Today is Monday

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Weight: Hours of Sleep:
It’s been a while. I’m still trying to get through all of my thoughts. In some ways, I’m wordier (see last post) and in other ways I am not so verbose any longer. Here is a recap of since I got back from Vegas.
I went straight from the airport to work 😦 I had to complete all the paperwork for the end of the month and then get payroll completed. I was pretty late. I came home and did some laundry and then packed up for the next morning’s trip to the Austin, Texas area. I hit about six stores after landing and after checking into the hotel I had a hunkering for some crab legs. Say what you will, but a pound of steamed crab legs for $12 at Hooter’s is a good deal. Are they the best crab legs? No. BUT, for $12, some cold beer, and some easy-on-the-eyes people working around me while I devour crab – it’s hard to beat. I went back to the hotel and tried to crash. It didn’t work so well and morning came quickly again. I headed out and hit about seven stores before going up to Georgetown about 30 minutes north of Austin for my class. The class went okay, my first class that I had taught in exactly 364 days! I did okay but had to keep my notes out just for the outline. I used to be able to give the classes without any notes and my timing was pretty good. Not so much anymore. Out of eleven people, only one almost fell asleep. They all paid attention which was nice. After the class I went to IKEA and had dinner and shopped. I love that store. Back to the hotel and a little better night sleep. Thursday I thought I had it planned so that I would hit the last stores and be at the airport around 12:30. I guess the traffic gods were smiling on me as I hit the airport at 10:15. I had over four hours to wait. I tried to change my flight (I had three to choose from) and it would have cost an extra $172. Not worth it. I just hung around and shopped EVERY store there. I finally made it home.
Friday was the day from hell at work as I could not catch up. Lots of other curve balls were thrown at me that day but by 5 pm I was a basket case. The kids ended up at Mom’s and Sunnee and I went to dinner at some place that we had a coupon to. It was a Teppan Grille/Sushi place in Rio Rancho. I should have left after we walked inside but was just tired of the day by that time. The food was just okay – service sucked liked only Albuquerque seems to be able to do. We left, picked up the kids and made it home in time for me to go to sleep early for a change.
Saturday was busy with housework and then I went to the factory for about five hours to actually catch up on all the week’s worth of stuff.
Sunday was a little easier but hectic. I took Railee to her piano lesson and then the rest of the day was kind of a blur. I can’t tell you if I was productive.
Today – I actually did NOT go to the factory. I did a lot of computer work that was almost therapeutic. It’s kind of sad that I enjoy doing some computer work. It’s like exercising your brain in some ways.
I had to run a few errands and think I figured a way to get the ‘new’ car painted in a way that will make me happy. There’s some ,minor paint damage that needs to be fixed that I’ve been too busy to look into. I just need to save to get it done.
A very busy Tuesday is in store for me…

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Vegas Recap

~ Hit ABQ Sunport with about an hour to spare. We walked around, mostly people watching. OK, people critiquing is more like it. First thing we notice is that nobody has any fashion sense and that nobody is smiling…
~ Arrive Vegas and didn’t even have to wait for a cab. Never had that happen before but just another sign that it’s not so busy in Vegas. Quick cab ride to the Mandalay Bay and we were in our rooms by 5pm. To think that I was thinking we would be rushed to be at the show in time! We walked around Mandalay and over to the Luxor. Jill was properly amazed. We had a ginormous BLT sandwich that was truly worthy of our bellies. My intent was to leave the hotel at 6 pm to make it across to the MGM for a 7 o’clock show. Ended up making it downstairs about 6:20 AND it had been raining! We thought that a cab would be more prudent but did not account for a Stevie Wonder show that had traffic backed up. We couldn’t even get out of the cab without taking our lives into some crazy driver’s hands. They added those concrete barriers to prevent jaywalkers which made it even more difficult.
While waiting I got to talk to Shannon who was to accompany us to the show. Sadly she thought it started at 8 and would be late. We got our tickets and literally sat down as it started. The Ka show is part of the Cirque de Soleil shows. The theater is amazing – very steam-punk-ish. I was lucky enough to have seen the show before although there was a LOT about it that I had forgotten. It is an amazing piece of theater – a fantasy story in true Cirque paegentry. Cirque should do a promo on their invented ‘language’ for their shows. A mix of inflections and nonsense that conveys the emotions with no tangible words. It’s pretty amazing. Shannon texted me a little after 8 as she had been stuck in traffic and would not be coming in. I felt bad for her to go through that much effort for nothing. Jill was happily amazed!
~After the show we walked around the MGM. I introduced Jill to gambling with a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. I gave her $20 and within a couple minutes she had $35 and smartly cashed out. After some more siteseeing there, we started walking. We went across to New York, New York – thus starting our trek of ‘things-to-show’. The next stop across the new City Center property.
Jill in front of City Center - with Paris and Planet Hollywood in the background
This place has seemed like it has been 10 years in progress but I bet it’s been more like 5. Either way it is impressive and one (of seven) tower is scheduled to open in the next couple of weeks. Just in first impressions, it is too huge! You would never leave the property unless they gave you a personal golf cart and driver just to take – and retrieve – you to the property lines! It supposedly will have everything and I guess that is the idea.
~ I wanted her to be able to see some of the casinos so that she could compare the ‘vibe’ of them all. We went over to the Planet Hollywood – the old Aladdin for us fogeys. I give the Aladdin credit for doing a Vegas remodel well. You can still tell that it’s all the same, but they did a nice job of adding lights, pillars, and other stuff to make it look ‘hip’. I think it’s my favorite looking casino. We were at the Paris when we got a lucky crosswalk break to cross over just in time to watch one of the fountain shows in front of the Bellagio. The fountains were choreographed to Gene Kelly’s ‘Singin’ In The Rain’.
Jill in front of the fountains at Bellagio
It was amazing. We walked on into the casino and showed her the crazy glass umbrellas in the lobby and then into the garden display. It was still the ‘fall harvest’ set-up and was amazing. Jill couldn’t believe that they had all of that as a ‘temporary’ setup. From there we went into Cesar’s Palace and I showed her the ‘original’ table pit room that has been the same since I have been going to Vegas. It’s very ‘old school’ for Vegas seeing that they typically tear down stuff like that. We walked over towards the shops and I showed her the replica of the Trevi Fountain. Again, just more proof that ANYTHING can exist in Vegas.
~ We hopped in a cab from Cesar’s to go to the Palms since we were so close. I had texted Bryce to see if he was up for visitors. I got to see Joe Maloof hanging out. I wonder if he would remember me? Doubt it! Bryce had the KISS show in the Pearl showroom and it was done. He still had to take care of some things but he led us upstairs to the Playboy Club/Moon in the tower. The Playboy Club is exactly as I remember it. Kind of slow, but it was only 10:30 or 11 – still early. We went upstairs to the Moon dance club. It has a retractable roof that open up to the sky. Sadly, the two of us found ourselves feeling very ‘old’ there. The music is too loud and the people looked like kids. We laughed as we were able to totally people-watch. We both decided that it was getting late and we went downstairs. Bryce wanted us to hang out a bit longer but I told him we were just old anymore. He told us that GhostBar was more ‘mellow’ and to try it. We went up to the top of the other tower and indeed, it was more mellow – and a bit older crowd. By this time, I think we were both on the verge of falling asleep. We took a cab back to our hotel and passed out. I think it was about 1:30 am.
~ Sunday morning my phone rang at 6:50 am to remind us to check in online for our flight out. Stupid alarm function. We couldn’t fall back asleep as the noise of the airplanes taking off was CRAZY. We laughed that the ONE day that neither of us had ANY family responsibilities – we could not sleep in. Fitting. We finally crawled out of bed and went downstairs for some breakfast. Raffles cafe at the Mandalay Bay was just good, straight-forward food. We split a large omelet and a stack of banana-nut pancakes. The service was incredible.
Awesome breakfast at the Mandalay Bay - Banana Nut Pancakes
~ Our Spa Mandalay appointment was for noon and we got there a little after 11. I think that this was my first time to a ‘spa’. I’ve been to Ten Thousand Waves and to different places that have had massages but I don’t think I had been to a men’s spa prior to this. I have to laugh a bit at myself as it’s a bit disconcerting to walk around when your first response is to cover up when you see someone when you ARE naked. Regardless, I opted for a dry sauna for about 20 minutes before the massage.
The massage was awesome. My therapist had been working at the spa at Mandalay for ten years! She said that quite a few of the workers had been there that long. I asked about the economy based upon what she saw and she said that people that come to Vegas have money to spend and that will never change. She said that people used to not think twice about spending $400-$500 and now it’s more under $200. She said that the crazy tipping is gone. People think more now, she thought.
After the massage, I went back into the spa for about an hour. More sauna, cold plunge, hot tub then the showers and back to the room. Jill had said that she was going to hang out for a while and since I couldn’t find her (and I knew she wouldn’t have a place for her phone) I went back to the room and then back down to the casino.
I went for my normal slot machine – Wheel of Fortune. It’s just a slot machine, but there’s something exciting about watching that damn wheel spin. On a quarter machine, I hit a forty coin win ($10) and then….
I hit a 1,000 coin win! I have only done that one other time and it was in Albuquerque at the Sandia Casino. That time was on a dollar machine, still this did not suck. I continued playing for a bit – something that you should NEVER do. I still walked away with $250. Jill called and I met her upstairs.
I just won $250 on the Wheel of Fortune Slot machine
~ We cleaned up a bit and decided to head out again. I showed her the casino at the Tropicana. The most noticeable thing about the older casinos was the crazy amount of cigarette smoke there is. The newer ones must pump Febreeze or something through them. We took the Monorail from the MGM up to Imperial Palace. The Monorail was very shaky feeling – like it needed some nuts tightened up somewhere to make it less of a rocky trip. Still, we got there fine. The Imperial Palace is another old-school casino. We walked across to the Mirage. I was actually impressed with the remodel job over there – it really looked nice. It’s kind of strange to see the new bars and restaurants – one of them is where the white tiger cage used to be! We decided on some apps at Stack. It’s run by the Light Group who operate several restaurants and several clubs around the Strip. We split an app of lobster tacos with ‘avocado puree’ – something the rest of us know as ‘guacamole’. I had a big ol’ bowl of hearty, tomato soup and Jill had a salad. We were laughing that all the employees could have been models. We walked around Mirage at bit more and then went over to Treasure Island. It’s funny how in the old days you would walk along Las Vegas Boulevard to get everywhere. Now it’s all done in the casino and via monorails and trams. They have actually rebuilt a lot of the walkways so that you do not even get near the street. I showed Jill Fashion Show Mall, it was closing for the night but it’s pretty impressive from the outside. It used to just be a ‘normal’ mall – now it’s way fancy. We went across to The Wynn and was even more amazed at simple things like the flower arrangements and the inside landscaping. We went over to the newly opened Encore as well. WOW! Even more extravagant. The use of the color red is impressive.
We got in touch with Byrce and Shannon and opted to meet at a bar in Bellagio so we started ambling back towards that part of the strip. We went in through the shops at the Palazzio and down through the Venetian. They have that whole place all messed up as far as getting around in it. I actually got us lost only because they closed off an entrance or exit or something. Again – more proof that anything can exist in Vegas. We stopped in a few of the shops. There was a very cool glass place that had some incredible objects and even had some carved wood pieces that looked like fabric. Wow.
By this time we were getting a bit crazed in the head as we were tired, hungry and not looking forward to the 6 am flight in the morning. Once we made it back to the Bellagio, the bar that we were going to meet at was closed for a poker tournament. Jill and I were physically tired and mentally done with the trip. The early flight was weighing heavily and we almost bailed. Intead we waited at Fix, which was strangely similar to Stack – same group. The bartender, although we could NOT understand him was fun. We were the ‘first’ customers he had ever had from New Mexico. That was strange. Bryce and Shannon came up and Jill and I were getting our second wind. We opted for dining across the way at YellowTail for some sake, some rolls, and some edamame that kicked butt! We enjoyed the fountain shows from the inside and some stellar conversation about all sorts of topics. It’s amazing how much I miss conversations with other adults. We closed down the restaurant and said goodnight to our friends. We cabbed it back to the hotel, went upstairs, packed our bags and hit the beds.
~ That alarm came early. We ran downstairs, hopped a cab for the airport and left – just a mere 37 hours after arriving. It was a whirlwind trip. We got to laugh at other people, laugh at ourselves, eat some good food, and escape our ‘normal’ lives for a bit. In some ways I wish we had a few more hours there and in others I was happy that we had the time we had. We didn’t solve any of the world’s problems – or even our own. But I think that we realized that we all have issues and the only way that you understand how normal that is – is for you to share with others. My life hardly seems as complicated and maybe the best thing that I think we both got out of the trip is that we need some time to escape and see the other side.
I had someone tell me last week that the thing that I most need is some ‘me’ time. I think I got it…. 🙂

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Today is Sunday

Life: Indifferent Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
BRRRRRRR! It is cold outside. Like ‘winter’ cold.
I’m baaaaacccckkkk… The Atlanta trip did not go so well. I knew there was going to be problems when they finally get me set in front of a computer and I’m looking at a new version number. After an hour, the told me that it was something ‘totally back-end’ that they didn’t change anything else. After about two hours of testing…. Ooopsy. They broke something. The lady that runs the whole thing had asked me to get them to push an order through to our EDI program so that we could all confirm that it was working. I purposely did this before 11 am so that they couldn’t have any excuses. Then I kept asking him every hour if it was done. ‘That team is working on it’ was the standard answer. I took a late lunch and actually went outside – it was in the high 70’s and beautiful.
We don’t get much of an autumn unless you go to the bosque – the only real place that we have an abundance of trees. Being in the middle of all the trees in Atlanta actually made you feel like it was fall – just that I could have just as easily been wearing shorts.
The rest of the afternoon was me fighting with the guy waiting for ‘his team’ and waiting for the boss-lady to have time to see what was going on. She was so upset that they had tried to push a new, untested version on us that I thought that her head was going to explode. Then we discussed how different business is anymore and how nobody will take responsibility for anything and how frustrating that can be. She would not let our version be distributed as it was and the only good thing is that I made her promise that I would not have to fly back out to sign off on the new version. I also found out that they could have made all the changes that I had asked for in September, there was no ‘freeze’ on new work. Grrrrrrr.
Back at the hotel I watched the last Disney/Pixar hit – ‘Up’. It looked like a good movie but I never had time to see it in the theater. Wow. What a disappointment. Not only was the story kind of dark, but very violent for what I was expecting. Here’s my take on Pixar – do not include adults. You do a very poor job trying to make them cartoon-y. Look at the adults in ‘Wall-E’ – they sucked. They lacked personality. The boy in ‘Up’ looks EXACTLY like one of the offspring of the blobulous space adults. The most amazing part of the movie was the first ten minutes with very little dialogue. EXACTLY like ‘Wall-E’ – the first ten minutes told more of a story with NO dialog – then most movies could accomplish in 190 minutes. After that it just turned sour in ‘Up’. There’s some amazing animation but almost feels like they had to rush it out. There’s shooting, hitting, betrayal, bullying, and other things that are not appropriate. When it’s monsters, cars, or toys – it’s okay – but with people? No. Not worth the $19 – but it did include a digital version….
Friday night I went into town and picked up my old friend Jal. We had not seen each other since ’99. She looks awesome and is doing well. We went to an area of town that is kind of like Nob Hill but with more restaurants. The food was awesome and we just sat there catching up on things and solving the worlds’ problems. It was wonderful. I passed out once I got back to the hotel but woke up at 6:30 am and could not go back to sleep. I left there around 10 am to drive back to Birmingham. There was some big football game that I was afraid that I would be stuck in traffic for – I wasn’t. Birmingham to Chicago. Why did I book this flight again? I had a yogurt in Birmingham and tried to think of something good to eat in Chicago which truly has so many different restaurants – good ones too. My issue was still having to have a 3 hour flight. That made me cross off pizza, hot dogs, and even popcorn off my list. Before I knew it, it was time to board and I opted for…. nothing! By the time I hit ABQ I was so hungry I was going to eat anything I could find. Everything was closed – even the bookstore with the snacks. By the time I got home I was shaking from lack of food. I hit the fridge like a ravenous bear just waking from hibernation. I just pulled containers and through them in the microwave. Ate that while I heated up something else. My body was using all the energy to digest the food and I was out very quickly.
I actually slept pretty good too.
Today – dressed in jammies and a large to-do list of things to catch up on.

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Today is Monday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I had a great time. By this time, apparently the YouTube/U2 show last night was watched by lots of people so people got to see the show. The stage set was INCREDIBLE. Big tours tend to try to one-up the previous large tour with bigger and better. This will be very difficult to beat. Apparently the stage (stages, as there are three of them) cost $60 million. Look at the photos of the daytime shots here.
The night-time shots are here.
It’s amazing that four guys can put on such an amazing show. The only strange thing is that it was soooo…. mellow. A couple of songs kind of rocked out but it was fairly amazing how slow it was. I liked the setlist and they played the songs you wanted from the old days and some from the new ones. The crowd was also – how to say it – old. No kids, other than the ones who carried in their four to six year olds. Not many under 21. It was very similar to the Roger Waters show in 2007 – very old. That kind of shows that they have not been overly successful in crossing over to the next listening generation.
To basically describe it, the center, circular stage was nice with a circle of ‘fans’ around that and then another circular walkway around that – with fans in front of that. There were two moveable catwalks that could rotate around from the back to the front that they would use to cross over to the outer circle. At times, when in the ‘inner circle’ they were just three feet above us. That was cool. In that inner circle area there were SO many beer bottles you would watch where you were walking because if you stepped on a bottle wrong, you would have broken your neck. I love my height when on the floor at shows. I don’t think of myself as tall – until I get into situations like that. It works to my advantage. Bono was such a small person. Then, when he gets next to The Edge, you realize how small he is too.
President Bill Clinton was there – he stayed up in a suite next to the press room where I took most of the ‘high’ photos. Paris Hilton was there too causing a lot of hub-bub. At a time when we walked to the front of house mix position there was a lot of people around and she was walking out. I will admit that she ‘appears’ very pretty – like the photos show. There’s just a cloud of ‘skankiness’ around her. Speaking of skankiness, Gavin Maloof was there too.
All in all – the stage show was unforgettable. I’m glad I was able to see U2, sad that I had not seen any of the previous tours. Judging from the comments and emails – lots of my female friends are WAY into The Edge. One of the friends of the LiveNation crew was very impressed with the drummer. It just goes to show that they still have fans (or is it stalkers?) out there.
The neatest part of the trip was getting to see a friend from the old days. TK had already planned a trip to Vegas from Bamburg, Germany before she knew I was going to be there and she came from the airport to the show. In the middle of a crowd, we picked each other out. We both look the same, which is pretty cool after 14 years or so. She had lived in Vegas previously and had originally come into town to see some old friends. She had been awake for over 20 hours and was a trooper to make it through the show. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that I have friends. It helps me keep my sanity.
Off to work this morning, a bit later than I anticipated while writing all this.

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Today is Saturday

Life: Happy Work: n/a
Weight: ??? Hours of Sleep:
Life on the road! I’ll post photos later from the ‘regular’ camera.
We arrived in San Antonio on Thursday with no issues. Easy flight, full – which is good to see.
There’s a chicken finger restaurant at the airport in SAT called ‘Raisin’ Caine’ (sp?). It’s always a good stop and since it had been six hours since we had eaten, was looking pretty good. The guy who was to pick us up said to call once we landed and he was just six minutes away. We were a little later than we had anticipated – with the chicken fingers – and he wasn’t answering his phone. We waited. And waited. I remembered his description of himself – tall old guy with red shirt on. Small white car? I forgot. After about 45 minutes of waiting we spied a guy that had tried to park in the loading zone and I thought the officer was going to arrest him. GREEN CAR! The officer made him go around. I’ve been there enough times to know that we had about ten more minutes for him to get back around. He made it around and we squeezed into his car. Wow. What a talker!
We got to the house of the lady who was selling it and it was beautiful! A couple of dings on the doors and rear quarter panel but it was gorgeous! I didn’t even bother test driving it. We went inside and finished all the paperwork and then I pulled it around to the front to collect the kids and bags. When you put it into reverse, the mirrors tilt down! Freaked me out and I was excited. I burned rubber in her driveway – in REVERSE! AWESOME!
We headed out and found the hotel.
It wasn’t the nicest hotel and right next to the Interstate so it was noisy. I didn’t care. The kids opted for cooling off in the pool and sat down with the owners manual to read up on everything. Yes, I actually read those. In my haste of leaving, I did not pack my swimsuit. After about 90 minutes, the kids were prunified and I was getting hungry.
We took the city bus into the Riverwalk area and walked around – deciding where to eat. The kids opted for Rainforest Cafe – not exactly the local fare that I was wishing for but this is not about me on this trip. Ok. The car was about me, the rest is for everyone else!
Dinner was tolerable and then we walked over to the Alamo. It is impressive at night – the day too, but given the circumstances….
There’s a house of mirrors right across the street and that occupied almost two hours of fun. After that I was beat. We took a cab back to the hotel and if I had my suit, I would have gone for a dip.
The next morning I set up some of the things on the car, seat adjustments, etc. We went to a WalMart and I got some supplies and we went up to New Braunfels to the Schlitterbahn water park. It opens at 10:00 and we arrived about 11 – still packed. We figured out where to go and truly had a great time. Lines are LONG wait for the really cool stuff but we still enjoyed ourselves. My intent was to leave around 1pm (had we arrived at 10) and ended up leaving around 3 ish. That made for a long drive to El Paso. I had to stop every 60 miles or so and just stretch and walk around to stay awake. About 120 miles out I gave up and pulled into a rest stop and took a 30 minute power nap. That did me some good and I made it the rest of the way in.
This morning…. Las Cruces, White Sands, Alamogordo, and then up to San Antonio (New Mexico). A great road trip with the added bonus – a new car for me!

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Today is Monday

Life: Sick Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
ARGH! A couple of days with no viable internet and absolutely NO phone service made for a sort of peaceful but a VERY disconnected weekend….
I took Sunnee’s Mom to the airport in the morning, went back and swapped cars with Sunnee so I would have an all-wheel drive. We had tried to be ‘on’ the road by 10:30. I think we actually hit Highway 550 just after Noon. Railee went with me, Jaeden wanted to O.D. on computer games some more. The drive up was pleasant! Warm and sunny, clear and nice. As we got closer to Colorado, there was more snow in the shaded areas and eventually around Aztec there was more consistent snow. The roads were dry though.
We arrived to my Dad’s & Joan’s house and Railee was so excited to see snow – about 12″-18″ everywhere! She went and started playing immediately.
Railee in the Snow!
Check out her form….
Railee throwing a snowball at me.
We had a nice dinner and called it a night after my attempting to find the OSX dvd to upgrade my Dad’s Mac Mini OS. Nope. Wasn’t in the cards. I have been planning to do this since…. March or April? I had the DVD case right by my chair all this time. Got up there – no disc. Great. So much for that. I went to bed. The cold was creeping into my lungs by nighttime. I did not sleep at all. The last time I looked at the clock it was 3:35 am. I just kept tossing and turning. In my head – I kept having to fix computer issues but it kept me awake, or at least, not sleeping.
Morning came too soon and we had made plans to be at the Church around 9 am. We woke to an additional six inches of snow! After breakfast we went into town. The roads were snowpacked but driveable. The worst road hazard was a bull that had escaped his ‘home’ and was standing in the shoulder. I would hate to hit that!
Pastor Rob is the benefactor of the new Mac Mini that the church has purchased for him – with some expert assistance from me. Based upon their budget constraints and the fact that a monitor was being donated to the cause – a Mini made sense. Everything had arrived before Christmas and he had a little time to get his feet wet. He’s very savvy and had some good questions. It’s fun to see how lifelong windows users get set in their ways and how the ‘obvious logic’ that mac users are used to take for granted. The problem – other than my being late was that the roof had too much melting ice and it was leaking into the church – and on the computer… Everything was fine and operable so we dodged that bullet. After hours of showing, seeing, setting up, etc. It was getting late and we were all a bit punchy. Don’t ask Rob about passwords! NOTE TO SELF: write down new passwords no matter what the user says that they will remember….
Back at home Railee wanted to play some more. I was feeling a bit down but she was so excited!
Here she is in a drift – about 24″ deep:
Railee in a drift
Here she’s taking my picture. Only a city-dude would use blue-jeans as snow pants….
Look, I'm a Snowman!
This tree just looks sooooo cute!
Cute 'lil tree
We had some good Mexican food for dinner and that was about all for my day. I was so tired. I crashed out about 8 pm and attempted to go to sleep. Around 10 pm I finally fell asleep.
I set my alarm for 6:30 in the morning (hoping that I fell asleep at 8pm) so that I would have time to update the iLife and iWork program on Dad’s mini. I beat everyone awake and got started.
The morning was nice and we actually saw some sun and blue sky. That made me think that I had some extra time. I showed Dad the updates and Railee REALLY wanted some more snow-time! We played a bit more, I got her a little too cold by throwing her in the snow. Bad Dad.
We got on the road knowing that it would be a bit difficult around Cuba. I went to Durango to fill up with gas and made a stop by the neighborhood Home Depot. A little work 😦
A missed the gas station on the way out of town and opted to make it to Aztec. The road was very wet and slushy and it started snowing pretty hard. We made it to Aztec on very slick roads and filled up. Farmington was ten miles away so I headed out to that store. Look on the left – there’s a Lowe’s store too! Nobody at Lowe’s, the Depot store took about 45 minutes to talk to the guy there.
On the road to Bloomfield for a LotaBurger! Oops. It’s closed on Sundays. There was a KFC and it was very bad. Back on the road. It was a very rough ride all the way to the other side of Cuba. This was the view:
Driving South on 550/48 in a white out
There were cars off the road in at least a dozen places and two really bad accidents.
Once we were clear – it was dry roads the rest of the way. There was so much ice on the side of the car that we couldn’t open our doors! Sheets of ice fell away from the car and the wheelwells were packed so that I almost couldn’t turn into the car wash to wash it all away.
It was good to be back home again. I almost slept a full night although 4:45 am came awfully early today. Sunnee needed to get up early for work so I was her back-up alarm clock.
Today was more catching up. Glad to be done.

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2008 Travel Page FINAL VERSION

My 2008 Travel Page is finished! I added all my local driving miles as well.

See them all at:
2008 Travel Page

It’s kind of scary when you look at them as a whole….

I also started the 2009 Travel Page, I don’t expect to be anywhere around the same for this coming year – that’s probably a good thing…

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2008 Travel Page has been updated

I added the latest trip to the totals. It’s not so much fun anymore…
You can look here.

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New Travel Totals Posted

I updated this week’s travel onto the Travel Page. Feel free to be afraid. Very afraid. There’s still at least four more trips this year…

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New Travel Totals Posted

I’ve updated the 2008 Travel page – click to see.

Very sad when you put the numbers to all these trips. Sadly, I still have a lot more to go this year…

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