Today is Thursday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
OY! My intent was to get out of the house early and get to work. That was not in the cards. Started answering emails from home and crunching some data for a particular task and… didn’t even leave until 10:30. Ran to work, and got mixed up in a customer issue for about an hour. Made some PO’s. Dealt with some employees.
Twelve Thirty came rather quickly at this rate and it was time to run over to the funeral. My cousin was only… 49? I think just shy of 50. Either way the hardest part for me – and I hope that I NEVER have to experience it – but seeing the sadness of a parent burying a son or daughter is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t matter how old that child is but the parent’s expression just makes me sad typing it. His death was an accident – probably a stroke of some sort and in falling he struck his head. He never regained consciousness so we will never know. The funeral was mostly happy and I’m glad that people don’t keep so ‘somber’ as a few decades ago.
I will digress for a moment on my funeral wishes.
~ No black, unless females wear their sexy ‘little black dresses’
~ Liquor WILL be served – even better, I encourage lemon drops for all my friends – one last shot with Marco
~ Music or even better, a DJ will be present and there WILL be dancing
~ My ultimate goal will be that I will finance this whole shin dig and depending on if I pass in the next 18 years – will be fun for all
Anyway, my family roots still have some southern twangs in it and having thirty or so people singing “Amazing Grace” was kind of cool.
A lunch afterwards at my parents’ house was good to visit with some of the people that I did not get to talk to at the service. Then it was back to work…
I kept going, getting through tasks and slowly clearing the stacks from my desk. By 8 pm I was toast. I couldn’t keep focused and was very tired.
I had intended on running up the hill to Journal Pavilion last night to see a few songs of Nickelback but I was too poopy.
My goal was to go home and hit the sack. Instead I came home to lightning storms, assisting with homework, and two dogs that REALLY wanted to play.
I still have a very large stack that HAS to get done this morning so I am back on my regularly scheduled programming…

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1,000th Post!

Blog Post #1000
Hey! Another milestone! Today’s Bike Ride was my 1,000th blog post!
Here’s the stats on this little ol’ blog:
1,000 Posts
5,898 Comments that were marked as SPAM

262 Busiest Day (During initial iPhone hype)

My last milestone was the 500th Post and that was last February 17th – so I’m doing almost 500 posts a year. Between this and facebook, I think that I spend WAY too much time on the computer 🙂

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New Travel Totals Posted

I’ve updated the 2008 Travel page – click to see.

Very sad when you put the numbers to all these trips. Sadly, I still have a lot more to go this year…

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Today is Monday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Let’s take a look at my weekend to-do list to see how I did:
1. Ride bike to Journal Pavilion, see Krystal, get Disturbed tix for Toni and family (~40 miles)
2. Level off the dirt to prepare for sod install for next weekend
3. Help Sunnee fix all the sprinklers – again
4. Clean office a bit
5. Actually put things in for the summer
6. Measure all the floor areas so I can see how many sq ft we need
That’s pretty much a failure by most standards. My ride was only 26 miles due to wind. I didn’t get the tickets because EVERYTHING was still on hold. I leveled off one of the three grass areas. I did do some other gardening stuff and I cleaned out all the Christmas yard decorations from the shed so I can actually walk into it. Fixed sprinklers. Didn’t get to the office. No events. No measuring as I need a second person and nobody thought that I needed any help this weekend.
Jaeden actually is learning how to kiss-up with a little better success. He has been grounded from computer for so long due to grades that he actually helped me in the yard for about two hours. He almost made a full (for him) 80% effort towards the feats.
I have to finish scheduling all my upcoming trips. I think I’ll be on the road almost every week again for about seven weeks.

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Today is Saturday

Life: Indifferent Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was just an ‘eh’ day. Nothing too exciting. Windy. Always seems to be windy anymore.
My big plans for this weekend:
1. Ride bike to Journal Pavilion, see Krystal, get Disturbed tix for Toni and family (~40 miles)
2. Level off the dirt to prepare for sod install for next weekend
3. Help Sunnee fix all the sprinklers – again (third time in last 30 days)
4. Clean office a bit
5. Actually put things in for the summer
6. Measure all the floor areas so I can see how many sq ft we need
That’s the plan – let’s see what happens.

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Happy Easter!

Easter 2008
Happy Easter to all!
I still like all the old Peanuts cartoons – they are timeless.
Best wishes to all and all you do today…

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Beautiful Women (who are not my wife)

Not that Sunnee will never give me a free-pass should the situation ever arise – but these are three women that I find stunningly attractive:
Jamie Lee CurtisJamie Lee Curtis
Born: November 22, 1958 – Current age: 49
Since the 80’s – I have found Jamie Lee Curtis attractive. I think it started with her role as the hooker in Trading Places – topless – that started it. But other than her boobs, I have loved her in all of her roles: A Fish Called Wanda, True Lies, even Freaky Friday. She had a sitcom called “Anything But Love” that was kind of funny as well. I have seen her interviewed on TV and read things in magazines and she just seems like a nice lady. She’s married to Christopher Guest from Spinal Tap fame so she has to have a great sense of humor.
Kate HudsonKate Hudson
Born: April 19, 1979 – Current age: 28
Kate Hudson has one of those girl-next-door qualities that I enjoyed old 70’s movies with her mom – Goldie Hawn. I haven’t seen her in any movies, just the tabloids and scum magazines. But again, anytime you see her, she’s smiling, she seems happy and seems fun. At 28, she’s barely above the creepy, old-enough-to-be-my-daughter age. But, she’s enjoyable to look at. I like that she doesn’t look like she wears a lot of makeup.
Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman
Born: June 9, 1981 – Current age: 26
Okay, Natalie Portman definately is pushing the envelope on the creepy factor for me. In the first two Star Wars movies, I never noticed her – she was a baby dammit! But in the awful Episode III, she was 24 and actually looked pretty hot! She started doing more press interviews for V for Vendetta and something else around that time. She appears smarter than most actresses – she graduated with a Psychology degree from Harvard and carries herself well in interviews. She can talk about unrest in Israel, fashion in Europe, and food in New York without missing a beat. Again – she just appears to be a nice person.

Sadly, in writing this I realize that I have fallen victim to “appearances”. They are attractive women – don’t get me wrong – but everything else that I have based my opinions on are from what I see on TV or read from magazines or articles. Those are very controlled circumstances. Any of these could be kitten-eating monsters and we wouldn’t know any better. Alas, they ARE easy on the eyes 🙂

Oh, I forgot to tell you a story about Jamie Lee Curtis! I was in Vegas one day at Cesar’s Palace and met Tony Curtis – Jamie Lee’s father. I figured that was as close as I would get to her. BUT, in Santa Fe sometime when we were closing the store up there and I was spending the night in the hotel across from the store. I checked in and they had a lot of 8×10’s up on the wall and I asked about them. The owner said that the “stars” like being away from downtown and that nobody really cared much. He let me know that Jamie Lee Curtis was staying there that night! I couldn’t sleep all night long – I kept thinking of how much trouble I would be in if I pulled the fire alarm so that I could meet her in the parking lot! “Nice to meet you, I’d shake your hand if it weren’t for these handcuffs.”

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Music Purchases – July 2007

I forgot to enter these, but it was a crazy busy month. I didn’t much care about any new stuff and none of this can exactly be called “new”…

  • Maroon 5 – It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
  • The first time I heard Maroon 5, it was pretty much wuss-rock and I didn’t care for it. Then it started growing on me. My friend Mick has done several shows with them and has said that they are really nice guys – perhaps some of the nicest. I made some playlists where I sadly used a couple of songs and have come to enjoy it a bit more. When the new album came out – they of course, overplayed the first single (“Makes Me Wonder” and again, I didn’t like it. His semi-falsetto voice with the pop-rock music does get more tolerable with time. The new album feels very similar to the first though, I’d probably recommend just some singles.

  • Fall Out Boy – iTunes Essentials
  • Cynthia pretty much verbally abused me for NOT having any FOB on my iPod and I really could not recall one song. The iTunes covered three albums and I actually have like the iTunes Essentials collections. Instead of a “best of” album that usually pairs hits with crap – they do a decent job. Fall Out Boy reminds me of early Green Day, when we thought that rock had gone the way of… well… Maroon 5. It’s gritty, simple, and it rocks. I like guitar heavy rock where I can still understand the lyrics. I also like a simple drum kit – kick, snare, a couple toms and you can hear them. Simple bass lines compliment the drums. Old-school rock. Not a bad one in the collection and will probably make me look a little deeper into some of the other cd’s.

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    Tips for Travelers

    Okay, I went to Sacramento on Friday for a quick trip and made some notes to myself as to things that we all should obey when travelling:

      1. Learn How To Go Through the Security Checkpoint

    – Unless you are a shut-in and this your first trip into the “real world” or you have just awoken from a six-year coma – you should be aware of all the security concerns with the TSA. I will admit that I’m a bit green on these new liquid issues – but I have figured that out. I am aware that most of the TSA officers appear to be of a similar work ethic along the lines of your first fast-food job and I do not wish ill of any of them. To deal with hundreds of people in an hour and to listen to the crap that is taken out on these people is amazing.

      – Take off your shoes
      – Take your computer OUT of the bag
      – Hold on to your boarding pass
      – Did you REALLY empty all your pockets?
      – Take off your belt even though “it has never ‘beeped’ before”

    The lines would move more smoothly if they would just announce that if you fail to comply with the rules that have been published since 2001, you will not be allowed to board the plane and you must wear overalls that label you as a menace to society.

      2. No Crack / No Showing Undergarments

    – Again, this may be evidence of my aging and feeling lecherous if I happen to notice a 21 year old girls “whale tail” – but enough is enough. Men and women – we do not need to see your your underwear or bras. Young guys, pull up your pants – I don’t care how cool your K-Mart plaid boxers are. Girls, unless you are a current lingerie model – G-Strings are not flattering and do nothing more than make think of how uncomfortable you are feeling while stuck in an airplane seat for 3 hours. Girls showing coin-slots – there is no point to this fashion question mark. Old Guys – have your wives, daughters or some other person buy you underwear that has enough waistband to keep from showing crack.

      3. We Are All Going The Same Place

    – If you insist on thinking that lining up for boarding an hour before the plane leaves please think of this: WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME PLANE AND WILL ARRIVE AT THE SAME TIME. I liken this to calling “shotgun” when riding in a Vega. It doesn’t mean anything. Get over it.

      4. Are You Feeling OK?

    You are about to board a plane with 45 to 180 people that do not need your cold/flu/TB or whatever communicable disease you may be carrying. They should just make surgical masks and big, germ-killing hankies available at the gate. If you have the sniffles, the starts (or ends) of a cold, allergies – whatever. If you sneeze or cough without using a hanky/tissue – you should be able to be removed from the flight. We do not want what you have and your mother should have taught you better.

      5. Yes, That Is Too Big For the Overhead.

    Whatever happened to size/weight limitations on carry on baggage? I like Oakland’s airport as they have plexiglass covers on the conveyor belts AT the x-rays. If your back can’t fit through that piece of plexiglass – you have to check your bags. People bring packs that would belong on Mountaineering Expeditions and try to get them into the overheads. The same goes for those who cannot physically lift their own bag. If you can’t lift it – CHECK IT. Save all of our heads as you try to lift it and you don’t.

      6. Fresh Mints Anyone?

    So, you get to your seat and you have to be at least cordial to those around you. You got up early/late – had food/not – but whatever – you should be aware of your breath. Right next to the hankies and face masks – they need to have mints available. If you are not 100% aware that your breath is friendly – you should have a mint. Remember that they only last about 60 minutes, so grab one for each hour you will be on the plane. Remember that taxi drivers are people too, and you should not be allowing them to smell your gyro with the extra tzatziki sauce that you had earlier.

      7. Gas?

    Who in their right mind ever thought that if you pass a little gas on a plane – that nobody will notice? You are on a plane with nowhere for that smell to go. And DO NOT tell me that your’s do not stink. I almost wish that they had little methane sensors in the seats that would light up your seat if some is detected. They would then announce your name over the speaker as the guilty party. Yes, I will admit, there are times in public that you just have to let one go – BUT NOT ON A PLANE. Or an elevator, but that’s a different list. And if you are over 65 and on your way to the restroom, it is not permissible to let ’em rip down the aisle.

      8. Clean Up Your Room

    – Even if you are used to servants, you are responsible for your little area known as your seat. You should pick up all the trash. No, throwing it on the floor does not count even though it probably will move in front or behind you. There is a reason that the flight attendants wear gloves to clean up the plane after we leave. Some people leave half eaten fruit, snot filled Kleenex, tobacco spit, and more. Again, your mother taught you better.

    I think that if everyone followed these rules, arriving at the airport ninety minutes prior to your flight would not be necessary and would make everyone on the plane much more happy to be there. Airports are not fun places anymore and air travel has become more of a hassle than anything else.

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    Growing Blog of the Day!

    I am not sure what this means, but my blog was listed on 6/30/2007 as WordPress’ 22nd of the top 100 “Growing Blogs of the Day”! Out of 1,141,442 blogs on, MINE was 22nd! That’s incredible. I lost out to: “Sexy Belly: Videos of Girls’ Bellies and Navels” but beat out: “The Secrets of Yarn” – so I guess I fit somewhere in the middle.
    It’s got to be something based upon the incremental growth of traffic as far as I can tell. Regardless, it’s kind of cool. Two Hundred and Sixty Two (262) people checked out the blog today. I’m sure that the iPhone reviews had something to do with that. The two videos that I posted have been watched about 1,537 times and 1,317 times! The internet is too cool!
    For all of those who have been coming back – this has been fun. It’s kind of a neat way to keep in touch with everyone without actually having to keep in touch. Sadly, we all seem to be too busy to pick up the phone, pick up a pen, or heck – even send emails anymore. If this helps accommodate people to know what’s going on in my life – then all the better! This has also allows me some therapeutic use as I can unload, rant, talk (type), and keep track of my weight, attitude, and amount of sleep to see if there’s any correlation 🙂

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