Today is Tuesday

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Crunching numbers! I spent the whole day crunching data. At the end of the day – when I thought I was done. I scrogged up the data in some way, and of course, had not saved a previous version so I have to start it all up again today. Grrr.
Last night – in continuing my movies about old porn starts – I watched a saved copy of ‘Boogie Nights’. Who the hell thought that these would be good movies? Boogie Nights was made about four years before Wonderland but they were so parallel that it was scary. Burt Reynolds received a lot of accolades for this movie but I don’t necessarily know why. The coolest part of seeing the movie was all the stars that were in it! You just don’t see many movies that have THAT many stars in it – and we’re talking good stars. Burt Reynolds, Julianne Moore, John C. Reilly, Don Cheadle, Heather Graham, William H Macy, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Mark Wahlberg. There’s a lot of places where you look at someone in the movie and say that they look familiar. Singer Michael Penn? A lot of the older guys even looked familiar – Robert Ridgely, Philip Baker Hall, Alfred Molina, and even Robert Downey Sr. – who knew? There’s a funny part where Mark Wahlberg’s part attempts to sing – because he is a ‘star’. That is very close to his real ‘singing’ career – the dude can not sing. I remember we did a Marky Mark show and it’s pretty much a lip-sync, musically sequenced show. But he looked good and could dance so people paid to see him. It’s also funny that in all of his roles – no matter where his character was supposed to be from – when he gets into heated arguments ALWAYS has that distinct Boston accent.
Off to work to try to re-enter all the data that I had done yesterday afternoon. Lovely!

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Today is Monday

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Fresh week! I need it.
The weekend was filled with laundry. I still have NO idea how a family of four could produce so much laundry in a week. Whatever the reason – it’s done.
I should have gone on a bike ride on Saturday or first thing Sunday. By Sunday afternoon it was windy and chilling down. This morning it’s downright cold. The magic iPhone says it’s going to be cool all week long – sorry Dirk.
I received a scary email late yesterday afternoon from Atlanta pretty much asking us for what I have been afraid of – they want displays. In the old days they paid for the displays. Other companies, their cost per door is in the $60 to $250 a door. Mine are $500 to $700. They don’t get that. It will be a very long day to sort through all of that. Fun!
I couldn’t sleep – not because of the coffee issues but from staying awake to get that last load into the washer. I watched ‘Wonderland’ – about the quadruple murder on Wonderland street in L.A. that may-or-may-not-have involved 70’s porn dude John Holmes. It starred Val Kilmer in yet another disappointing movie. I like old Val movies – Top Secret, Real Genius, Billy the Kid and The Doors. I actually met him right after he had done The Doors. He came to one of the two Bob Dylan concerts at the Paolo Soleri in Santa Fe. He was with his then wife – wearing a black silky shirt with BIG white polka dots. He was commenting about my long hair of that day. He seemed put off that I didn’t know that he had just finished playing Jim Morrison. He was nice. In the mid 90’s he was going through his divorce and was visiting his attorney in the same building that our accountant was in. We were in the elevator and everyone was just staring at him. I started talking to him about when we had met and just making small talk. Everyone was freaked out that I would talk to him. He seemed like a very nice guy. He lives outside of Santa Fe. There’s talk that he may run for governor!?
Anyway the movie wasn’t worth staying up for. Strange editing and the story was a bit hard to follow. That could have been a mix of being sleepy and the fact that I had to keep the volume down since it was so late.
Oh well… off to start the week!

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Today is Sunday

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Yesterday was filled with laundry. So much laundry. I have no idea how in 7 days we could have created so much laundry. It’s inexplicable. I thought that by the end of the day I was halfway there or even more – but there’s just so much more. Ick.
I picked Jaeden up from his party where he didn’t get much – if any – sleep. I brought him home and he crashed for about five hours. I was able to get some work done and some yardwork while he slept. Sunnee had gone into work for a few hours and Railee stayed at Mom & Dad’s. Another peaceful day!
It did warm up enough for a bike ride but since we had to be at the party by five, I didn’t go. It’s already shaping up to a nice day today so I think I will be going towards the volcanos sometime this day.
The party last night was a combination Mom’s B-day and my parent’s 35th Anniversary party. My cousin Lucy showed up with her little 6 week old Finnegan(spelling?) It’s been so long since we’ve seen such a fresh baby – he was the center of attention.
Some good food – maybe too much if you look at my weight this morning – and family equated to a great night. I know it’s hard to say that one meal could keep that much weight on me – but garlic bread, Trombino’s lasagne, and some fresh carrot cake pretty much is all still digesting today. No worries!

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Today is Saturday

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Yesterday was like a morgue again. Even the phones are dead. Looking back at what we wish we paid more attention to – neither of us remember the phones being this dead. I spoke with a few Home Depot people that basically told me to push back at our merchant – basically to grow a pair. Tim seemed very nervous over the whole thing. I doubt he slept last night.
We were kidless last night!? That hasn’t happened in a very long time. I picked Sunnee up and we went to a new restaurant / bar by the house called Jinja. There’s been one up off of Paseo del Norte, this new one is 1/2 a mile from Casa Hendricks. It was packed since this was it’s 3rd week open. It’s very dark inside and at 6 pm on a Friday night a mix of early bird special folks, happy hour folks, and people from the neighborhood. We opted for a few apps and a few drinks. The apps arrived before the drinks did! Sunnee had a gimlet that was made from green-tea-infused vodka. Actually it was kind of tasty. I had a margarita. The menu reminded me of something very similar to P.F. Chang’s – only about $5 more per entree. It’s not inexpensive. We started with some Yin Yang Shrimp and some Lettuce Wraps. Strangely the description for the shrimp doesn’t state ‘fried’ anywhere in it. They were tasty though and a nice couple of dippy sauces. One sweet n’ sour-y the other citrus-y with a bit of spice. The lettuce wraps said it included a mix of chicken, smoked ham, mushrooms, and water chestnuts. It was tasty, but a bit salty. The lettuce was crisp and offset that but the mix of fillings made it almost taste beef-y. It was very strange. Sunnee still needed one more app so we went for the calamari. Mistake. It had the same breading as the shrimp did – tasty on the shrimp but not on a dry calamari. It was too dry. The sauce that came with it was a ‘lime and mint sauce’ but it was like lime extract. VERY lime-y. We asked for the other sauce from the shrimp and it was a bit better. The lack of moistness just could not be overcome and it was a sad way to end the experience.
The strangest experience was the CD that they were playing as background music. I thought I heard Rod Stewart and what seemed like Ella Fitzgerald but could not be sure. I fired up ‘Shazam’ on the ol’ iPhone and even over the noise of a restaurant it PICKED the song out. Ends up it was Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton(!) – who knew. We got about fifteen minutes of amazement over the fact that that little app is freakin’ COOL!
We went from Jinja to the dollar movie version of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ – although the dollar movies are now $2 🙂 I pretty much ignore anything that wins an Academy Award but of our options for the night, this seemed doable. O.M.G. The movie seemed to last about 9 hours, I think it’s just short of three. My butt was so tired that I had to keep shifting in my seat just to make it through it. The story is intriguing but just so damn long. There’s some amazing makeup and CGI – but no notable acting prowess as was warranting best actor statues. I almost feel that it would have been best as a series with each episode dealing with a ‘chapter’ in his life. I think it could keep people’s attention for seven or eight episodes. It was like they spent so much time on his ‘old’ body that they rushed through the rest of it. Taking a thirteen year old to a brothel? Getting him drunk? I don’t get that. What was he doing in India? Why so much on WWII? The recurring theme of loss needed to make you appreciate someone was pretty much thrown out every couple of minutes.
I remembered a lot of comparisons to Forrest Gump – and it’s definitely along a similar vein. It was 10:30 when we got out of there and we went home and crashed.
This morning it’s strange not to have the kids screaming at each other or to hear SpongeBob or a video game in the background. Very strange that it feels unnatural….
Tonight is my Mom’s birthday party so it will be another busy evening. Maybe Dirk can get some work out of me this weekend?

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Happy B-Day: Mom

Happy Birthday to my Mom!
Luana Fox Birthday
Here she is at ten weeks old.

And here she is at graduation:
Luana Graduation

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Today is Friday

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Now I feel like an idiot for not thinking about the coffee / lack of sleep thing before this. No coffee after my single morning cup = a night of sleep. Good to know…
Yesterday was filled with drama as the Home Depot merchants are basically trying to increase their sales by making me discount the products. Under their current plan, we will lose money on every door that we make during an upcoming promotion. In old school economy – everything is based upon volume. Volume hides the demons. The problem is that we are not in that kind of economy any longer and what they are asking, sorry – DEMANDING, is ridiculous. I want to push back and get them to recognize what’s going on but my brother does not want to rock the boat. This whole interaction occupied my whole day.
I finished up relatively early, enough to have dinner with my family. A rarity. Grammoo leaves this morning, I’ll take her on my way to work. It has been a nice visit and she is an amazing lady.
It was supposed to be snowing last night and this morning and it’s surprisingly clear. Thirty degrees, but much nicer than expected. The storm stayed north and around us.
I think the kids each have sleepovers tonight so maybe – maybe – there’s a chance of a ‘date night’. Who knows. I don’t think there’s any movies worth seeing and we can’t afford a nice dinner. Maybe some apps somewhere new?
Busy weekend ahead and more laundry than one family should have ever produced. MAYBE even a bike ride?

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Today is Thursday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
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SLEEP HAS RETURNED! So here is my story. Since moving my office downstairs I have full access to full coffee pots and have been taking full advantage of them. In ‘old’ days I would drink about 6-10 cups of coffee each day at work – like BIG cups of coffee. Back then I would also drink about 50-80 oz of soda each day as well. I recognized a long time ago that that was probably not the best thing. Over the past four years or so, I have one 4 oz cup of coffee each day in the morning – that’s it. I realized this new coffee fix when I went to work yesterday and purposely did not have any. I even told Alice to throw the stapler at me if I attempted to drink any. By the time I got home last night I was tired, but no sleepy. I purposely stayed awake until I knew I was sleepy. I did a an impromptu facebook poll to see whether I should take the Ambien sleeping pill or not. [it was a tie] I fell asleep about 11 and made it all away until 7! LOVE IT!
Yesterday was busy answering questions in the morning. I got to have lunch with Toni who is having surgery today to remove her thyroid. Lots of finger crossing and good wishes that everything comes out okay. I hope she gave my number to someone responsible so that they remember to call me when she gets out. The rest of the day was spent doing payroll, answering phones, and then tackling the past three days’ worth of paperwork and billing. The good news is that I am caught up again.
Sleep is good as is the return to a weight that I’m not embarrassed of. I think that the lack of sleep was messing with me that way too.
It’s supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow! It’s COLD today.

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Worth Reading – What went wrong with Banking… and more

Al originally sent me this and I have been printing out multiple copies and giving them to ANYONE I see. It’s very long – but worth it.
It’s from Matt Taibbi and in Rolling Stone from the 19th. I implore everyone to read through it to get a better grasp on how something like this could occur and how it all comes down to greed. Our ‘elected’ officials were supposed to ‘represent’ us and our best interests and instead they failed us – all for money.
Click anywhere below to go to the story:
Image by Victor Juhasz
Image by Victor Juhasz
The Big Takeover
The global economic crisis isn’t about money – it’s about power. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution
Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone – March 19, 2009

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
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Work has been unusually slow this week and Tuesday lived up to the expectations that Monday had set. The phones are not even ringing as much as normal. I had hoped that the mix of the bank rescue, the stock market and people feeling more confidant in things. Guess not.
I had to run into town to get papers to the accountant (taxes!) and run by the copier place to get toner. Then back to the factory, process checks, do receivables, pay payroll taxes, and everything else that needed to be done.
Made it home for some delicious, fried pork/potato/celery thing and then….
All hell breaks loose. The best solution was to go meet a friend for cocktails. That was nice. I also figured that a Jim Beam fueled sleep wouldn’t hurt either. Made it home about 12:45 am….. and did not go to sleep until 5:20 am. I really need to get this figured out. I think that tonight will be an Ambien night

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Happy B-Day to: Lucy

Your first birthday with a newborn! It will never ‘be’ about you any longer. You are now your child’s parent. Get used to it….
Happy Birthday! 🙂

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