Today is Tuesday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
OY! Playing catch up at work was a bear yesterday! I literally walked in, helped a customer, sat down at my desk and NEVER got up until 7:00. I got through the important stuff, but still need to pay payroll taxes and prep this weeks payroll. THEN I will be able to catch up on last week’s books. Eeek. Another busy day.
This whole thing with the snake has pretty well freaked me out to no end. I do not believe that this little snake came in from the outside all the way to the inside by accident. My little brain has decided that it came in from the garage. Here’s my thought process: snakes only hang around where they have a food source, I know that we have mice in the garage – thus…
Snakes In My Garage!
I spent about 20 minutes looking around to see where a snake(s) could be – I’ve figured out that they need someplace cool while it’s hot and someplace warm when it gets cold. Refrigerator or hot water heater. There is so much crap in my garage that I would never see a snake. The good news is that they are probably taking care of the mice for me. This will probably irritate me to the point that I will be having to take EVERYTHING out of the garage and if my brain’s deductions prove true – I will probably scream like a little girl. I think I could successfully deal with an adult bull snake but it would freak the hell out of me.
I had my first phone call on the Caddy last night. Some little gang-banger that kind of put me off. I will take anyone’s money for it but I felt uneasy about sending him to my parent’s house. I’ll take the car to the factory today so that I won’t worry about that kind of thing.
Anyway, that’s my fear of the moment and now it’s time to head to the factory. Mark OUT!

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To Shave or Not to Shave…

The gray hairs in my beard used to be so few that I could pluck them and nobody would be the wiser. Now look at me:
Mark's Graying Beard
So, I’m leaving it up to everyone else – shave or leave it and look distinguishingly older…
So – click on your answer and click VOTE so I can tell

I’m going to let everyone else decide. Railee cried last time I shaved it off – she says she won’t cry this time 🙂

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