Today is Wednesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Sleep. It doesn’t come easy this week. You would think because I get VERY tired around 7:30 pm that it should be easier. Nope. I try. I lay down. No sleep. My mistake – other than finding an Ambien – is that I tend to turn on the TV or Hulu. That pretty much insures that there will not be any sleeping until later. MUCH later.
The only good thing out of this is that I am freeing up some drive space on the DVR’s so that I don’t miss any of the new episodes. Why am I even bothering watching SNL? I have watched five episodes from this year and think that I may have laughed out loud six times. Watch 30 Rock, Modern Family, Cougar Town, or Community and I’ll laugh at least six times – and that’s in a thirty minute show! SNL gets 90 minutes and it’s amazing how few laughs they can pull out of those minutes. The digital shorts and the special guests are the only things that tend to be funny. They could shorten that up to 30 minutes – drop the lame recurring sketches that have sucked since the early 80’s. Make the sketches shorter and pack some humor into them. I’m just saying…
Work went well yesterday as far as being productive. I’m getting everything ready for the Atlanta trip. Hopefully I will get to hook up with a long lost buddy on this trip. I’ll take pictures. I forgot that the remnants of the latest Gulf Hurricane are pouring on the area. I hope its drier by the time I get there.
Today – finish up and get packed! Woo Hoo!

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Today is Sunday

Life: Happy Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Nice bike ride yesterday – with photos! [click for post]
Some progress on some cleaning up and completed almost all the laundry – quite a task.
After the ride, a quick shower and a rush to get the family out of the house to go to Isaac’s Eagle Scout Code of Honor. Coupled with our tardiness in leaving and the never-ending I-40 construction projects – we were only 15 minutes late….. Grrrrr.
The ceremony was great. It’s pretty amazing when you think about all that he’s done – and even more in how few actually stick with it until the end. The troop leader thinks that Isaac and Jacob are the first brothers to both complete Eagle Scout. A very proud moment for everyone in the family.
We went and had dinner afterwards at a restaurant up along North 14. I should have noticed it’s name, because it was actually very good. I’ll look it up. For those New Mexicans that have gone to other places, it’s in what used to be the parking lot for Bella Vista. Bella Vista was famous for their all-you-can-eat fried fish dinners. It was just good food. It closed quite a while ago. Anyway, this place is in it’s parking lot.
I couldn’t get to sleep and decided to give SNL another try. Drew Barrymore gives it potential… Nope. I couldn’t even make it through half of it. I’ll look to see if the Weekend Update was funny. I doubt it.
This morning another bike ride is in the cards. Donald and I were thinking about going to the Balloon Fiesta and the more I kept thinking about it, it just didn’t sound fun – unless we were actually going to go to see the balloons. Otherwise, I don’t want to be around that area of town as nobody will be paying attention to little ‘ol me on a bike – they will be watching the skies!
Ends up it was a good decision as I think it was too windy this morning for the balloons. We’ll still go somewhere though.
More cleaning is in the cards and the completion of a few more tasks and this will be a very successful weekend!

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Today is Friday

Life: Frustrated Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
The WEEKEND! I have been looking forward to this – although I just have lots of work to do this weekend.
Yesterday was about more of the same. I’m having a very peculiar back-and-forth email conversation this week that truly is making me question my sanity. Hopefully I get a positive answer this morning that will save us almost $4k a month! woo hoo!
Yesterday it rained… and rained… and rained… it’s so awesome. The only bad thing about the rain is the fact that you have be extra careful on the roads as nobody leaves room to brake.
The new season of Survivor started last night. It feels strange to watch something as a family again. The have some new guy who is already making waves by being a butt-head. He poured out everyone’s water, burned their socks and is already a lying fool. That should make people watch….
I have succumbed the fact that I am not doing well mentally right now as it relates to work. I made the command decision yesterday to recruit our bookkeeper to assist me. I need to be there in a few to start showing her what I need done. That should help a bit.
We shall see! Mark… OUT!

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
By the time I got Dad’s computer all set up and went over the new stuff – it was almost noon. Ran to work and got buried immediately. Finishing up some of the stuff from last week and handling some of the new stuff. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE when we get checks. Processing the payments from checks adds about an hour per check. Yesterday – three checks. I left just after 8 pm…
I could not get to sleep and of course made the mistake of turning on the TV. I decided to look at the late night TV wars – here’s my recap:
– Jay Leno – It’s the same show only you talk to people for shorter periods. You have aged – a lot – in the past couple of years. I don’t know if I’m out of the ‘demographic’ or what, but I don’t find it overly funny. I smile, but rarely ‘laugh’. I think he interviews people well and can keep a conversation going better than most – but so can Katie Couric…
– Conan – Looks more gangly than I ever remember. Although not everything is funny. I do bust up more often than not. His ‘skits’ tend to me more funny. He cannot interview people. When he’s ‘on’ is when his fan-boy persona comes through. Otherwise – everything seems too scripted – with a purpose.
– David Letterman – One word – consistency. He’s a cranky old guy – but a funny old guy. Talk about a guy who can keep a conversation going – it’s him. I feel like the guests on his show know that there is no ‘plan’ as to the way it will go. His skits are not as funny as they used to be but I always look forward to his ‘Trick or Treating’ ones. It was a rerun last night and sadly still kicked Conan’s show.
– Jimmy Fallon – I haven’t watched since the first few weeks. Partly because I don’t watch TV that late and other because I didn’t like it as much. He looks polished, nice suits actually inspired me to get a new one. He just doesn’t look comfortable in that spot. Because he is an ‘actor’ sometimes he gets derailed with the guests talking about some behind the scenes things that go on for too long. I need to watch again and see how it goes.
– Craig Ferguson – I didn’t watch much when it was Tom Synder. He did awesome with older guests – more from his ‘generation’. He was on a common ground with them and it worked. Anything else was painful to watch – although I will give him credit for doing research and being informed. I didn’t care for Craig Kilborn until the end of his run. When Craig Ferguson started, it was painful. I only recently have been watching him and I like him more and more.
When will Anthony Bourdain start new shows? What happened to your Blog – which I really used to enjoy? It’s like everything just – stopped….
Right before midnight last night I had an epiphany that I have to have until Friday to get everything together for the next sales event! I am nowhere near ready. I went downstairs and went outside. It was beautiful last night – mostly clear skies, lightning storm moving in from the northwest and and overall good time to think. I came up with a game plan and started working on some logos. I need to create all the radio scripts, print ads, and make a new website. Lovely. Better get started….
Today, I was expecting a friend to come in town for work but apparently that is NOT happening. Even Sunnee was excited to get to see her. It’s kind of a crazy week so maybe it’s for the better.

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!
I do enjoy my birthdays – no matter how aged I become they are special days and deserve special things. This birthday didn’t live up to the expectations – but I have a feeling that comes with the age thing as well…
Yesterday was wasted from from a productivity point of view. I stayed at the house and realized that my over the weekend posts were not actually posted. Then I made a video animation of my bike/train ride from Saturday and added that to the post that never was posted. I answered emails, forwarded others, and didn’t even get to work until 11ish. If Toni were in town, she would have taken me to lunch – I ended up having a good green chile burger instead. Although I would have argued that it was possible to be any LESS productive after lunch – I was. [or is it ‘wasn’t’?]
By the late afternoon I was convinced that I should have not even showed up to work and I had noticed that nobody from home had called so I was going to be on my own for dinner. Damn.
I got home to see the tail end of what was the dinner from hell that started this past Saturday morning that I had to scour the kitchen from. She started making a nice red sauce – unfortunately for my tummy it included LOTS of garlic. I chose not to partake in food last night to save my tummy from the after effects of food that I like, but literally cannot stomach.

I caught up on what episodes of Rescue Me my kids have not taped over and also watched some Better Off Ted – I guess that ABC season is over already. Rescue Me season finale is… tonight? They also announced that Rescue Me will end in 2011 and they will film the last two seasons in one shoot. It’s like a guilty pleasure show. Funniest line from last night:
Black Shawn – “Could things go any further south for you and your wife?”
Tommy – “Hey we’re talking marriage, it’s a bottomless well. True south doesn’t exist when it comes to marriage.”
You would have to have a little more background on the characters but it’s VERY Denis Leary-esque…
To make up for my unproductiveness – I was at work at 8:30 and trying to get through the stacks on my desk.
It’s also September and even though it ALWAYS occurs the day after my birthday, it doesn’t seem possible. It’s like winter and Christmas, and a New Year are all just around the corner…
Now I have bummed myself out.

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Today is Monday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Check out the post yesterday about the bike ride and the Apple Store…
After the bike ride I crashed – on the floor – for about an hour. I was pooped.
Then it was time to do yardwork. Some dinner outside. Finished mowing the grass and then it was work on the computer time. I started to nod off and could not fall asleep. I made the mistake of turning on the tv and catching up on some Rescue Me. That was a mistake as I watched two episodes until midnight. It’s such a funny show. Just the whole premise, the characters, the situations. The whole thing is irreverent – towards co-workers, women, men, drinkers, young, old, kids. They are equal opportunity offenders. But it is so damn funny.
This morning: up early, transferring files between computers and heading off to work. It will be SO nice to not have to play catch-up once I arrive.

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Today is Friday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Not an overly productive day yesterday but made it through the day. I had to take my car in for it’s quarterly maintenance. My shop has been slammed since February. It just seems that most service people are still busy – business-wise. He may actually have to hire another person! Good for him. Albuquerque Auto on 4th.
Work was dead. Wow.
Last night we went to my Mom & Dad’s for dinner. My brother and his son leave on Monday so we’re trying to fit in a lot of visits since I don’t get to see them so much.
Caught up on some Rescue Me episodes last night. I really do not have any extra time to be watching tv… yet, I do.

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Today is Monday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Nice bike ride yesterday, that was good. No. It was great.
In the afternoon I got to run into town to Scalo. Scalo has been open since 1986! It used to be THE nice restaurant in town and although it has changed hands several times it still stays very busy. In my previous life, I worked for Chuck D for about 8 years. He got out of the concert business and has been day trading and doing realtor stuff. He just moved to a new realtor office and was celebrating the unveiling of a painting of he and his dog that passed away a few years ago, Tripper. It was well attended and it was great to see a bunch of old concert buddies that I had not seen in almost ten years. The funniest part was that nobody apparently remembers me. Chuck was working the room and every time he would come by he would make a comment like “Where’s Hendricks”. I thought he was joking, but after I was already gone, he called and said I pulled one over on him – he didn’t realize it was me! While there, I said ‘hi’ to Mike Kitts and then 20 minutes later he told someone that I wasn’t there. At least he came back over and talked for a little bit. It was very strange. There was a girl taking photos, hopefully I can track her down and see if I REALLY was there.
After that I went over to my Mom & Dad’s for another dinner thing. Although it’s much easier to NOT have to worry about cooking and cleaning up after, I am overdosing on family right now. That’s not saying I don’t like them, I’m just OD’ing on the family events.
Last night I watched another couple episodes of ‘Dead Like Me’ on hulu – I’m glad that my friend told me about that show. It’s pretty funny. Only lasted a couple of seasons back in 2003-04 but is worth my time on hulu. A girl dies and becomes a grim reaper, tasked with removing people’s souls when they die to help get them to their afterlife. It’s much deeper than that, if you get a chance watch the Pilot and you’ll kind of get an idea for it. Without the pilot, you would never understand the rest of the shows. Before I went to bed, I felt something on my foot and instinctively brushed my other foot to remove it and squished something juicy. The top of my foot was all tingly about ten minutes later and it was all red. I looked under the desk to see what I could find and found the crumpled up body of a rather large spider. I’ve seen them before, just a large house spider, kind of translucenty, beige, but big. I normally practice ‘catch & release’ with spiders in the house and I felt a little bad that I had killed this one. The new office is close to the dog room that is left open so we get all sorts of critters this way. Kind of freakin’ me out as I rarely wear socks or shoes inside during except during the cold of winter. May have to rethink that…
Today I have to get through all the book work for last week, and I still have to get through the inventory as that is holding up my end of month and end of quarter books.

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I took the family to the airport and made it into work before 8 am and was the most tired I have been in a long time. I tried to get started but I just couldn’t kick start my brain. I tried more than my one, self-imposed, cup-o-coffee. Nada. I tried walking around. Nope. Nothing really worked. I had forgotten that I had set up our Worker’s Comp audit for 9:30. That didn’t help. It sucked not being awake.
The overflow of customers that I was expecting didn’t occur. My one lady from out of town came in and that failed miserably. She was actually the first relatively rude person I have had as a customer in quite a while. Oh well, I can’t win all of them.
A few more ridiculous meetings and then the day could continue. I finished the paperwork and then went home. Actually I stopped at WalMart to get some groceries. There are quite a few things that I actually know how much I pay for things and I was amazed that those things that I notice were at least a buck to half off how much I pay at the other grocery stores. If I saved a buck on everything that I buy, that would add up quickly. I’m just sayin’….
By the time I made it home – a quick dinner and then I had a hilarious conversation with my friend about our kids growing up. Part scared. Part excited. Part freaked out. Damn funny conversation though.
I ended up catching up on three episodes of Rescue Me. I think I like it when Denis Leary’s character is getting drunk and sleeping around more. I think it also goes along with the concept that we like people that are messed up more than we are. He wins.
I was about to turn off the tv when Inside the Actor’s Studio was on and had Conan O’Brien on. He was damn funny but I also agree that he is a damn funny person. It kept going and I was barely awake at this time – when, I remembered, that I can hit the ‘record’ button and it would ‘record the show for me’. I love technology.
Today – I have at least two customers coming in that I know of – a few meetings and I need to do payroll too. A normal day…

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Trying to get caught up at work is maddening right now – I have perhaps a dozen ‘stacks’ to work through. I will try to NOT take on another task until I can get these twelve off of my desk and filed away.
I haven’t been able to catch up on ‘Rescue Me’ as I thought I was like a season behind. Because of that, I had purposely not set it up to be recorded as I wouldn’t know where the story was. Ends up – because of their non-normal season and the whatever the last strike was – I didn’t miss anything except the season premiere last week. I will set it up and catch up the first episode on hulu! Sweet!
Yesterday, although perfect for a bike ride to work didn’t work, I would not have had an alternative ride back home as the weather was supposed to turn. It sure did. Gusts of 45 mph in the afternoon would not have made for a nice ride back. All windy last night and today it’s back to cold and windy. Maybe a break one of the days this weekend…. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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