An Apple a day…

Apple Announcement Day
We’re less than four hours away to see what product Apple is going to release. I hope that Steve Jobs does the whole presentation and that he looks well. For all the Apple ‘haters’ there are out there whether it be for price, features, the sort of locked-down OS and hardware – you cannot argue that most every product they have released looks SEXY. The first iMac? Looked cool. Were the colors kind of strange? Yes. But the damn thing was awesome looking. The clamshell iBook? I was stopped in the airport by people that wondered what the hell I was carrying. The flat screen iMacs? Damn cool. The iPhone? You wanted to just go get one to LOOK at it. The first month I had my iPhone, people would just be drawn to you.
Although I don’t know personally how much Steve Jobs actually comes up with the designs, I know from books and articles that the man at least has visions and then assembles the team to get it done. We’ve all heard about how focused and how much of an ass he can be towards people. But if you look at the end results…. I’d say it’s worth it. The iMacs, the OS, the iPhone, even iTunes – all work. You can pretty much just set someone in front of it and it’s kind of like second nature. Yes, there is a learning curve on some things – but for the most part it seems more intuitive.
Pricey? You bet. I do feel that the Apple products of old were made a little more bulletproof than current standards. I also believe that Apple realized that they built their products ‘too well’ – in that even though they didn’t break down, they wanted you to upgrade more often than what was happening. Short of the major OS changes – you could keep an old Mac for five years plus. I think that most people upgrade every 2-3 years. Some people have to have the Latest & Greatest no matter the product.
What will today bring? We can all assume from the ‘leaks’ – I promise they are all part of the marketing ‘plan’ – that it will be a tablet Mac. The name? Who knows. Who cares.
When the iPhone came out three years ago (!) I didn’t care what the price was. I could only afford the small 4GB version at the time but cash was a bit more available then. Today’s product? I don’t think I have much more than about $500 available and think that it will be much more than that. We’ll see.
Features? Who cares! I’m sure that even it were a iPhone Touch on steroids that it will still be impressive. I feel that Apple is on track with delivering a new experience as far as book readers are concerned. Did Apple make the smart phone? No. They made an impressive piece of hardware with some kick-butt software. The potential to salvage print media – without the printing – is impressive. Whether or not the big ‘printers’ will play will be interesting and hearing how the revenue sharing will work will be even more exciting. Think about the ability to make your ‘print’ ad clickable or imbedding video all in your ‘print’ media. I imagine that this revolution will make a lot of new jobs at print media houses for video, programmers, and coders. Huzzah!
The potential from an education standpoint will be wary. Apple’s products have never been ‘affordable’ and with the budget shortfalls of public schooling – will never be adopted as a norm. Colleges and Universities have the potential – similar to the iTunes U usage – but an mp3 player is more widely available and much more affordable. If they want to hit the world with ‘shock & awe’ – the product would be $399.
I think that the paint splashes on the invite also hint to an Apple art program. Those color splashes could have just as easily been geometric shapes and the fact that they are not makes me lean that way.
Sadly, I won’t get to watch the presentation until I get home tonight and it is hard to stay ‘dark’ on whatever gets announced as it makes headlines. Apple stock will go down by the end of the day. I suspect if they make any announcements about other wireless companies – other than AT&T – AT&T will drop. That won’t help the market for the day. Once the new product actually rolls out and people are waiting in lines for it – it will all correct itself.
Regardless – I can’t wait to see what the new ‘thing’ is. I can’t wait to see Steve Jobs onstage again. I can use some excitement this week…

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Today is Monday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
After the bike ride I tackled the yard. The weather was real nice.
My dad came into town to help a neighbor get into the VA and dropped off his Mac Mini for some OS upgrading. Guess what? His Mini is just about four years old and is a G5 processor! So much for upgrading it to Snow Leopard…
Switching him from a PC that many years ago seriously made my life much easier. I used to get about three to five phone calls a week with little quirks that would pop up on his PC. I don’t mind helping people out but there are just some things that get tiring – if only from poor design. We switch him over and I get more phone calls of ‘guess what i did!’. Great.
I upgraded him from Tiger to regular Leopard. Goes fine until I go to software update and get the big ‘one’. Halfway through the install process it hangs at about the 50% mark – for about 45 minutes. I’m normally a patient guy but for some reason just did not get a good feeling about this. I force quit the ‘puter and… I was screwed. Had to start all over again. Damn. Kept me up until almost 1am just getting back to the same point.
This morning, finishing up all the other updates so that I can get him back on the road!

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Sleep would be nice right about now. Yesterday was filled with lateness. No real reason but it kind of set the tone for the whole day.
I did get in, paid payroll taxes and completed this week’s payroll all before lunchtime. That was good. For lunch I needed to go up towards uptown to pick up the check for the car. The new insurance card arrived before lunch too. Jaeden and I took advantage of being in that ‘hood’ so we ate at our favorite sub shop – The Yeller Sub. He’s been in business for around 30 years. Mark started it as a young guy and our paths have always seemed to cross throughout my life. It’s rare to find any food-oriented business stay with the same owners and be successful for so long. It was awesome, as always – and Rose still remembered what sandwich Jaeden eats.
We went back to work where I had planned to work on some sign-making abilities for the rest of the afternoon before having to go by Mom & Dad’s for another nephew’s visit from Colorado. Didn’t work out that way. We had some customers – which is good, but everyone else was busy and it never fails when I have tasks at hand. They will be calling me today with the results if the table fits their space. Fingers are crossed!
Chris and Kayleigh (?) were tired from the drive down but were in good spirits. He works at T-Mobile and they just had given him the new Google phone. Very nice. Not that it has a lot of apps, but the ones that he liked the best we’ve had on the iPhone for about two years. The thing that I have always liked about the iPhone was the simple, clean design – not a lot of buttons (which makes it look more like a phone). This has more buttons, but it also less daunting to a first time user. How many times have I handed someone my iPhone and have them not be able to figure out that the ONLY button is the ‘home’ key.
This actually brings up a small beef that I’ve had this week with Sunnee’s phone. She wants to text. At her work, they all text. I’m great with that. Use technology for good. The problem is that all of the people she texts with have phones on their desks and let’s be serious, two-way instant communication trumps waiting for someone to respond via text. Also, if it’s SO important, you’d think that they would offset the costs for their happy fingers. No. I had been wanting to give my lovely wife my 1st Gen iPhone and me get the 3G. I’m not just being a crappy husband, she just wants the texting and 3GS doesn’t offer anything. Besides she should be happy to not have to carry around her current one:
Sunnee's cell phone
Anyway, she’s been upset about the new, used car anyway and in her eyes I’ll be driving her new kitchen around so she’s looking for reasons to get even. She’s been looking at phones and I tried to get her to look at the iPhone. Didn’t get it. I became more frustrated than she did. FAIL.
She got a new phone the other night with a new carrier. This makes my phone, of course, more expensive because we were sharing minutes before and I had discounts for the multiple phone lines. Whatever. It took almost 45 minutes with AT&T last night to TRY to get her phone off my account.
Actually, I just got off the phone with the AT&T dude – Ronnell, you rock for actually calling me back – and get this: Verizon now has to cancel my account with AT&T! I think that truly it’s all just one company and they just make it as confusing as possible just to give all the ‘perception’ that it’s all difficult. It’s still not done yet BTW.
So – long story short [TOO LATE] – the new google phone is nice. The plans are way cheaper than the iPhone (by half) the phones are cheaper (by $100) too. AT&T/Apple need to fix this pricing thing before 2010 to be more approachable. I’ve been holding out that it opens up to other carriers as I still submit that AT&T phone service sucks! When i’m connected to a wireless network – everything is rosy. Try the AT&T network and you might as well just turn it off.
Done with Cranky Guy.
Today – print signs! Call Alamorgordo! Get everything packed! Find cables! I hope to leave work at a decent hour so that I’m not all rushing around or staying up too late tonight. Trying to plan the next three days is easy for one person – a bit more difficult with two other persons who really do not care to be in each other’s company. Whether I threaten to leave them by the roadside, take away privileges, bribe, or other means – I WILL HAVE A GOOD TRIP!

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Today is Saturday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Sorry, I forgot to post yesterday – it was a whirlwind of a day.
Where to start? One of my best friends has moved away from ABQ again. She has done so at least three(?) or four(?) times previously throughout the twenty years that we have known each other. Even when she’s in the same city, we don’t really see the other that often but we have always called – and this past year, texted very regularly. Now she will be in another state again and even though the phone calls or texting will be no different – it just ‘feels’ different. We have always been available to listen (or read) when the other person was having heavy thoughts and we have always been the other’s emotional crutch to get us through a bad day. Last year, a random bike ride would take me in the vicinity of her work or maybe we would make it to a lunch somewhere. We tried to take the other person out for their birthday somewhere – breakfast or lunch. That will be even more rare now. Maybe that’s what I’m lamenting – we’ve removed the ‘chance’ of seeing one another face-to-face. It’s actually pretty a pretty stupid reason with video chat, skype, and all the other technologies out there but I still feel a little sad.
We were able to have breakfast before she headed out for her last to-do’s before leaving and that meant that I was able to actually get to work on time – actually early – for a change this week.
It took me almost four hours to get through a paperwork-web-hell thing that was thrown in my lap but I was successful – or I will find out in forty days to see if they pay us correctly for it! Even though I stayed until 8 pm – I completed all of this past week’s paperwork so that I will not be so behind the rest of the week. That actually made me feel pretty good.
I also had some resolution to the semi-ridiculous, Home Depot pricing computer thing. Yesterday they threw me a curveball about NOT making any changes and that I would have to get approval from some very high people for them to work on it. I forwarded the email and had a positive response in about an hour! That allowed them to actually bid the work and they were very fair. They think that they will get on it next week – which will be very nice. This also means that I will be going to Atlanta again sometime in September.
I talked to the guy that will meet me at the airport for the new car this week and got the VIN from him so that I could progress with all the insurance and other paperwork. I really wish I could meet the lady selling the car, she will still be in a rehab clinic from hip surgery this past week. They sound like some very interesting people. I also may have found someone to buy the Caddy – which would just wrap up everything in a good way this coming week.
Last night Jaeden had some friends over for his birthday celebration. With him being gone and all the other summer stuff happening, this was the first time we were able to have this. I allowed him to stay home by himself yesterday – something that I have NEVER felt good about doing and I don’t think it’s right. Not just all the ‘what-ifs’ but I don’t think that kids have any common sense these days. If a situation came up, I don’t feel that he (they, in general) would handle it well. That’s the part that scares me. I set up the cameras from the computers to stream directly to my iPhone – a well spent $4.99 – link here. I kept an eye on what he was doing and made him call me on the hour. He did mostly well – just missed two timely calls which again adds reason for my worry. He didn’t die or burn the house down so all went well. On the way home on the other hand we had a HUGE blow up over the phone and he will be feeling the repercussions of that for a LONG time. Live and learn little buddy – I’m the boss. Always will be.
Having six teenage boys in the house was too much. They trashed it. They spilled things, broke things, and ate us out of food. This morning, the living room smells like a nasty gym locker room. I picked up ANOTHER trash bag of trash while they slept. Sunnee is making them breakfast now and they are starting to stir. I have to take them to a park to have an air-soft war and then they will all leave from there.
The iMac from work that I successfully swapped out the power supply from a few months back is acting up again. I think it’s something with the video card overheating but haven’t been able to troubleshoot it to make sure. I don’t know how I’ll fix that but I picked up a 250GB external USB drive for $60 to move some data – just in case….
Should be a good weekend with a slight chance of a bike ride!

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
UGH! Days filled with goofy banter about things that I have no control of anymore!!!! This is getting old.
The only non-sucky part of my day was that my friend Cynthia came by the factory to use the computer. She even brought me a breakfast burrito. Otherwise I was trying to catch up on bookwork from last week. I kept having customers. Don’t get me wrong – customers kind of keep the place open. It’s just when I am doing double, triple, quadruple duty already – covering someone else’s job just kind of adds insult to injury. On one side, I sold my two customers – but didn’t leave until 9 pm. Take the good with the bad as the alternative is just damn scary.
Okay, there was another good item, but technically it was at night. I set up the tent so Railee could sleep outside last night. Backyard camping rocks! Especially with the added touch of a running stream with waterfall and electricity, oh – and a nearby real toilet! She was so happy. That ended the day on a good note.
I had a lot of work to enter but was kind of drained from the day of work. I made the mistake of clicking on the Apple WWDC video. I figured it would be about an hour. Nope – TWO HOURS LATER…. Parts were exciting. Lower prices (meh), upgrade specs (eh), new OS (very cool – and only $29!), new iPhone model….
Apple OS X - Snow Leopard
Apple iPhone 3GS - New Model 2009
Might as well say it – again. The iPhone is probably one the best mobile computer / PDA / game device / application filled / hand-held device ever designed. That’s the ‘i’ in the iPhone. The second part of that product title is ‘Phone’. The ‘Phone’ sucks. Not as a device but the service. I have had so many issues with AT&T that I stopped fighting. Not only does the service suck as you cross Albuquerque, it didn’t fare much better in large cities with all my travel last year. The sole fact that this cool mobile computer / PDA / game device / application filled / hand-held device actually sometimes accepts or makes phone calls every now and then is a bonus! Then the only other issue is the costs. When the iPhone came out, it pretty much didn’t matter what it cost – I’d pay it just to have it. The sad reality of the economy has hit and AT&T isn’t stepping up to the line. Other services have responded to the economy and get more aggressive as time has gone by. I also understand that AT&T paid a LOT to be able to be the sole carrier and they had to price it high out of the gate because nobody knew what the response would be. Once it started showing to be profitable, they dropped the prices of the hardware. Now they need to do the same with the service. If it was more affordable – I truly would have a household of iPhones. Then there would NEVER be a valid excuse for why they didn’t respond, call, email, type, remember an appointment, a birthday, a school assignment. The issue is AT&T.
After watching the Keynote – Apple pretty much crapped on AT&T and their lack of MMS and Tethering programs. Almost every OTHER iPhone partner around the world either already has the plans or will have the capability in a week and a half. AT&T – maybe by the fall. Tethering maybe not until Christmas. Bastards.
I was really hoping that they would create a ‘new’ device that would be available on other carriers. Guess I have to wait another year. Although… as a first generation buyer I get one lifetime ‘gimmee’ with AT&T to upgrade the phone without renewing the contract. With the possibility of another carrier coming to play in 2010 that may be worth activating that option and giving the 1stGen to Sunnee. I need to look into that a bit more.
No dinner – saved two and half pounds. Need to get my eating habits back on track. No snacking. Watch my cookie intake. Get on bike more often again. Sadly, have to wait another week.

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Today is Monday

Life: Indifferent Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Whew! What a weekend. Sorry for the lack of post-age. Where to start…
Friday –
Work was frustrating at best. I went home to a houseful of girls sleeping over for Railee’s birthday party. I have seen these girls from when they were in 1st grade forward and pretty much I have realized that girls just get mean as they get older. Boys kind of get more stupid acting, girls become evil. They are fickle with their friendships, nasty to those outside of their little group, and already have a fair amount of disrespectfulness. Even among themselves, they turn on a dime and just treat each other crappy. They were outside around 9pm and screaming (like girls) and doing anything they could to annoy me – it worked. I set up the tent for them outside and once I got all of them in the tent (around 10:30) I could finally get to work.
We have our huge inventory sale this week and I was to be interviewed on the local, weekend, talk radio morning show for an ‘advetorial’ and had needed to have all our inventory items up on the web prior to that. The web ad on the local tv station started on Sunday so it HAD to be done by then. By 1:30 am my brain was mush. Nothing was going correctly and I was making stupid mistakes. I opted for bed with the idea of a fresh start in the morning.
I purposely woke up after 5 to get going. I had been working on a solution to get an Excel table to the web successfully. I was making some headway with Embedding a PDF file and it was testing correctly so I was working towards that way. My 8:50 radio interview came quickly and I had to change my script to say that the website would be ‘ready’ tomorrow. I have not done an interview in a long time. I think I said ‘ummmm’ about eight times in the three minutes. Oh well.
The rest of the day was spent hammering out PDF files. I put Jaeden to work as well. About 7 pm I put everything on the website and… nothing. Ends up (after three hours of web searching) that Firefox 3 does not like Embedded PDF’s. Also, IE 7 didn’t like it either. Worked awesome in Safari. Note to self: TEST OTHER BROWSERS FIRST! I spent the remainder of the night figuring a way to get the table in old-school. I was truly just about to hand-code the whole thing when one of my google pages showed a solution from Filemaker 4 – from about six years ago. Hey, it was in front of me all along!
I shut off the computer at 2:15 and didn’t fall asleep until 3. Woke up at 6 and started again. [This is SO riveting!] The table was working, sort of – just no links. I finally found Dirk online and he steered me in the right direction and it didn’t take long. By 2 pm the sites were up and working and my head was about to explode!
I hopped on the bike and just left. It was very windy but I did not care. I was stir crazy from being inside, staring at a screen for 36 hours. I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been looking at a new (used) car. I really have been fancying the Chrysler 300. There’s a couple of car lots a few miles away and I stopped by there first. The first one, I couldn’t get the salespeople to come out of their air-conditioned offices. I can’t blame them, I was a scraggly looking guy on a bike. The second lot was crazy busy! They had a 300 right out in front. The guy gave me the keys and told me to take it out! Didn’t ever ask my name. I found it strange, but hopped in and took it out. It has the HEMI 5.7 engine in it. Before you know it, you are speeding. It was very nice but about $2,000 too much. Still cool. The rest of the bike ride was very windy but so happy to be out.
The rest of the evening I was drained. I tried taking a nap. Didn’t work. Tried watching TV. Nope. Tried going to bed. Nope. Finally went to sleep around midnight.
On a personal note – I am getting larger by the day. I’m ballooning up around the 200 pound mark and I am NOT happy with that. I think it’s been a little stress eating and a whole lot of snacking. I actually was 199.6 on Sunday. Must get back into the game. This sucks.
Today – finish the last two tables’ worth of inventory. Start printing the pricetags for all the goods and I think that I will leave a lot to my brother to do. I have put in my time on this one…

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Today is Thursday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was filled with the added stress. We were supposed to mail out these printed materials to Home Depot – they were supposed to have shipped before the holiday weekend. Part of the shipment required some shrink wrapping and I called a company that helps us out. He said no problem, bring them on over. I was there that same afternoon and dropped everything off. They were supposed to be done last Thursday. I left a message around 4 pm on Thursday – nothing. Friday I called and left a another message. I admit that Friday was a bit crazy and before I knew it, it was after 2 pm – no answer. Okay, it’s not going out – I can’t do anything about that. First thing Tuesday I called and it seems that they ‘forgot’ about the job.
So….. yesterday I contacted the Home Depot guy and plead my case and got an extension – I called the shrink wrapper and let him know that the deadline was extended and if he could get them done in two days for me. He had some story about how my call ‘caught him off guard, and he would call me right back’. That was ominous. After an hour of him not calling me back and my leaving him messages on all his phones, I started calling other binderies. I found another one and drove across town, picked up the pieces and delivered them to the other place. Nice people – husband, wife, and it looked like about two other people. They will have them done tonight or first thing in the morning for me – no problem. One less thing to worry about.
I have been looking at used MacBooks now for a couple of weeks. I keep getting scammed on Craigslist by these people who list things at a stupid price and then when they email, they ‘magically’ now live in Scottland, Wales, Barcelona, or some other European country. If I wire them the money, they will happily send the computer….. Grrr. I really don’t NEED another computer, it’s just that if I go to Dirk & Kat’s, I don’t have a way of working on stuff from there. Let alone if I go anywhere else – I’m kind of stuck. Keep in mind that the 17″ iMac was my travel computer last year – I just carried it under my arm. The 24″ iMac is a bit large to be doing that. So I’ve been looking and this week one came available. All three of my windows laptops have died since not traveling. Either they won’t boot or the batteries have died. New batteries are about $150-$200 and I haven’t had the time to investigate the other issues. It does not look good for them. Having the windows computer allowed me to do all my ‘work’ stuff but I’m planning for the future and that doesn’t seem all that necessary any longer. I would like to look at a dual boot system, just to know more about it….
I called and it looked good but the timing was a bit strange. The guy selling it really wasn’t thinking it would sell so quickly and I think it caught him off guard as he hadn’t moved things from the computer, etc. It sounded like it was perfect and he was fair with the price – if not underpriced for what they had been selling for. David brought it by in the afternoon and it was in awesome shape. He’s a PHP/mySQL programmer and has done lots of other programming. Very ‘math’y kind of guy, a textbook programmer personality, and we ended up talking for what seemed a couple of hours. He lived in Santa Fe until 1989, had done work for different beer distributorships, knew common places and people, and he’s working on a big database project for my old orthodontist! Small freakin’ world.
My new (old) MacBook
I really should not be spending anything right now but for some reason I think that this will work out for me in the end. We’ll see if I end up having to sell it in three months!
I spent the last of the afternoon putting Tim’s Navigator on Craiglist – I hope he won’t mind. I also finished some ad stuff that I needed to get done. I also updated the server with the newest updates and the browser update. I skipped IE7 but went ahead with IE8. We’ll see how that goes for me. When we moved the upstairs offices downstairs in January, I left the servers upstairs. We disconnected the HVAC units and knew that once it started getting hot that it would be an issue. The secondary server has already shut down from the heat issues – I can’t do anything about that. The main server seems to be doing okay so I think we will be fine – for now.
Came home late and finished up some things.
Today I get the kids again – and have fun stuff for them to do as well!

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Today is Saturday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was a waste of a day. I was expecting a meeting that was to occur at 11 am and did not end up happening. Apparently everyone else was aware of it not happening – just that nobody informed me. I had put off starting tasks that would be hard to interrupt in the mean time so it kind of killed the whole day for me. I had made the appointment at the Apple Store to have the screen replaced so I made an appointment at the chiropractor for before that.
I happily left work and had my appointment. My back cracked very easily which normally means that I really needed it. Off to the Apple Store! I was about 20 minutes early and looked around. I asked some more questions of the staff and just looked around. I was unaware that I needed to “check in with a concierge” upon my arrival so somebody helped me with that. My name appeared on the screens. Some lady had brought her little white lap dog in with her. She set the dog down on the stool where it took right to cleaning it’s crotch on the stool – for pretty much the whole time I was there. Everyone else thought it ‘cute’ – I did not.
The lone genius working the iPhone/iPod bar was swapping out a customer’s iPhone that would not hold a charge. He acted like that happened frequently, but the first plan of attack was to replace the iPhone. If it continued the customer was to change out their Sync cable and reinstall iTunes. If that didn’t work, they had to bring their Mac in. I was kind of amazed how the dude just stood in front of the customer he was helping – solely on them. He could have helped the others waiting while the customers ooh’ed and aah’ed over silly things, but he just stayed with them. Kind of nice from a customer-service point of view but from a productivity view seems a bit crazy. My turn actually came up right on time. He introduced himself and asked what I needed – I explained what happened and tried to figure out which option made the most sense. He wasn’t exactly forthcoming with information so I had to keep asking. He was becoming frustrated and kept asking condescendingly ‘do you want me to repeat that’. Lovely. Ends up the guy on Wednesday that said they would just replace the screen, not the phone was incorrect. They do replace the phone. They will not let me upgrade to a 3G without signing a new two year contract. Over a year ago when I was still having issues with AT&T, they had said that they do not have the 4GB models any longer and if it were to be replaced, they probably would give me the 8GB version. Today, he said they had no problem finding 4GB versions, I would just have to wait four or five days for it to arrive. No biggie. I walked away from the counter at 6:37 pm. Overall, I think I like the live Chat feature from the Apple website.
Last night I kind of crashed early but woke up with the house shaking from the wind around 10 pm. Then I could not get to sleep again. I putzed on the computer – can’t remember what but something with google….. Finally tried going to bed around midnight but the wind kept waking me up. We have my window open for the swamp cooler and that made it worse. I should have just shut the window but then it would get too hot and that would have kept me from sleeping. The last time I remember looking at the clock it was around 2 am. I slept until the early morning but fell back asleep.
It’s noticeably cooler today, still windy and probably will preclude a bike ride. Lots of stuff to do today anyway so all is well.

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Today is Thursday

Life: Frustrated Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday started off okay. The weather was nice and got all my ‘stuff’ ready for a bike ride. Since the morning is so cool, I was going to actually wear something other than a long sleeved shirt. My short sleeve shirt has those cool pockets on the back for things. I can’t find my earbuds so I was just looking for a place to put the phone in case it rang. I go outside to move the bike to the front and…. I had forgotten that my bike seat was broken! I actually have a spare seat for some unknown reason but the two have different connectors. I tried to figure it out quickly but after 15 minutes of trying – I gave up. I was kind of pissed at myself for not dealing with the seat after I had returned. I went back into the house and pulled my shirt over my head. About halfway off, I heard a clunk on the tile. Not a good sound while you still have shirt obscuring your view. Yup. Phone was shattered on the floor. Broken glass on iPhone 2G
I have dropped my phone at least once or twice a week. I’ve dropped it from my ear level, dropped it from the car, it’s fallen from my bike. It has some dents on the corners and a couple on the back – I REALLY like the aluminum back of the 2G compared to the plastic one on the 3G. After screaming bloody murder at the whole situation I resigned myself to my misery. I changed clothes and tried to get on the way – via a car.
I generally put my shoes on while sitting on the stairs and was putting on my shoes and noticed that I was not wearing pants. I don’t know if it was the combination of being mad about the phone, the lack of a bike ride, or what – but it was a very funny situation.
I get to work and start looking online. Seems that the 2G glass is siliconed to the touch pad so it costs twice as much. Figures. I found quite a few out of state $152 to $199 – NOT including shipping. The new 3G iPhones are affordable as far as smartphones go – but you have to renew the ‘plan’. I am SOOOO holding out that AT&T will not be sole carrier any longer that the timing of this just sucks. With more investigation online – some people found happy souls at the Apple Stores who would just swap them out – no charge. The rest of the day I was pretty worthless because I don’t have the spare bucks for this act of stupidity. The phone still works fine – just that I get glass splinters when I open the phone. Oh, that and when I put the phone to my face, I get shards in my cheek as well. Everything appears to work fine otherwise. I notice something strange with the wireless connection. Grrrr. I went to the Apple Store and waited in the middle of the store for someone to ask me. Finally a guy came out and asked. I showed him and he said. No problem. I think I may have actually smiled. Then the hammer – it’s not covered under warranty but it’s $199 to fix. I double asked him about ‘fixing’ or ‘replacing’. Fixing. Takes about five to ten minutes and I have to make an appointment for Friday or Saturday. I made the appointment and will attempt to try to talk my way out of it.
It’s a sad day around here.
Apparently, my nephew graduated yesterday. My family went, I didn’t. Don’t get me started on that one. I have been trying to ge answers to the family’s summer plans for about three weeks now. I asked and apparently the hard part is whether they are to miss Father’s Day or 4th of July. My bet is that I will miss out on Father’s Day – again.
Last night I tried helping Railee with her China project – it’s hard to keep her focused. By the time my day was over I was just mad at everything. I opted for parking my butt in front of the TV and watched all the last episodes of my shows: CSI, 30 Rock, and Scrubs. Two a.m. came quickly and I was beat. Plus it was 89 degrees upstairs so just was not in a friendly mood.
Today – up early and I brought out the ‘old’ bike to ride today. It’s a street bike instead of my mountain bike that I’ve been riding the past few years. I have not ridden this bike in… fourteen years?! I had it tuned up and had new tired put on it in 2007 so I know that everything is functioning. They say that the wider tires on the mountain bike cost the rider about 20% in effectiveness. I am wondering if I can knock off fifteen minutes on the ride to work. I’m outta here! UPDATE: I found my earbuds.
The only bad thing about riding the bike is that tonight is the Nine Inch Nails / Jane’s Addiction show at Journal Pavilion. I SOOO want to go there. Riding the bike along with drunken concert-goers is not a good idea….

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Today is Wednesday

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My iPhone was acting up yesterday so I reset it. The phone would ring but the display would stay dark and then not let me answer the call and then I can never get ‘into’ the OS to do anything. It will stay that way for sometimes 30 minutes before I can get in. Something that I remember from back when I was having all the service ‘issues’ from AT&T – resetting it really did help and it was ‘suggested’ that I do it monthly. It’s been probably seven or eight months since I did. I remember the process not taking as long as it did yesterday – almost 45 minutes! All is better.
I ran through all the paperwork and processed a lot of paperwork that I had purposely been avoiding. All done. All better. Before I knew it was 5:30 and I had to print out a lot of images for Railee’s end-of-year school assignment on China. I did get the network back up at the house – seems like I have to reset the modem ANY time I change something – but it’s okay. Problem is that I haven’t set up the printer yet and she needs to have all these images printed. I do that from work. I printed them up, ran them by the house and then met a friend from the older days at Keva Juice. I haven’t spoken with him in several years and it was good to catch up. Lamenting how it sucks to find a job now-a-days. Those who are hiring have such a vast pool of people – they don’t have to settle. They can cherry pick exactly what they want. In the olden days people could hire and you could impress them with your skills. Now, they can probably find the EXACT person they are looking for with the EXACT skill-set.
He’s working on some contract sales work – cool process. I’ll post links later.
Today will be busy and having lots of follow-up conversations with everyone. I had better get going…

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