An Apple a day…

Apple Announcement Day
We’re less than four hours away to see what product Apple is going to release. I hope that Steve Jobs does the whole presentation and that he looks well. For all the Apple ‘haters’ there are out there whether it be for price, features, the sort of locked-down OS and hardware – you cannot argue that most every product they have released looks SEXY. The first iMac? Looked cool. Were the colors kind of strange? Yes. But the damn thing was awesome looking. The clamshell iBook? I was stopped in the airport by people that wondered what the hell I was carrying. The flat screen iMacs? Damn cool. The iPhone? You wanted to just go get one to LOOK at it. The first month I had my iPhone, people would just be drawn to you.
Although I don’t know personally how much Steve Jobs actually comes up with the designs, I know from books and articles that the man at least has visions and then assembles the team to get it done. We’ve all heard about how focused and how much of an ass he can be towards people. But if you look at the end results…. I’d say it’s worth it. The iMacs, the OS, the iPhone, even iTunes – all work. You can pretty much just set someone in front of it and it’s kind of like second nature. Yes, there is a learning curve on some things – but for the most part it seems more intuitive.
Pricey? You bet. I do feel that the Apple products of old were made a little more bulletproof than current standards. I also believe that Apple realized that they built their products ‘too well’ – in that even though they didn’t break down, they wanted you to upgrade more often than what was happening. Short of the major OS changes – you could keep an old Mac for five years plus. I think that most people upgrade every 2-3 years. Some people have to have the Latest & Greatest no matter the product.
What will today bring? We can all assume from the ‘leaks’ – I promise they are all part of the marketing ‘plan’ – that it will be a tablet Mac. The name? Who knows. Who cares.
When the iPhone came out three years ago (!) I didn’t care what the price was. I could only afford the small 4GB version at the time but cash was a bit more available then. Today’s product? I don’t think I have much more than about $500 available and think that it will be much more than that. We’ll see.
Features? Who cares! I’m sure that even it were a iPhone Touch on steroids that it will still be impressive. I feel that Apple is on track with delivering a new experience as far as book readers are concerned. Did Apple make the smart phone? No. They made an impressive piece of hardware with some kick-butt software. The potential to salvage print media – without the printing – is impressive. Whether or not the big ‘printers’ will play will be interesting and hearing how the revenue sharing will work will be even more exciting. Think about the ability to make your ‘print’ ad clickable or imbedding video all in your ‘print’ media. I imagine that this revolution will make a lot of new jobs at print media houses for video, programmers, and coders. Huzzah!
The potential from an education standpoint will be wary. Apple’s products have never been ‘affordable’ and with the budget shortfalls of public schooling – will never be adopted as a norm. Colleges and Universities have the potential – similar to the iTunes U usage – but an mp3 player is more widely available and much more affordable. If they want to hit the world with ‘shock & awe’ – the product would be $399.
I think that the paint splashes on the invite also hint to an Apple art program. Those color splashes could have just as easily been geometric shapes and the fact that they are not makes me lean that way.
Sadly, I won’t get to watch the presentation until I get home tonight and it is hard to stay ‘dark’ on whatever gets announced as it makes headlines. Apple stock will go down by the end of the day. I suspect if they make any announcements about other wireless companies – other than AT&T – AT&T will drop. That won’t help the market for the day. Once the new product actually rolls out and people are waiting in lines for it – it will all correct itself.
Regardless – I can’t wait to see what the new ‘thing’ is. I can’t wait to see Steve Jobs onstage again. I can use some excitement this week…

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Today is Saturday

Life: Happy Work: N/A
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was like a morgue again. Even the phones are dead. Looking back at what we wish we paid more attention to – neither of us remember the phones being this dead. I spoke with a few Home Depot people that basically told me to push back at our merchant – basically to grow a pair. Tim seemed very nervous over the whole thing. I doubt he slept last night.
We were kidless last night!? That hasn’t happened in a very long time. I picked Sunnee up and we went to a new restaurant / bar by the house called Jinja. There’s been one up off of Paseo del Norte, this new one is 1/2 a mile from Casa Hendricks. It was packed since this was it’s 3rd week open. It’s very dark inside and at 6 pm on a Friday night a mix of early bird special folks, happy hour folks, and people from the neighborhood. We opted for a few apps and a few drinks. The apps arrived before the drinks did! Sunnee had a gimlet that was made from green-tea-infused vodka. Actually it was kind of tasty. I had a margarita. The menu reminded me of something very similar to P.F. Chang’s – only about $5 more per entree. It’s not inexpensive. We started with some Yin Yang Shrimp and some Lettuce Wraps. Strangely the description for the shrimp doesn’t state ‘fried’ anywhere in it. They were tasty though and a nice couple of dippy sauces. One sweet n’ sour-y the other citrus-y with a bit of spice. The lettuce wraps said it included a mix of chicken, smoked ham, mushrooms, and water chestnuts. It was tasty, but a bit salty. The lettuce was crisp and offset that but the mix of fillings made it almost taste beef-y. It was very strange. Sunnee still needed one more app so we went for the calamari. Mistake. It had the same breading as the shrimp did – tasty on the shrimp but not on a dry calamari. It was too dry. The sauce that came with it was a ‘lime and mint sauce’ but it was like lime extract. VERY lime-y. We asked for the other sauce from the shrimp and it was a bit better. The lack of moistness just could not be overcome and it was a sad way to end the experience.
The strangest experience was the CD that they were playing as background music. I thought I heard Rod Stewart and what seemed like Ella Fitzgerald but could not be sure. I fired up ‘Shazam’ on the ol’ iPhone and even over the noise of a restaurant it PICKED the song out. Ends up it was Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton(!) – who knew. We got about fifteen minutes of amazement over the fact that that little app is freakin’ COOL!
We went from Jinja to the dollar movie version of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ – although the dollar movies are now $2 🙂 I pretty much ignore anything that wins an Academy Award but of our options for the night, this seemed doable. O.M.G. The movie seemed to last about 9 hours, I think it’s just short of three. My butt was so tired that I had to keep shifting in my seat just to make it through it. The story is intriguing but just so damn long. There’s some amazing makeup and CGI – but no notable acting prowess as was warranting best actor statues. I almost feel that it would have been best as a series with each episode dealing with a ‘chapter’ in his life. I think it could keep people’s attention for seven or eight episodes. It was like they spent so much time on his ‘old’ body that they rushed through the rest of it. Taking a thirteen year old to a brothel? Getting him drunk? I don’t get that. What was he doing in India? Why so much on WWII? The recurring theme of loss needed to make you appreciate someone was pretty much thrown out every couple of minutes.
I remembered a lot of comparisons to Forrest Gump – and it’s definitely along a similar vein. It was 10:30 when we got out of there and we went home and crashed.
This morning it’s strange not to have the kids screaming at each other or to hear SpongeBob or a video game in the background. Very strange that it feels unnatural….
Tonight is my Mom’s birthday party so it will be another busy evening. Maybe Dirk can get some work out of me this weekend?

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was almost a non-day for me. I putzed around the house, mostly doing laundry and dishes in the morning (no I didn’t make it to work early). Once I got there – after doing what I needed – my back was aching so much that I called the chiropractor. I figured if she was in, that it means I should go. I left work at 3:30 (after putting in my solid four hours), went to the doctor, and went home.
I started working on things that I didn’t get done at work and ended up staying up until after 1 am.
Oh wait! I did spend about two hours of the evening with some of the more exciting news. I purchased the Apple TV (aTV) back in January and was impressed with the ease of use and how it works with iTunes. It never has become that ‘groundbreaking device’ that I always wanted it to be. Music – the satellite has about 100 music channels so that’s not so special. Having my iTunes playlists is nice for setting up a ‘mix’.
Movies – iTunes ‘rentals’ – I did actually rent Batman as it was faster than going to the store and finding it, renting it, watching it, and returning it. That was cool. With, I can watch most shows, but that’s from my computer screen.
Internet – the device fails miserably! It’s hooked up to the internet and the best it can do is YouTube? What is up with that? - visit the site
I had heard about boxee a few months ago but didn’t have time to investigate it more. noted that the new version was just released. I looked into it more and was amazed at what it offered. Sure, I’m reprogramming my aTV and it says it’s reversible so what is there to lose?

First, you have to make a bootable USB flash drive ($10 at walgreens) and in one way you are hacking the aTV – but was a simple task. Then the sad thing came up. I needed to create an account. I signed up for an account – please wait ‘several weeks’. Arghhh. Then I sent a nice poem to the blog-worthy princess Christina Warren – a blogger from and she responded with a personal invite so I could access the info immediately. She ROCKS!
Two minutes later I was up and running. THIS IS WHAT APPLE TV SHOULD BE! I can browse internet radio, internet streams, access to lyrics and more! I haven’t even played with all of it yet. BBC, NPR bears, tigers, oh my! I watched an episode of the Simpsons on hulu and it didn’t suck. The text was a bit ‘glowy’ for the titles but was comparable to regular definition on iTunes. This thing is wonderful.

Apple should pay more attention to this and reward the boxee folks for making something apple even better! It’s open source so it’s possible to still customize it and I’m sure that they are updating it all the time. I’ll report more as I play more…

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It’s iPhone – 3G day!

I – sadly – have not been as excited about the new phone as it didn’t cover all the things that I wanted. Will I get one? Probably. Just not right out of the gate this time.
I’m in the heart of iPhoney-ness in San Francisco. I may actually try to go over there and see what’s up. I’m excited about the new iPhone software 2.0 – I’ll have to do that tonight when I get back home. I need to make a sync my iPhone and make a backup before I go through all of that.
I think that Dirk will be traveling, so he may not be able to get one. Maybe Chris will have one….?

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Happy B-Day to: my iPhone

Yes, it’s hard to believe that you are ONLY a year old today. It seems like only yesterday that I was counting down the days until you were born. Then I waited in a short line for you. I had you activated later that same night and you started running immediately – no learning to crawl for you!
You gave me a few gray hairs – not unlike a teenager. But you turned out alright.
I even received a pricing rebate after being willing to shell out my hard-earned dollars for you. A bonus, none the less. Used that credit towards an AppleTV.
So now you are a whopping 365 days old. Your warranty just expired. You are not unlike an aged old man – ready for the old folks home.
There have been other ‘whippersnappers’ that have come along and took some of your ‘newness’ away. Regardless of the competition, you blazed the trail to allow such technology to make it to the rest of the world. Only those of us early adopters new you and loved you from the beginning.
So that brings me to my dilemma? Do I put you out to pasture? Do I dare look in the direction of the new 3G version of you?
I haven’t made up my mind as to how much I need iPhone 2.0. Regardless I feel like we have lived a happy coexistence. You have rarely let me down and you continue to impress those that I show you off to.
Happy Birthday, my friend. My iPhone v1.0…

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New iPhone Announcement?

Steve Jobs iPhone AppleSteve Jobs and Apple, Inc. are scheduled to announce the newest Mac offerings at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco today. Steve Jobs’ keynote address at 10am local or 11 am here. He is expected to show the new 3G iPhone today.
Will I upgrade? Short of this new thing being the cat’s meow and it being affordable – I don’t see it…
Here are my issues:
Apple made an amazing device. I have always been happy with anything Mac. The designs are revolutionary and at least two years ahead of anything else. Mac is what is imitated by the other companies. How can you even look at other devices after seeing any of the iMacs? The iPod? The iPhone was the same. Are they more expensive than something comparable? Sometimes yes – but more than often it is within 10% – and I would gladly pay that for a sexy looking, well-working item.
The iPhone as a device fits that bill – it’s sexy looking and serves multiple purposes: calendar, contacts, notepad, alarm clock, calculator, texting, camera, photo viewer, and a iPod with music and video. PLUS – it’s a phone! PLUS – it has full web capability. PLUS – it has maps and a type of GPS based upon triangulation. With the web comes stocks, weather, youtube, iTunes store, a browser, and full email.
I am not a gadget whore. I despise having to carry lots of devices. I love iPods. Having to carry an iPod and a phone were crazy. One more device to drop, lose, or otherwise take care of. The iPhone married these together very nicely.
My only issue has been with the AT&T service. As a phone, in Albuquerque, NM – it sucks. There are still dead areas and it still drops at least one phone call a day. I have sent the iPhone in for service. I have called AT&T. I have been to their stores. Nothing. Nobody cares.
I had similar issues in Sacramento, parts of Texas, and while traveling in New Mexico.
In big cities such as the bay area, Phoenix, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, Nashville – it works flawlessly.
The current ‘fast’ network for AT&T was the ‘Edge’ network. Our European friends have always enjoyed 3G speeds. When the iPhone was announced – the network has always been it’s downfall. Was it a rush to get the iPhone out on a sub-standard network to beat the other companies? We’ll never know – although I bet there will be a book from an iPhone developer published next year that will tell all the details. Was the Edge network adequate? Yes. Streaming youtube videos, accessing the iTunes store. Most of the news websites made an iPhone default page that didn’t include all the junk. There’s really only a few times I wished that I had more speed.
What would I like to see in the new phone?

  • Better Camera – The current camera takes half-assed pictures. It’s sad when my Treo took better pictures
  • Video – How hard would it have been to add video? Again, my Treo had video and I have some nice videos of lighting storms, people being drunk, and little events that was awesome to have video capabilities
  • Photos – How hard would it be to be able to send photos to other mobile devices without it going through the stupid web access? I hate that.
  • Price – The price for the service really needs to come down to a more reasonable level. It should be well under $100 for all service. I really think it should be around $70 all in. After all the taxes and fees, it’s $115 a month.
  • The current AT&T service in Albuquerque sucks. Their website ‘says’ we’ll have their 3G service in Albuquerque. They said the same thing about their last network upgrade. I don’t see it happening. Their old coverage map would change – almost daily.
    There’s a lot of information saying that AT&T will subsidize the price to make it about $200 with a renewed contract. I see them keeping the expensive service for all the first-adopters. Give it to Christmas and I bet they will lower the service price to be competitive with the other companies. They all have released smart-phones and their best way to get fence-sitters would be to beat them with price.
    Personally I feel that AT&T will see the most profits for all the switchers! Think of all our spouses, kids, friends, etc that will be ‘gifted’ the old iPhones! My niece has already taken dibs on my iPhone if I get a new one. I don’t know how Sunnee will feel about that.
    What would it take to get me to switch?

  • Price under $200
  • Affordable service that is no more expensive for 3G service, hopefully less
  • Smoking Design! If it’s as sexy as it could be, maybe I would look more at it.
  • That’s my two cents’ worth. Check in tomorrow to see if I am posting a video of my opening a new box….

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    After about 90 minutes, my Dad called and wanted to come help. He helped wheel barrow the sod to the back and helped place it as well. After about 2 hours total, the upper portion was complete:
    Upper Sod Complete
    He was getting tired of moving the sod so he called in some reinforcements from work. I don’t normally like to use the factory workers as I think it’s kind of demeaning. But, my back was REALLY getting sore so I didn’t stop him.
    They moved all the sod to the backyard which was really helpful. About 3:30 pm – it was complete:
    about 2 hours total, the upper portion was complete:
    Lower Sod Complete
    I even added some grass around the nectarine tree on the left side of this picture. That’s our garden in there as well:
    about 2 hours total, the upper portion was complete:
    Upper Sod Complete
    So – there you have it. I’m done for the day and I am baked!
    about 2 hours total, the upper portion was complete:
    Upper Sod Complete
    Now to get the kitchen and the floors replaced and I will be back to the happy camper that I used to be!

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    Today is Saturday

    Life: Happy Work: Happy
    Weight: Hours of Sleep:
    Okay – this was the longest that I have ever gone without posting – sorry! 😦
    So I was in the Austin, TX area for training class. I left on Wednesday early so I didn’t have time to post before I left in the morning. I don’t know what happened to Tuesday’s post as I really thought that I had posted. WordPress has updated their blog manager and I haven’t figured it all out yet.
    I flew on Express Jet – the little planes as they have direct flights and I don’t have to go through Dallas which is ALWAYS hit with some kind of storm or delays. Southwest almost always has to go through Dallas. This turned out to be an even wiser decision with American Airlines canceling some 500 flights a day. The flight out there only had ten people on it! When I landed, there were five local news vans all doing stories and they were announcing that American had chartered busses to get people to Dallas. Everyone at the airport said to ‘avoid the American area’ as people were not happy and it was very stressful on that side of the airport. I did.
    My friend Ellen lives in Austin and I try to see her every time I get out there. It’s fun to catch up on things with people that you don’t get to talk/type to very often. Georgetown, TX has one of my favorite stores – IKEA and she took the day off to go with me. We spent something like five plus hours in the store! I really hope that I can figure a way to use their cabinets in our kitchen remodel. We finished the shopping up with a $1 cinnamon roll – it was a perfect way to spend a rainy day – shopping!
    When in the Bay area last week, the merchant that I was driving around with had a Garmin Nuvi GPS system that she had brought with her. I was amazed that we drove exactly to the stores as opposed to my driving around trying to use google maps. I had ordered one a week ago from and it arrived at the end of the day Tuesday. It was wonderful to have with me and saved about five to ten minutes a store – so almost two hours over the whole trip!
    Garmin GPS
    In continuing with my ability to NOT eat correctly – in the Bay Area I had Barbecue – we went for sushi in Austin. One of the best rated restaurants – let alone for sushi – is called Uchi
    Uchi Austin TX

    The wait was supposed to be 1 hour, 15 minutes ON A WEDNESDAY! We opted to wait outside in a nice little area set up with low chairs, a fountain, and bamboo. I think we only waited about 45 minutes before getting a table. The place is much larger than it appears from outside. It was very noisy and filled with lots of pretty people. Breast augmentation appeared to be the norm on most of the people. I saw some of the most expensive looking footwear on the females in that restaurant. I’m not a shoe person, but they all ‘looked’ ‘spensive.
    The server was cute and peppy and REALLY wanted us to try the $190, 8 course tasting (no liquor included) and strangely everything that she wanted us to try was magically $30 plus per serving. I bet that in Austin that they are used to people who have never had sushi before and they make good suggestions for them. She didn’t seem too offended by our choosing our own. They had plenty of food runners and bus-people and were very attentive.
    We started with some specialties: the Sake Kunsei
    house-smoked salmon sashimi, hydroponic mache,
    pickled red onion and toasted caraway vinaigrette
    and the Hot Rock –
    “sear it yourself” wagyu beef with ponzu sauce
    on a japanese river rock
    The first was an awesome blend of flavors – sweet, smokey, citrus – a party in your mouth.
    The second was just plain fun – they bring a rock that has been super heated and you sear the wagyu beef slices on the rock. It sounds cool as they cook and it’s kind of fun. The smell of cooking meat in a sushi restaurant is a bit strange though. The taste and the experience were well worth it.
    We then went for some sushi (nigiri): some toro and saba. The saba said it was norwegian mackerel – I think I’m used to spanish mackerel. It was very good. The toro was like butter.
    We also had two rolls – the spicy tuna and a mustang roll. The mustang roll had the typical eel/avocado but had the added touch of yellowtail. It was a nice mix – the warmth of the freshwater eel with the cool texture of the yellowtail made it very delicious. The spicy tuna roll did not suck either.
    Ellen had never tried uni before and although it’s not my most favorite textured sushi – it does have a unique taste. We laughed and had to google ‘poisonous sushi’ because I couldn’t remember if it was urchin or pufferfish that was the dangerous one. Dirk – you let me down by not responding before I had eaten it 🙂
    We finished up with some more saba and were filled to the gills (pardon the pun).
    It was a great way to spend the day – shopping and eating!
    Another strange thing I noticed while there was that I would guess that at least half the people at the restaurant had iPhones! Just in walking around I noticed a higher than normal iPhone per capita presence. That’s always neat to see.
    Thursday I traveled around the southern part of the city hitting stores. It was kind of sad that there were not always (like most likely none) associates in the stores. I barely made it back to the training center in time for the class. There were only 11 (supposed to be 16) but I take what I can get. The class went mostly okay. I few arguments and some good questions. I hit a couple more stores before calling it a night.
    We opted for some Italian fare on Thursday – Vespaio:
    Vespaio Austin TX

    We started off with some calamari fritti – which was okay but the mozzarella carpaccio was incredible. We almost opted for no entrees as we were very full. The fresh-made risotto with duck was superb. Ellen had a pan fried grouper over greens. Both were fantastic to look at and to eat.
    Our waiter looked just like Billy Crudup in Almost Famous:Our Server and provided great service.
    On a funny note, after giving us bread – we flipped the napkin into the candle and caught on fire! If not for an attentive server walking by, I’m sure it would not have been as funny. I had bet that they would not have re-lit the candle for us – they did and we didn’t set any more fires.
    Friday I drove almost 400 miles to all the far reaching stores. GPS did wonders for this as it’s much more relaxing to NOT have to worry about directions.
    I was supposed to stop by a strip club called The Landing Strip out by the airport. No, not for me – to buy a shirt for Jennifer. Yes, I probably would have ‘gone’ inside but it was really all about her. In all my days of strip clubs – The Landing Strip has won for the best name. Jennifer agrees and has insisted that I get her a shirt. It was funny because I was calling the club to make sure that they had clothing (only men’s T-shirts, only XL) but they would suffice. The traffic was horendous and I was not able to stop by. Sorry Jen – maybe next trip?
    I made it to the airport okay – still lots of unhappy American folks hanging around. They have a chair massage place at the Austin airport and I usually have time for a quick 20 minute massage. With all the layover people there was a thirty minute wait – darn.
    So, I decided to eat again 🙂
    Harlon's BBQ Austin TX Airport
    A chopped BBQ beef sandwich, potato salad, and a cold beer rounded off the trip.
    I slept the whole way back – from before we took off until we landed.
    I am tired of traveling this much. Sorry for the long post 🙂

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    Today is Wednesday

    Life: Frustrated Work: Frustrated
    Weight: Hours of Sleep:
    We’re up to five orders from the new system – Wasilla, Alaska is leading the pack with three orders. Supposedly last night all the rest of the stores that we are already in were turned on. It should be interesting to see what happens today. If I figure mathematically – we received 5 orders in 6 days from 65 stores. They are turning on 10 times the stores so I should receive 60 orders in the next week. That would be five-fold increase of the numbers of orders we normally receive in a week – not counting the regular orders. If the math holds up – that would be nice. To be fair, the first 65 stores were the overly active stores so I’m eager to look at this in a couple of weeks.
    The stupid thing is that their system doesn’t give me any data on what gets QUOTED, just sold. That would be data I would wish was available…
    Sunnee’s last day of work is tomorrow – she’s excited and sad. After six years at the school the kids have been the most supportive. Every day she receives around fifty cards – mostly handmade ones from the kids. She cries a lot 🙂
    Mom and Dad both have pneumonia and have been in bed all week. I think that I am coming down with something since yesterday. I have a familiar ‘sound’ in my chest – like it’s taking a breath after I have already taken one. I think that was more a symptom of bronchitis than pneumonia but it’s been a long time since I’ve had either one. I will see what happens, the doctors here in town are booked for at least seven to ten days and the doctors AND the urgent cares are seeing hundreds of people each day. There’s two flus going around this area and everyone is affected.
    I made a stupid, spur-of-the-moment purchase yesterday – a new 24″ iMac.
    Apple iMac 24
    I saved $700 off the Mac store prices and I also ordered the new Airport/TimeCapsule which allowed me to use my $100 iPhone gift certificate. This is a 500 GB backup device and Airport Extreme. I have a regular airport and since the new iMac has the ‘n’ version of wireless it was time for an upgrade there as well.
    Apple Time Capsule
    TimeCapsule – for all it’s stupid name – uses the TimeMachine (another stupid name) to automatically make backups. I have only used the TimeMachiine function once – but it’s so stupidly easy to use – that it was worth it. This way I’ll have both machines backed up on the one device. I still use a removable hard drive to make SERIOUS back-ups every quarter – and I keep that drive at work with me. That way, I figure, if the house burns down I still have my stuff…
    I can’t afford any of this stuff and will officially hit my line of credit that I set up. This is not prudent spending but it made me feel better when I purchased them. The guilt didn’t hit me for about…. 90 minutes 🙂

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    Today is Sunday

    Life: Happy Work: Happy
    Weight: Hours of Sleep:
    So, a good night’s sleep and a good day so far…
    AppleTV update: My iMac is hardwired ethernet and the Airport uses it’s own DCHP so even though they are on the same subnet – the IP’s are not in the same series. Broken down – I have to hardwire the AppleTV to make it work. But it DOES work. It is very cool.
    The picture quality on things from iTunes is PERFECT! I had downloaded the pilot for the new Terminator series and it’s just like watching a DVD. Movies that I have made specifically for the iPhone still look a bit cruddy – but the program I use is optimized for pre-iPhone video. I will work on that.
    It moves my photos, music, movies, tv etc from my iTunes to the AppleTV – it has an option to NOT move the files over and just stream them. My suggestion, so far – is just to make a Playlist/Photo Album named AppleTV and just move what you want! I could move all 13 GB of my music – but realistically I don’t need that. The same with movies. I don’t see using it as a repository – just as a temporary holding space while I watch the movies. I went for the 40 GB version for this exact reason. IF I do choose to actually purchase a movie for $9.99 – i would move it over. I just don’t see that happening very often as there are not THAT many worthy movies.
    Maybe only The Blues Brothers, Stripes, The Holy Grail, Arthur, Caddyshack…. hmmmm. You know. Just the classics 🙂

    This is us being excited after the tv was delivered
    More New TV!
    This is the AppleTV all set up
    Successful AppleTV Set Up

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