Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was a mis-mash of attempting to get things done, strange curve balls of silliness, and weird conversations. I am asked some of the craziest things from customers, employees and others. I hate to post some of them as it would identify who said them…. I’ll work on that.
I need to complete a lot of things this morning, maybe going in early will help accommodate that?

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Today is Monday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
After the bike ride I did the quick version of doing the lawn – my legs were a bit wobbly. By the time that was done I was tired. I have no idea how I even kept awake. Sleep finally came and it felt wonderful.
We have to send the guys to break down the home show. I have some end of quarter, payroll reports to get out. I have a lot of work to complete this week as well as pre-shipping all my supplies for the next trips. Should be an interesting week.
Travels begin again – I think I’m only in town eleven days in October!

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New Travel Totals Posted

I’ve updated the 2008 Travel page – click to see.

Very sad when you put the numbers to all these trips. Sadly, I still have a lot more to go this year…

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 30 miles Time: 2:45:00
Avg Speed: ?? mph Top Speed: ?? mph
Calories Burned: 700 billion
I opted for a ride north into Rio Rancho – back to the Home & Remodeling Show in fact. The rides includes about 6 miles of no path where it’s me against the cars – other than that portion of the ride it was great!
The show was still slow, but it was nice to not have to be working it. The ride back was quite a bit quicker – I averaged about 13 mph. I even stopped off at Garcia’s and had some breakfast.
Now I get to do the lawn and take even more advantage of the nice weather.

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Today is Sunday

Life: Happy Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I forgot to mention that at the home show yesterday, I saw Maureen – someone that I’ve known since 1976 – 32 years!
Maureen and Mark in 1976
She was walking down the aisle and I waved to her. We both decided it was awkward to see each other every six or seven years. It’s almost to long of a time to ask ‘What have you been doing’ as too much has transpired, yet, you want to at least catch the other person up on what is going on. So, in her walking around the show and my having to stay near the booth – we just had small, strange, conversations. We decided that it’s strange that we remember things from 30 years ago but cannot remember recent things.
She was at the show providing moral support to her boyfriends’ business. I got to meet Don, he seems like a nice guy. We were all so bored since we didn’t have any customers – we all had a common bond yesterday.
Railee had a friend sleep over last night. I went on Toontown again. That’s a mind-numbing, waste of time – but I can’t turn it off! That was a subscription game – I think $100 a year! – that Jaeden BEGGED me to get for him and he hasn’t played since the second month. I need to learn from that one.
Today – a bike ride is in order. I want to go somewhere fun – I was thinking Mt. Taylor until I found out it’s 90 miles away. I don’t think I’ll be doing that ride anytime soon.
I’ll post the ride later!

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Today is Saturday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Last night I worked a bit on the computer and then signed onto Toontown for probably a bit longer than I should have. A couple of hours later, I went to bed 🙂
This morning I had to go work the Home & Remodeling show in Rio Rancho. The show is normally pretty busy – steady and good people. I had intended to be there by 9:30, meaning I would have had to leave the house just before nine. I left at 9:20, getting there at five til 10. Oh well. The vacuum wouldn’t work but otherwise we got everything set up. The doors opened to about five people. The day slowly drug on without much traffic. A little rush around lunchtime and then nothing. Dead. The last three hours were the most painful. The only good thing was knowing that I didn’t have to come back for another day!
The weather was perfect, I tracked 15 miles from the show to the house, I think I may ride my bike out there tomorrow, just for fun. This weather is amazing!
These are the days that make you proud to be in New Mexico~

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Today is Friday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday’s bike ride made the whole day end up on a good note. I worked on the two laptops last night and think I have them all ready. The second laptop is a bit faster with the NTFS file system (as opposed to the FAT system) so we’ll have to see how it does in ‘action’ before I can claim to be triumphant.
Lots to get done today. Home show in Rio Rancho this weekend.
More of the same!

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 11.75 miles Time: 1:15:00
Avg Speed: ?? mph Top Speed: ?? mph
Calories Burned: ??
The weather has been so nice out here, I opted to leave at a decent hour to squeeze in a bike ride. I had wanted to go all the way around the volcanos to the west, then south to Central and back around. Daylight is no longer on my side as it starts getting too dark at 7:00pm. There’s too many crazy people out there in SUV’s, texting while driving and not paying enough attention to me for me to risk the late rides with them.
It was a wonderful ride – just me and my iPod and whatever creatures come to share the trail with me.
Tonight I made a new friend with this tarantula:
West Side Tarantula
He was very cute, although he wasn’t much into playing with me. I need to read up on these things to see if I can pick them up. That would be bad if I’m in some venomous coma and nobody else around…
The views at dusk were incredible, here you go:
West Side ABQ ad Dusk
West Side ABQ ad Dusk
West Side ABQ ad Dusk
West Side ABQ ad Dusk
West Side ABQ ad Dusk
West Side ABQ ad Dusk
It’s truly beautiful out there. If anyone comes to visit us – make sure that I take you out here. We can take the car as the ride is quite a bit uphill!

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Today is Thursday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Trudged through all my tasks yesterday. Not necessarily the best of days. I have been trying for a couple of weeks to update one of the two old laptops – not the one that died, but the other one. I reinstalled XP on it and the darn thing would never register XP with Microsoft. It’s a legal copy, but it sure was not liking it. I called the 1800 number, talked with a man for about an hour and then I get lost. Last night, I started about 4pm and make my way through the all the different levels of service. The last person, Sargeeta, kept reminding me that they ‘do not have to help me’ and there’s ‘no guarantee that they will assist me’ and eventually I may ‘have to contact my computer manufacturer if they cannot ascertain that they can help me’. I think she said this about a dozen times over an hour and half. You have to give control of your computer to them via MS Live Meeting and they basically load a bunch of stuff on your computer and you just sit and watch them. The funniest thing is that they ask for the part number of your install disk to ‘justify’ whether you are ‘legal’. It’s a pretty smart idea actually. I haven’t used the ‘real’ install disks – perhaps ever. I always use a copied CD so that I don’t cry when I scratch the original. Plus, I can never find an original one when I need it. The original disc is always the 1st edition, it seems much easier to just load SP2… That seems to have been one of my big issues. The other funny thing, from the discussions I had, is that because my issue was caused ‘after’ I installed sp3 – Microsoft considered it ‘their’ problem instead of mine. When I suggested that I should have registered the XP BEFORE loading sp3, she said that i would not have been helped in this manner. Long story short – it’s legal again.
Last night was just a comedy of things not going right. Steaks underdone, kitchen a mess, everyone not in a good-family-mood. I went to ‘sleep’ instead and then when everyone went to bed, got up and worked on things in a very quiet invironment.
I’ve been fielding phone calls from back east in the mornings so that gives me a late start on the rest of the stuff that needs to be done. I have to work on displays for some Bay area stores before I get behind on that.

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I made it back – I was in San Antonio again. I REALLY miss my Express Jet. Having to go through Dallas to get to San Antonio added 7.5 hours to my travels. It was a matter of convenience, I became spoiled by being able to get a direct flight, real food (at least for the first year), and a website that was almost as easy to use as Southwests’. RIP Express Jet.
Bill Miller Bar B Q
I actually did eat some Barbecue while there. Bill Miller’s Bar-B-Q is EVERYWHERE in San Antonio. I counted at least 62 from their map. You can’t throw a stick without hitting a store. They are all nice and – get this – affordable! We were talking how Barbecue has gotten real expensive. We mostly have chain barbecue in Albuquerque – County Line, Rudy’s, Dickey’s. Wait, we have quite a few locals – Powdrell’s, JR’s, Golden Pride, and Quarters. Okay, I am wrong. Either way – all of them are quite expensive. It’s not a ‘normal’ restaurant stop because for four it is often about $10 a head to eat.
Here, you can have lunch for $5.29 and actually be full – that includes a big ol’ glass of Sweet’ Tea. You have to say that with a Southern drawl to make it correct. It’s also better if you say it ‘Hon, will you be having some Sweet’ Tea with us today?’. Look at their menu page here. A Family Dinner for $20? That’s what restaurants were intended to be – an affordable way to feed your family when you don’t have time to cook. A replacement, not a need to take a second mortgage. Great place. Great food. Everyone always is smiling and they all thank you when you go to leave.
And another thing. Texas does another thing right. TURNAROUNDS.
Texas Turnarounds
For those who have not been lucky enough to drive the Highways of Texas – these are the best planned things in the world. So, you miss your exit – or have to get to the other side of the highway to get to a business. In New Mexico, and most other states, you drive to the next exit and try to back your way via side streets. Sometimes you can exit and have to make it through two lights to be able to get back onto the other side of the freeway. It takes time. In Texas, EVERY exit has a turnaround – you don’t even have to stop. You do have to slow down. Here’s an example:
Texas Turnarounds
Those red lines are the turnarounds. Brilliant planning folks!
Good to be back. Need to go to payroll. Try not to screw it up. Try not to screw it up. Try not to screw it up…

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