We did not come up with an answer.
About that time, one of the kids tripped in the dark and twisted something. A responsible parent went to go see what happened. All was well.
The kids did tire quickly, but insisted on making smores on the fire. Some cold milk washed it all down and sleep eventually had overtaken all five of them. We did make them keep the snake OUTSIDE the tent. In order to totally freak it out, they did manage to keep a glow-stick in it’s cage – so it could “see”. Poor snake.
It was surprisingly not cold overnight for October in New Mexico. I woke up when the kids started stirring and walked around the camp. The park rangers were already cleaning up campsites, restrooms and trash. We made breakfast, packed up camp, and turned Peco loose back to the wild. I’m sure it is going to snake therapy two times a day now.
As we drove off, I wondered if Peco’s father worried about his whereabouts or if he would ever be allowed to leave the confines of his hole again.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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First Time for Everything…

Well, this is it. My first blog. My first blog entry. Well, it’s 1:03 am and I obviously do not sleep normal hours. As I listen to an unusually loud party with a PA system that is somewhere to the west of me slowly break up, the house is crazily warm. I mistakingly did not hook up the new swamp cooler two Fridays ago and am paying for it now. I will have to attempt to work out these category thingys.
Look out world – here I am.
More musings as I figure all of this out.

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