Today is Sunday

Life: Indifferent Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
BRRRRRRR! It is cold outside. Like ‘winter’ cold.
I’m baaaaacccckkkk… The Atlanta trip did not go so well. I knew there was going to be problems when they finally get me set in front of a computer and I’m looking at a new version number. After an hour, the told me that it was something ‘totally back-end’ that they didn’t change anything else. After about two hours of testing…. Ooopsy. They broke something. The lady that runs the whole thing had asked me to get them to push an order through to our EDI program so that we could all confirm that it was working. I purposely did this before 11 am so that they couldn’t have any excuses. Then I kept asking him every hour if it was done. ‘That team is working on it’ was the standard answer. I took a late lunch and actually went outside – it was in the high 70’s and beautiful.
We don’t get much of an autumn unless you go to the bosque – the only real place that we have an abundance of trees. Being in the middle of all the trees in Atlanta actually made you feel like it was fall – just that I could have just as easily been wearing shorts.
The rest of the afternoon was me fighting with the guy waiting for ‘his team’ and waiting for the boss-lady to have time to see what was going on. She was so upset that they had tried to push a new, untested version on us that I thought that her head was going to explode. Then we discussed how different business is anymore and how nobody will take responsibility for anything and how frustrating that can be. She would not let our version be distributed as it was and the only good thing is that I made her promise that I would not have to fly back out to sign off on the new version. I also found out that they could have made all the changes that I had asked for in September, there was no ‘freeze’ on new work. Grrrrrrr.
Back at the hotel I watched the last Disney/Pixar hit – ‘Up’. It looked like a good movie but I never had time to see it in the theater. Wow. What a disappointment. Not only was the story kind of dark, but very violent for what I was expecting. Here’s my take on Pixar – do not include adults. You do a very poor job trying to make them cartoon-y. Look at the adults in ‘Wall-E’ – they sucked. They lacked personality. The boy in ‘Up’ looks EXACTLY like one of the offspring of the blobulous space adults. The most amazing part of the movie was the first ten minutes with very little dialogue. EXACTLY like ‘Wall-E’ – the first ten minutes told more of a story with NO dialog – then most movies could accomplish in 190 minutes. After that it just turned sour in ‘Up’. There’s some amazing animation but almost feels like they had to rush it out. There’s shooting, hitting, betrayal, bullying, and other things that are not appropriate. When it’s monsters, cars, or toys – it’s okay – but with people? No. Not worth the $19 – but it did include a digital version….
Friday night I went into town and picked up my old friend Jal. We had not seen each other since ’99. She looks awesome and is doing well. We went to an area of town that is kind of like Nob Hill but with more restaurants. The food was awesome and we just sat there catching up on things and solving the worlds’ problems. It was wonderful. I passed out once I got back to the hotel but woke up at 6:30 am and could not go back to sleep. I left there around 10 am to drive back to Birmingham. There was some big football game that I was afraid that I would be stuck in traffic for – I wasn’t. Birmingham to Chicago. Why did I book this flight again? I had a yogurt in Birmingham and tried to think of something good to eat in Chicago which truly has so many different restaurants – good ones too. My issue was still having to have a 3 hour flight. That made me cross off pizza, hot dogs, and even popcorn off my list. Before I knew it, it was time to board and I opted for…. nothing! By the time I hit ABQ I was so hungry I was going to eat anything I could find. Everything was closed – even the bookstore with the snacks. By the time I got home I was shaking from lack of food. I hit the fridge like a ravenous bear just waking from hibernation. I just pulled containers and through them in the microwave. Ate that while I heated up something else. My body was using all the energy to digest the food and I was out very quickly.
I actually slept pretty good too.
Today – dressed in jammies and a large to-do list of things to catch up on.

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was VERY busy over the phone, a few customers came in. Tim hasn’t exactly been helping set up and that has been a bit frustrating. Oh well, normal. Trying to coordinate the Habitat for Humanity people has been totally frustrating. They are off on Mondays and Tuesdays so I can’t say I didn’t know…
I managed to get some work done, need to complete payroll today and finish marking everything.
I watched Tropic Thunder last night. That was Ben Stiller’s last movie. Eh. The funniest parts were the fake movie previews at the beginning.
Back to work [insert snap of whip sound here]!

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Today is Sunday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I’ve been with the Comcast guy since 8:30 this morning trying to get him to fix the speed thing that has slowed down to a crawl once again. After almost 1 hour and 45 minutes… nada. He can’t troubleshoot it. Grrr.
Yesterday we woke up, got the kids going, fed and to the park for an air-soft war. I found someone with an open internet and was able to go online while the great war of 2009 was played out around me. All all wars, nobody won.
After airsoft, we went to find some new shoes for Jaeden since it was a tax-free day. The malls were PACKED with cars, and lots of people – but not too much buying going on. Let me change that. People were buying, but in years past they would be buying two or more pairs of shoes and this year parents were saying things like: ‘Pick your favorite of the two’. I found a pair of slip on, athletic – looking shoes for $19. Score.
We stopped off at Mac’s Steak-In-The-Rough over by the OLD, old Menaul store. I used to eat there once or twice a week. Not necessarily for the country-fried-steak fingers, but they used to make the most awesome lemonade! We stopped there and had a Taquita Twosum and a large drink. The drinks are still awesome and were perfect on a hot day. Quick stop to the grocery store and then back home. Cleaning up from the sleepover and getting ready for the next sleepover for last night – just one girl.
We watched the movie ‘Coraline’. Very dark. Good, but dark. Not really a kids movie.
I stayed up late working on the computer stuff, almost until 1:30 am. More of that today. BUT FIRST…. a bike ride!

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Today is Friday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I don’t necessarily know why feel okay today, but I do…
Yesterday was busy finishing up all the media buys and sending the ads out to everyone. Done. One more week of the sale and then my life will go back to some resemblance of normalcy. We’ll see.
Toni and Trevor met me to see a movie last night after work – The Hangover. Although it has several bust-your-gut-laughing situations and lines, I found it very slow and meandering around the wrong parts of the story. Don’t get me wrong – it has it parts. The funniest part is the last two minutes during the credits – you have to wait for them or you might as well not have sat through the movie. I don’t think it deserves all the hoopla it’s been receiving, but it doesn’t suck.
Went home and came real close to falling asleep but just couldn’t get there. As always, made the mistake of turning on the boob tube. Watched Quills – an interesting take on the Marquis de Sade while imprisoned. I think that Geoffrey Rush likes to play strange people – like a little too much…
And what is it with Kate Winslet and her breasts? I didn’t realize it until thinking about it afterwards, that she’s pretty much topless in every role? Not that I’m complaining, but that also seems a bit strange. I loved the episode of Ricky Gervais’ Extras with her. But it’s kind of like, “Kate, this is Sesame Street – please leave your top on. You’re just reading to the kids…”
Today I have a lot to get done, catch up on the books, get things ready for the sale, lots o’ stuff. Hopefully have lunch with Jen if she’s not feeling pain from last night. Go home and get ready for a weekend of work!

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Today is Monday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Strange, I slept through all four alarms an extra hour! I guess my body needed it…
Yesterday started with a bike ride with Railee. She’s a bit more of a trooper than Jaeden is so I planned a trip down towards the river. There’s about a quarter mile hill that we had to go down and we got up to about 20 mph – something that she had never done before. We got to down to the river and went to my favorite ponds. Lots of fish, tadpoles, and turtles! We hiked around for about 30 minutes and then I noticed her tiring. I let her know that we had to get going and she came up with many good excuses to not go on. We started back and….. my bike seat fell off. It just had broken. Other than the obvious lack of comfort this was to be interesting. We rode over to the train station and while Railee rested a bit more I finally tracked down a roll of duct tape. A couple minutes later I was back on the bike!
Railee did great until we got to that hill. That’s the sad thing about going down hills – the fact you probably will end up going back UP them. I told her there was nothing wrong with walking her bike, but in the lower (higher?) gears – you could still pedal with little effort. She wasn’t up for that so we started walking. I kept her focused on forward advancement and let her stop every now and then. I had forgotten to slather her with sunscreen and her arms were already glowing red. Luckily she has her mom’s pigmentation so she would fare better than Jaeden or I would. By nighttime she was was already golden. We made it home finally and she crashed on the sofa. Out for almost two hours!
I did the yardwork, took a quick shower and then we all headed out to the theater for the new Star Trek movie. Good movie. Jaeden has seen a few of the old TV show episodes and a couple of the movies but not really ‘into’ who all the characters are. Railee has dismissed most anything so it was new for both of them. There were a few parts in the movie that I though were dragging a bit but it kept their attention the whole time. I had thought that it was my aging that noticed that the sound during the fights was too loud until Jaeden admitted it at the end too. Whew – dodged that bullet. Good story, good actors, great effects and all around a good movie. Go see it, you’ll like it even if you weren’t a Trekkie before.
We went home, fired up the grill and made some dinner and ate it out on the back porch. We let Sunnee open up her presents while outside and pretty much the day was over. I was not successful in getting ANY work completed and I had intended to do much. Kind of crazy.
The internet has been a bit crazy as well so I am going to do ONE last test to see which one to keep. FTP still is a bit freaky. I need to look at some other online ‘hogs’ of bandwidth to see which one wins…

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Today is Friday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I left here yesterday thinking that the part for the iMac would be here first thing and then I would have that back up and running. NOT! The part arrived even later than our normal ‘scheduled’ UPS drop. It showed up 4:20. I threw the part in and am stuck trying to get a few screws into a certain place. Very needed, but without a magnetic tip it would be much easier. You don’t normally want something magnetic around all the parts but I will need it to get them back where they belong. I was very frustrated by the end of the day. I did plug it in to make sure it would work – it did. Unfortunately, the LCD didn’t light up which means that I unplugged it somehow. Will do that real quick this morning and hope to be back…
Dirk arrived and he’s a shadow of his former self – just hovering over his goal weight. I will break him this week and help him get to the goal….. Then take him for green chili, beans, cheese and tortillas to throw him back over the goal…. mooohahahahahahaha.
Gene Kelly - Lana Turner - Three Musketeers (1948)
I was ‘that close’ to going to bed when an old ‘Three Musketeers’ movie – 1948. It starred Gene Kelly as D’Artagnan – the fourth Musketeer. His introduction to the first three was priceless old-school moviemaking. Gene Kelly’s dancing prowess made it even better. Lana Turner was in it. Van Heflin. Vincent Price! The funniest part was that Angela Lansbury looked HOT! Very strange. Frank Morgan played King Louis and I kept looking like he was familiar and I figured out at the end that he was the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz! Everyone was so young that it was fun. Sadly – when it ended at 1:15 am – I was tired.
Gene Kelly
This morning came a bit earlier than I had wished and now it’s time to get to work. Yesterday was a beautiful day and this morning is awesome. If it were a bit different circumstances, we would be riding bikes to work. We have to drop off the kids (another in-service day) and make another stop or two. Must remember to stop at Home Depot this morning….

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Today is Saturday

Life: Happy Work: N/A
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was like a morgue again. Even the phones are dead. Looking back at what we wish we paid more attention to – neither of us remember the phones being this dead. I spoke with a few Home Depot people that basically told me to push back at our merchant – basically to grow a pair. Tim seemed very nervous over the whole thing. I doubt he slept last night.
We were kidless last night!? That hasn’t happened in a very long time. I picked Sunnee up and we went to a new restaurant / bar by the house called Jinja. There’s been one up off of Paseo del Norte, this new one is 1/2 a mile from Casa Hendricks. It was packed since this was it’s 3rd week open. It’s very dark inside and at 6 pm on a Friday night a mix of early bird special folks, happy hour folks, and people from the neighborhood. We opted for a few apps and a few drinks. The apps arrived before the drinks did! Sunnee had a gimlet that was made from green-tea-infused vodka. Actually it was kind of tasty. I had a margarita. The menu reminded me of something very similar to P.F. Chang’s – only about $5 more per entree. It’s not inexpensive. We started with some Yin Yang Shrimp and some Lettuce Wraps. Strangely the description for the shrimp doesn’t state ‘fried’ anywhere in it. They were tasty though and a nice couple of dippy sauces. One sweet n’ sour-y the other citrus-y with a bit of spice. The lettuce wraps said it included a mix of chicken, smoked ham, mushrooms, and water chestnuts. It was tasty, but a bit salty. The lettuce was crisp and offset that but the mix of fillings made it almost taste beef-y. It was very strange. Sunnee still needed one more app so we went for the calamari. Mistake. It had the same breading as the shrimp did – tasty on the shrimp but not on a dry calamari. It was too dry. The sauce that came with it was a ‘lime and mint sauce’ but it was like lime extract. VERY lime-y. We asked for the other sauce from the shrimp and it was a bit better. The lack of moistness just could not be overcome and it was a sad way to end the experience.
The strangest experience was the CD that they were playing as background music. I thought I heard Rod Stewart and what seemed like Ella Fitzgerald but could not be sure. I fired up ‘Shazam’ on the ol’ iPhone and even over the noise of a restaurant it PICKED the song out. Ends up it was Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton(!) – who knew. We got about fifteen minutes of amazement over the fact that that little app is freakin’ COOL!
We went from Jinja to the dollar movie version of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ – although the dollar movies are now $2 🙂 I pretty much ignore anything that wins an Academy Award but of our options for the night, this seemed doable. O.M.G. The movie seemed to last about 9 hours, I think it’s just short of three. My butt was so tired that I had to keep shifting in my seat just to make it through it. The story is intriguing but just so damn long. There’s some amazing makeup and CGI – but no notable acting prowess as was warranting best actor statues. I almost feel that it would have been best as a series with each episode dealing with a ‘chapter’ in his life. I think it could keep people’s attention for seven or eight episodes. It was like they spent so much time on his ‘old’ body that they rushed through the rest of it. Taking a thirteen year old to a brothel? Getting him drunk? I don’t get that. What was he doing in India? Why so much on WWII? The recurring theme of loss needed to make you appreciate someone was pretty much thrown out every couple of minutes.
I remembered a lot of comparisons to Forrest Gump – and it’s definitely along a similar vein. It was 10:30 when we got out of there and we went home and crashed.
This morning it’s strange not to have the kids screaming at each other or to hear SpongeBob or a video game in the background. Very strange that it feels unnatural….
Tonight is my Mom’s birthday party so it will be another busy evening. Maybe Dirk can get some work out of me this weekend?

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Today is Saturday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
So I was in the Austin area – driving some 700 miles all around the neighboring burgs and towns. I didn’t have internet at my $45 / night four-star hotel (NOT!) so I wasn’t able to update much so here goes:
– Tuesday – arrived fine – started driving – out west of Austin, up north and back into town. I was supposed to get my normal Dodge Charger. When they don’t have those they upgrade me to the 300’s. I like them, they are quiet, have Satellite Radio and a pretty comfortable. They ‘upgraded’ me to a Mazda CX-7. I didn’t feel like it was an upgrade. The Austin Airport Dollar was not exactly a friendly lot and I was not in an argumentative mood. Once I got out on the road I was sorry that I hadn’t demanded the 300. I opted to stay north of Austin, in Georgetown to save 30 minutes of driving the next morning. I also opted for my dinner/movie where I watch a movie and my dinner consists of lightly buttered popcorn and a diet coke. I’m sure I get something beneficial from this but I doubt it. I opted for ‘Four Christmases’. Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. BORING. I had seen a trailer for it sometime last month and it looked like it had the potential for some funny parts. Ugh. It started out like it could be funny but I saw through what was happening and then it never regained any momentum. Halfway through, when I had finished my dinner – I thought about leaving early. Sadly, I always feel like I spent my money anyway and should sit through the end in case something exciting happens. It has a lot of surprising actors in it and that was what kept making me think that something good was going to come out of it. Robert Duvall ended up just being a cranky old guy, Jon Favreau played a dumbed-down role that you wonder why – maybe it was to be Tim McGraw’s brother?, Mary Steenburgen and Dwight Yoakam – that was interesting, Sissy Spacek could have been a funnier situation, and Jon Voight seemed to be doing a personal, public apology to his real daughter in his ‘spotlight’ speech. Sad movie all around. I wish someone had warned me about this before I went.
Wednesday I woke up early and headed out for 400 of my miles. I should have called it my ‘college tour’. I went through Austin (home of University of Texas), Waco (home of Baylor University), and College Station (home of Texas A & M University). Lots of driving in a noisy car and no satellite radio to go to when I was out of range of earth-bound stations. Grrrr. In other technology woes, my GPS was not taking me the ways that I wanted to go. I have to figure out ways to get it to go the ways I want to to – not necessarily the quickest ways. I thought I had set the preferences correctly. Apparently not. It messed me up tonight and took me back towards Austin when I really wanted to stay south of town.
I found Ellen and we continued our tour of places that she hasn’t been before. It’s actually pretty hard to find restaurants. I used Yelp and LocalEats from the iPhone and we had been to six of the ten places already! That’s pretty funny.
Bess' Bistro in Austin - Good Eats!
Sandra Bullock has a place downtown on 6th Street (the main drag) called Bess’ Bistro. No wait for a table on a Wednesday night with cold weather moving in so we got right in. Nice place. Hip but not hip enough for me to be included. The server was nice, kind of reminded me of Sandra Bernard in retrospect.
Our Server...
(Our last server reminded of us of Billy Crudup.) Nice wines by glass, relatively short menu. The beer braised pork belly caught my eye because it sounded good and was fun to try to say out loud! Ellen was going to have the same and we figured we should share so we went for the seafood risotto. The server concurred and we started with a nice crawfish bisque. Very creamy, good flavor. Conversation was wonderful and we hardly noticed the normal extra time that risotto takes to make. The food was nice. Large enough portions to share. The pork belly was tender and tasty. It reminded me of the beef cheeks that Dirk and I had in Vegas! The risotto was nice – the scallops were unfreaking believable. More great tastes. We opted to drink our desserts and went down the street to Star Bar (no website link, sorry). It was pretty dead but we just wanted to talk anyway so the tarbender kept our drinks coming. I opted for Gran Marnier and El went for the tequila. We laughed about all things in life and left early enough to know better that we have jobs to do in the morning.
Thursday morning came quickly and I ran off to my 8am class. I get there and there’s three people in the class. I was expecting ten. The class went okay, but it’s hard to get excited with that few of people. I had plenty more stores to hit afterwards and went on my way. El and I were going to go someplace else tonight but she got a migraine at work and couldn’t come out and play. That ended up well as I just found a good meatball sandwich and went back to the hotel and packed. Perhaps I had a bit too much time to myself as I found myself really contemplating how our current business model was not living up to it’s expectations and how we can change things to be able to survive until this economy can start climbing out of the barrel!
Another early rise for a 7:30 departure to… MORE STORES! Two more Home Depots and a Direct Buy location that used to do more business but hasn’t sold anything this year. The guy there was a bit standoffish at first but then warmed up. I really think he would be good for sales in the future.
One more stop to a ‘green’ built house that wants some of our doors. It’s perhaps an 80 year old house that the builder is going ‘green’ with the insulation, hot water heater, etc. It seems like a nice project but I wonder how much of it is capitalizing on the word ‘green’ and how much it’s actually for the environment. I can’t tell yet. It’s a small house in an old part of town that is being revitalized which means that everything is becoming overpriced.
I made it back to the airport in time for my second favorite thing at the Austin airport. First is the fact that they have musicians throughout the airport. Second is the chair massages! They have a little setup there – basically $1 a minute. The therapists are top notch – several ‘studied’ in Santa Fe. It’s always my last minute treat before coming back to the ‘real’ world.
The flight back started interesting when the guy in the aisle seat was forced from his seat by a young man that was deaf that was trying to say he needed two seats but basically made the guy move. The new guy’s seat-mate was lead onto the plane and she was deaf as well. I have had conversations with other people who have worked with deaf people and they seem oblivious to the fact that they are making sounds when people who can speak would not normally. I mean, you can feel the vibrations of making noises – why don’t they? Also, and it’s kind of funny, deaf people pass a lot of gas. Again, there’s a certain vibration that occurs, can’t they tell? It’s not like their sense of smell is impaired. So, the first leg was noisy, smelly, and consisted of my having to fight for my own space as the young girl tried to sleep, covered herself with her smelly jacket – and me too, and became very excited about flying a few times.
Luckily they both got off the plane in El Paso and I had a nice continuation of the flight.
I got back home to sort of welcoming kids and an asleep wife. No dinner. A stack of clothes that could be climbed with the proper gear. I made some paper snowflakes with Railee and opted to go straight to bed. Sunnee had woken up sometime and got on the phone for two marathon, loud phone calls. I finally drifted off to sleep…
This weekend is cold and windy so I don’t know what I’m up in for. Laundry. Obviously. But who knows what my family has in store for me!!!!!!

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: ??? Hours of Sleep:
I made it to all the rest of the stores yesterday! I may be able to come home early! Woo-hoo!
Some good visits, some not so good – but it feels good to actually be in the stores sometimes. Because I’m just ‘there’ I get asked by customers to help them. It’s pretty funny because I’m actually quite good at where things are in these stores. There’s basically four different store layouts and I’m good at where things are in all of them.
I finished the stores at 6:45 pm and guess what started at 7:00? 007’s new movie, Quantum of Solace. I did a movie but passed on the popcorn/milk dud dinner. The movie was okay. I like Daniel Craig’s Bond, a bit darker than the others but still good. I like Judi Dench as well. The only thing I didn’t really care for is the that the action scenes have TOO much action. You know a lot is happening but it’s so much you can’t follow it. It’s almost like sensory overload. Amazing scenes though. Just confusing as you can’t tell who is grabbing for the gun or who’s boat is doing what. Typical, good, James Bond movie though.
The small crowd in the theater enjoyed the movie, laughed at Bond’s one-liner deliveries and cheered when he won fights. Everyone also buzzed about the new Star Trek movie trailer. The trailer is good – you can watch it on iTunes. We all have to wait until MAY 2009 for the movie. That’s like… forever from now!
I made it to my late night dinner of a pound of crab legs and an ice cold beer. It was nice.
I went back to the hotel, full and tired and went straight to sleep.
My class starts in 40 minutes and is just two minutes from here. I think I have nine people today. Here’s hoping for at least three people who ‘get it’ after the class!

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Today Is Friday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: ??? Hours of Sleep:
I finished my store visits and decided it was a good evening for a movie. I found a theater less than 3 miles away – the only movie starting close to that time was Kevin Smith’s ‘Zac & Miri Make A Porno’. I don’t know I even thought this would be good – and it proved me right. Stupid movie. He should not be given real movie budgets. As an ‘independent’ film maker, he’s perfect. Quirky. You don’t expect to much. This was pretty much unbearable.
I felt so bad about wasting my $8 that I went into the showing of ‘Madagascar 2’. I really didn’t care for the first one and I can proudly say the second also sucked. I think I laughed about three times. Not a good movie night after all.
I went back to the hotel and made the mistake of checking email. That gave me almost two hours of work to do. Should have just gone to sleep.
The weather was less cloudy and sunny – very nice. I needed to leave SLC to go to Logan, about two hours north and then work my way back south through the stores. The drive was nice.
I decided to go down to the main Mormon Tabernacle. I had been over a year ago – it’s an amazing campus. There was a large scale, multiple wedding thing going on so I didn’t bother the party. I walked around downtown trying to find a restaurant but didn’t find anything that looked good.
I ended up going to the airport and even made it on an earlier flight! I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight…

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