Today is Tuesday

Life: Indifferent Work: Frustrated
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Up until recently, I used to think that I was an efficient communicator. I choose my words before I say them. I try to not leave any ambiguity (unless it’s a decisive move) and get the point across. Apparently, I fail. My new work schedule was to begin yesterday and I was informed that someone else’s schedule was going to trump my plans. I won’t say that I’m not flexible or even willing to change, but if that certain someone KNEW for over a week that their plans could or may change, how hard would it have been to say something earlier? To add insult to injury, this particular person still did not complete their one task that was supposed to be finished last week. Sometimes I just feel like I’m beating my head against a wall.
But… in true Marky-Mark fashion – I refuse to let something get me down too much. HA!
I came home to a cranky household which just sucked my life force even more. I don’t know how much I have, but apparently – a LOT. I putzed around the internet and found some links to some cool things. The first being a residential wind turbine that will retail for about $6k. My dream house and casitas will be off the grid. I like solar, but I like wind even more – you know, being out here in the middle of wind-central. I have looked at those big turbines and they are just problematic. This ‘says’ that it has taken care of the issues that I had: minimum wind speed is only 2 mph, cost, no center axle, replaceable parts, and supposedly not an issue to birds. Retrofitting would seem too expensive but for new construction….
My perfect plan would utilize solar, wind, cisterns, large gardens, small farm animals and just not having to rely on the ‘system’. Just my dream I’m sharing.
Before I knew it, it was almost midnight so I knew I should get to work. I haven’t been awake this late in a while.
Still another night of restless sleep. I don’t know what that is about. I woke up relatively refreshed. That was unexpected as I had been up at least four other times. I have no idea why my blinds are up on my window on my side of the bed, but I woke up to:
Sunrise in Albuquerque, NM
Sunrise in Albuquerque, NM
Sunrise in Albuquerque, NM
Sunrise in Albuquerque, NM
I ran downstairs, grabbed the camera, threw on some pants and went up on the roof. Yes, we have some spectacular sunsets out here, but the sunrises don’t suck either. I just don’t always think of looking at them. Until they invent good smell-o-vision:
Cool air, with the hint of moisture.
I need to work on my literary painting
A good day in store – lots of productivity! Onwards!

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A Photo Study

When I walked out of the factory today, I could tell that something was ‘up’. I can’t explain it – it was just a different feeling in the air.
When I looked out to the west, the sun was casting a brightness and clarity that I could not explain. The water tower was almost glowing when contrasted to the dark skies to the east.
I almost had forgotten that I had the camera with me and brought it out:
Photo Study at Fox Manufacturing Co - 06 Oct 09

Photo Study at Fox Manufacturing Co - 06 Oct 09

Then turning around towards the car, this was the view to the north:
Photo Study at Fox Manufacturing Co - 06 Oct 09

The mix of colors, shadows and highlights was quite amazing, I’m glad it came out so well in the photo.

Lastly, looking back west, there’s an old abandoned property just north of us. Again, the contrast in the shadows with the highlights were incredible. The deepness of the greens were lost in the photo, too much sun coming from behind…
Photo Study at Fox Manufacturing Co - 06 Oct 09

I really need to get a hobby…

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This was my view of the sunset while leaving the factory this evening…
Sunset in Albuquerque NM 23 Sept 09

More proof that we have some of the most amazing sunsets – anywhere!

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Today is Sunday (NOW! with more Pearl Jam)

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
After the bike ride I pretty much was toast. I took a shower, had some food, and then it was nappy time. Dinner and some computer work afterwards and it was pretty much a day. Oh, and laundry….
Today has been busy already. Railee ‘forgot’ about a birthday party invite and then there’s music lessons and whatever else is thrown my way. I have broad shoulders, I can take on anything.
Maybe time for a bike ride but lots to catch up on before that.
This is my daily funny (thanks to Carolyn):

Okay, Pearl Jam time….
New Pearl Jam Album!!!Oh, here’s an interesting thing. I have been looking forward to the new Pearl Jam album – Backspacer. iTunes had it as a pre-order yesterday and it was in the top ten albums all day. After dinner, I tried to buy it. “The item is no longer available.”. It magically disappeared from the Top Ten albums. I did a search on Pearl Jam and it showed up again. Selected it and went to pre-purchase… and – no longer available. I remembered that it was something with an exclusive with Target and I was surprised to even see it on iTunes at all. I know the single was there. I was going to rant about it this morning when… it’s back! A new album page that is Target Red and includes the Target logo. Purchased and downloaded – will say more about it this week. It REALLY took a long time to download – apparently there’s a video and some other stuff included….
I think the coolest part of the new album is that I’ve seen a lot of excitement from people in their mid 20’s that truly missed the Ten, Vs., and Vitalogy albums and how much they were ahead of their time in the early 90’s.
With all the hype this past few weeks and the fact that the single “Fixer” has actually garnered a LOT of airplay it takes me back to the early days of Pearl Jam. I used to have a music geek friend (ok, I have lots of them) named Dean that even before Ten was released – would tell me to watch out for these guys. They never made it around here in support of Ten. When they were touring for Vs. in 1993 they were already huge – they played at the Convention Center. I don’t remember it being a rehearsal date, but the whole band and crew was here for the whole day before. We took them up the Tramway to the restaurant up there. Band Management, Record Co. peeps, and most everyone except for Eddie went. They wanted some company and I arranged for some friends to accompany us all to the restaurant. It was actually very fun. Jeff and the band guys – actually everyone – was amazingly nice and down to earth. I cannot say that about too many bands.
The next day, the show day was a bit crazy as the Convention Center would not allow ANY outside food or drink – everything for the bands had to come through their caterer. This means that a $3 jar of peanut butter cost $18 from the caterer. The show was obviously into percentages and everyone was making money. It’s funny when this happens how much everyone REALLY cares about costs on a show. When it’s not into percentages, the band wants EVERYTHING because the promoter is paying for it. When it starts cutting into the band’s money, they start cutting things that they know they won’t need. Anyway, everyone was very upset about the catering costs and when it was all said and done – they wrote something with peanut butter on the dressing room walls. It was kind of funny. Ah… the memories.
Here’s a crazy fact – the show was all General Admission – no seats. Butthole Surfers opened back then. The most expensive ticket was $18. With surcharges back then, the tickets ran you $21.75 each. On this tour tickets are averaging between $47 and $62 – before surcharges – $54 to $69 after. Their previous shows did not rely on a bunch of crazy lighting and sound – it was you and the band. I am thinking that at nearly $50 there will be some money spent on some video and lighting effects… They have always been a creative lot so whatever they do, I’m sure it will pulled off with class. If you are lucky enough to be near this first leg of the U.S. Tour – I say go. I bet there’s not so much moshing as in the 90’s. I’m hoping they book the 2nd leg quickly and come closer to Albuquerque.

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Today is Sunday

Life: Happy Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday kind of started out kind of dull, slowly during into a dull roar. Everyone seemed to be in a kind of mood and I apparently was the focus of everyone’s ire. I tried to get the kids to get up and try to go play tennis – that backfired. I tried to get my family to make some plans. That was not happening either. I had a couple calls from Home Depots as I had remembered to forward the phones. I was in the middle of laundry and attempting to clean the kitchen when Lori had called and invited all of us to Santa Fe for a Labor Day Barbecue / Sleepover. I was very excited as it would get all of us out of our house and off their butts!
There were other ‘plans’ for Sunday morning and to make a long story short – the family was not available for the trip. I seriously contemplated going by myself to get away from the sad state of affairs in the household and actually felt some relief when Lori suggested it. I needed gauge everyone’s opinion of my deserting them before making that decision and within two hours – it was apparent that I would be the ‘bad guy’ for this weekend. I hopped at the opportunity. I really ‘needed’ a bike ride this weekend too and it seemed logical that since it was just me, to take the train. I looked at the train maps and Casa PK is only 2.5 miles from the station so it really wouldn’t be that bad – plus I could ride the train again! I made plans, packed the bike and made a last ditch effort to have some people accompany me. Even the train trip was not enough of a lure…
The Bernalillo Wine Festival is going this weekend and the train was PACKED of people going to the festival – just two stops away. That looked promising that people would take mass transit when it was available to them. Lawrence Rael, the head of the train operations was out at the station seeing how it was going. Since I had 30 minutes (40 with the delays) it was kind of funny watching him trying to be managerial and every now and then wanting some kudos for the whole thing. Every now and then he’d get into the waiting crowd and would be asked questions but mostly they were questions, not kudos. Some people that were waiting next to me had thought that they recognized him from their High School days. When the man went to ask him, Lawrence was deflated that it wasn’t a better question.
All in all they got all those people on that train and on it’s way. They have an area on one side of each car that can fit two bikes. This particular car was filled with strollers and luggage. There was a State Police officer on the train who told me and two other bikers to just leave our bikes in that ‘vicinity’. We kind of made some more room and made it work. I got to sit next to a very DRUNK man that to be honest I had to keep looking as I thought he was relieving himself in his seat the way he was squirming. Right before the Wine Festival stop he mumbled something and I heard ‘bathroom’ and he went towards the bathroom. I didn’t wait for him to come back and the train emptied out at that stop. I went upstairs and found a nice seat. Surprisingly a LOT of people got on going back to Santa Fe. They had already been to the festival and nobody was very excited about it. They complained that they waited about 45 for every taste and that the wines were not good. They wanted to end their ‘festival’ with a glass of champagne and waited over an hour for it – and were very disappointed. They said the best part of the festival was the train trip!
The only part that was odd for me was that the seating – maybe this was just on the upper deck – was all facing eachother – there were not any seats facing front/back as rows. This means that you have to either stay engaged with the others seated around you or attempt to not be interested. It’s very difficult to stay with three others and not listen to what they are saying and to try not to interject too often. They were nice people. The thing that they were speaking most about was how their businesses and their kids/friends/family businesses were all changing to meet the economic needs of today. Just from their experiences, and they were comparing lives to people in the Bay area, back east and in the midwest – it’s all the same. They lamented about people losing jobs and kids from college not getting any jobs. Kind of sad.
The trip up was awesome! I didn’t remember to take any pictures though.
From the time I got on the train at Paseo del Norte and 2nd – no more phone service. There was a little bit right before La Bajada hill that I got service and Jill had called – but otherwise – NO SERVICE. Everyone around me had service all the way to Santa Fe. AT&T is really pissing me off.
As we got closer to Santa Fe, there were a lot of rain clouds to the west. It was sprinkling as we pulled into the station. By the time we exited, it was a bit more. The people that I was sitting next to came back from the parking lot and offered me a ride – I thanked them and told them it would change. I started out and then it dumped! I was soaked in about 10 seconds and returned to the cover of the station. Chris was out getting ice and he came to pick me up. Oh well, so much for a good ride today 🙂
The PK’s are doing great – everyone looked awesome. Kids are growing, scary. I changed and helped get things ready and guests started showing up. It was fun to have conversations with adults and even some of the kids. I was observing how the guys and girls separated immediately and how the kids kind of made up their minds who they were going to “include” in their plans. I tried to get some conversations going with the odd-man-out kids but could tell that they didn’t want to talk to the old guy that they didn’t know. One opened up when we started talking music and he ended up being real cool. The men stayed outside, the girls inside. I joked with Lori as to when ‘the dance’ started; would we start to mingle. Really cool people and I got to meet a several people that we have only seen in photos or heard third person about.
I had not realized how many beers I had been having and also didn’t realize how late it had become before we knew it it was almost eight and we had just started eating. The spread was incredible – burgers, ribs, homemade pasta, veggies, OMG I can’t even remember everything. It was fabulous. Eating seemed to be over in about 15 minutes and we cleaned up real quick and continued with the libations. Sam had brought some homemade liquors that were very interesting. After several different tastings I was burning a hole in my stomach. The kids had assembled a band and had practiced a song that they all performed for us. We continued talking and as people started departing it was just a few of us on the portal. Next thing you know it was 1 am.
I slept like a rock but woke up at 6 am. Could NOT go back to sleep. Tossed and turned for about an hour and half and finally gave up and went out on the portal. It was a beautiful morning. Still overcast, crisp but not bad enough that I needed a sweatshirt. After everyone had risen, we went for breakfast at The Pantry. Green Chile solves all morning-after issues and did in this case too. They dropped me off at the station, even though I still had 45 minutes or so.
Right after breakfast my mom had called to let me know that my cousin had passed away overnight. He had been in the hospital, never waking up from an accident about two weeks ago so it was not surprising. We will never know what happened to him.
While at the station, I attempted to fix the shifter on my bike – which had broken while I was waiting at the ABQ station. I was able to shift but still it was all wonky. I texted my sister to see if she could pick me up – just in case.
The trip back was filled with people going to the festival. Lots of 20’s and 30’s people talking about how the train was their DD – Designated Driver. I wanted to interject that they still had to drive from the station to their homes as nobody seemed to think of that part of the equation.

The ride was nice, we had to wait for another train to pass us and we parked for about 20 minutes. I think I slept for a bit.
The station where I got off was crazy busy! First people going south and then north to the wine festival. While waiting for a ride, I witnessed a bunch of people that had NO idea how to board a train and lots that did not understand that they were not ‘guaranteed’ a seat. I also witnessed a lot of young people that did not have the common sense to give up their seats to the elderly. Albuquerqueans also do not understand that a train needs to leave on time….
There were people holding up the departure for their ‘friends’ who were sprinting across the parking lot. Another lady in a wheelchair was not making any attempt to get to the train and was waiting for someone who was parking the car. They rolled up – a full ten minutes after the train was to leave and because the handicapped areas were already filled – they actually had to move the train forty feet to get her in. The train departed almost 20 minutes late – explaining why we had to wait so long in the middle of nowhere.
Back home and back to my ‘normal’…

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Today is Monday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
UGH! Back to the grind today. For some unknown reason I just don’t feel ‘right’. Not sick, but not well. Kind of a strange feeling.
I completed dinner and the yard and then tried to work on the computer last night. Not overly productive. I was very tired as well. I went into another room and came back and found…. a snake. A baby snake but still a snake. At first I thought it was a garter snake but the color bands were kind of a bit – well… scary. I tried to catch him and he ran behind the file cabinet. Only two ways to exit the back so I just sat there. It was kind of funny as he would poke his head out about an inch and just sit there. Then retreat. Then go the other way and do the same. I had my snake catching gear – a tupperware container, it’s lid, a tall water glass and several pads of paper. I bet it was funny to watch.
He came out one side and I slid a pad of paper behind him so he couldn’t get behind the file cabinet again. I had put another pad in front so he only could come right towards me…. WAIT! What was I doing!? It’s amazing how well they can actually climb – kind of unnerving actually. I got the tupperware over him and then was like, now what? I slid a file folder underneath and then a clipboard underneath that. As I have said before, I practice catch-and-release of all varmints. I release spiders, toads, frogs, lizards and I’d prefer to release mice – but grew tired of their messes. I went to release the little bugger and he kept striking the side of the container!
What kind of snake is this?
What kind of snake is this?
Anyone know any snakey people to ask about this?
I really am freaking out about this. I love the outdoors. I respect creatures when I am in their domain. But when you come into my house, I kind of get all wiggy about this.
I let him go in a vacant lot about half a block away. I didn’t think that it would be cooler (it was almost midnight) and that he may not be very active. He’s out of my house now so that part was good.
Of course I was no longer sleepy and then anything that moved freaked me out even worse. I kept thinking I was overreacting and when I felt something on my leg, I looked and there was an earwig? Little freaky insects that are just nasty. I don’t know what purpose these insects serve but they hang around cardboard and water. I just went to bed and wrapped myself up in the sheet so that I wouldn’t feel anything.
Off to work and we’ll see what happens!

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Today is Sunday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Okay, after getting up this morning – showing Sunnee the car – it was time to take it for a bath. As Railee pointed out, I put a dent in the bug population of Texas and Southern New Mexico on the trip!
We washed and vacuumed the car and then took it over to show Jill, Donald and Emma. Emma was not impressed. Then it was over to Mom & Dad’s.
I just got home and started some laundry and now it’s time to mow the lawn. Ick.
Here are some photos to look at.
It was a great trip. We all had a good time and yesterday was good too.
Sadly, either overnight at the hotel or in the parking lot at breakfast – I got my first dings in the car 😦 Both are pretty bad from the standpoint that they are new but they were destined to show up sooner than later. One is a decent crease, about 1″x2″ – the other just creased the chrome trim. Problem is the trim now hits the other door causing more damage. Grrr. Didn’t notice until we were in White Sands – but that’s a good part of the trip.
We went through Las Cruces and we drove around the NMSU campus – showing that their mom went to school there. Not much interest. I tried showing them places where Sunnee lived but they were not into it. I had wanted to go to Old Mesilla but could tell they weren’t going to be impressed – so we headed out. The drive to White Sands was nice – the Organ mountains are impressive and unique – you just know that those are the Organs. Las Cruces had grown significantly since any last visit.
White Sands was awesome! The kids had a great time and I did too. We got a sled to go down the dunes on – just like snow! We buried the kids and basically just got sand in every crevasse of our bodies. I was over heating and the kids were on the brink.
Before we knew it we were in Alamogordo. I had to stop by the Home Depot there to swap out some signs that we were yelled at two weeks ago about. Done.
It was almost 5:30 by the time we got out of there and I was worried that we would be too late for Green Chile Cheeseburgers at the Owl Cafe in the other San Antonio – New Mexico. We weren’t. The place was busy, but not packed. It was a bit more unclean than I have remembered on previous visits but the food made you forget any of that. DELICIOUS! Back on the road and on our way home.
The kids had a great time and didn’t get on my nerves like I was initially afraid of. A couple of tense moments but otherwise they behaved themselves and we all had fun. Not as much talking as I had wished for but they didn’t just put themselves on ‘ignore’ and play video games or watch movies. I really enjoyed the time and got a new car to boot!

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Today is Saturday

Life: Happy Work: n/a
Weight: ??? Hours of Sleep:
Life on the road! I’ll post photos later from the ‘regular’ camera.
We arrived in San Antonio on Thursday with no issues. Easy flight, full – which is good to see.
There’s a chicken finger restaurant at the airport in SAT called ‘Raisin’ Caine’ (sp?). It’s always a good stop and since it had been six hours since we had eaten, was looking pretty good. The guy who was to pick us up said to call once we landed and he was just six minutes away. We were a little later than we had anticipated – with the chicken fingers – and he wasn’t answering his phone. We waited. And waited. I remembered his description of himself – tall old guy with red shirt on. Small white car? I forgot. After about 45 minutes of waiting we spied a guy that had tried to park in the loading zone and I thought the officer was going to arrest him. GREEN CAR! The officer made him go around. I’ve been there enough times to know that we had about ten more minutes for him to get back around. He made it around and we squeezed into his car. Wow. What a talker!
We got to the house of the lady who was selling it and it was beautiful! A couple of dings on the doors and rear quarter panel but it was gorgeous! I didn’t even bother test driving it. We went inside and finished all the paperwork and then I pulled it around to the front to collect the kids and bags. When you put it into reverse, the mirrors tilt down! Freaked me out and I was excited. I burned rubber in her driveway – in REVERSE! AWESOME!
We headed out and found the hotel.
It wasn’t the nicest hotel and right next to the Interstate so it was noisy. I didn’t care. The kids opted for cooling off in the pool and sat down with the owners manual to read up on everything. Yes, I actually read those. In my haste of leaving, I did not pack my swimsuit. After about 90 minutes, the kids were prunified and I was getting hungry.
We took the city bus into the Riverwalk area and walked around – deciding where to eat. The kids opted for Rainforest Cafe – not exactly the local fare that I was wishing for but this is not about me on this trip. Ok. The car was about me, the rest is for everyone else!
Dinner was tolerable and then we walked over to the Alamo. It is impressive at night – the day too, but given the circumstances….
There’s a house of mirrors right across the street and that occupied almost two hours of fun. After that I was beat. We took a cab back to the hotel and if I had my suit, I would have gone for a dip.
The next morning I set up some of the things on the car, seat adjustments, etc. We went to a WalMart and I got some supplies and we went up to New Braunfels to the Schlitterbahn water park. It opens at 10:00 and we arrived about 11 – still packed. We figured out where to go and truly had a great time. Lines are LONG wait for the really cool stuff but we still enjoyed ourselves. My intent was to leave around 1pm (had we arrived at 10) and ended up leaving around 3 ish. That made for a long drive to El Paso. I had to stop every 60 miles or so and just stretch and walk around to stay awake. About 120 miles out I gave up and pulled into a rest stop and took a 30 minute power nap. That did me some good and I made it the rest of the way in.
This morning…. Las Cruces, White Sands, Alamogordo, and then up to San Antonio (New Mexico). A great road trip with the added bonus – a new car for me!

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Today is Friday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I took the Caddy into the shop yesterday – hopefully he has a clue as to what needs to be done but I don’t expect it back until Monday.
The taxes are officially e-filed! Now I just have to wait for that magic deposit to show up. A California friend lamented that there are no State refunds this year for lack of funds. You basically get an I.O.U. Yuck.
In more magic news – we WILL close on the refinance on Monday afternoon. Still no word as to the ‘final’ costs as that will be as that will be the deal breaker if it’s messed up. The lack of communication has been a bit maddening.
Lots of number crunching at work – trying to get rid of a stack of papers that is over a foot tall. Things that I don’t necessarily NEED to input – but I would feel better if I had everything recorded. If I can get through the most of it today, I will continue and be able to file it all away.
The night was spent working on the computer. I almost thought I had taken down a server so that took 45 minutes to make sure that I hadn’t. That would be bad…
On my way downtown the other day, I forgot to post this photo:
myhoe - my ho - funny license plate in New Mexico on a Chevy Tahoe
It’s a little hard to read – but it says ‘My Hoe’ on a Chevrolet Tahoe! Ha! How does that get past ‘the man’ and things like ‘tofu’ don’t?
Looking forward to a bike ride this weekend? It’s been either too cold or too windy the past two weeks. I need me some cardio!

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Today is Monday

Life: Happy Work: Happy
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Ooops. Forgot to blog yesterday. Saturday had started out to be such a busy day – almost planned all the way through the early evening. An iChat conversation later – we changed everything to be downtown at 1pm for a late lunch. The P-K’s from Santa Fe were taking the train to ABQ on the newly added train service. It was Lori’s birthday to boot. I made the reservation at Tucano’s – Brazilian Grill thing for fifteen minutes after the train’s arrival. There was NINE of us and obviously the restaurant had no idea about the new train service as they were very confused when I said we were coming from the train. Chris and Lori said that half the riders from the train went into Tucano’s. Chris was saying how Santa Fe is the same, the people get off the train and hit the nearby restaurants. It was packed! The food was plentiful and tasty – and decently affordable for a lunch: $12 for adults and $6 for kids. For all-you-can-eat – that’s pretty good. Oh! Kat, guess what I ate? A Chicken Heart! It was actually very good. You should be proud of me….
For living 60 miles from each other – it’s ridiculously stupid that our families do not see much of each other. Isabel and Railee are like two peas in a pod, Jaeden and Noah would have to unplug from their iPods enough to talk to one another but they have computer games in common. Sebastian just goes along with everything. I think I’ve mentioned it before, I see Dirk & Kat more often than I see Chris & Lori. Ridiculous. The girls (little) are going to plan a sleepover with a bit better advance notice. The train takes 90 minutes to get from downtown to downtown and only costs $6 for the day. If the timing worked out it could be fun.
Downtown Albuquerque Railrunner Train from Santa Fe
After lunch we walked around downtown. Sadly, there’s not much else to our downtown. We walked down Central to 8th Street and the back around to Civic Plaza then back to the train station. The weather was nice – especially for February! I was thinking as we left them at the station that the Downtown Action Team needs to have their ‘ambassadors’ at the corner of Central and 1st with a walking map to the restaurants and stores that ARE open. Some of the real old buildings need to either be open or have signs outside with a brief history. The city parks department should have some kind of entertainment scheduled on civic plaza – pretty much based around the train schedules. The city should plan ahead during Summerfest for a late train going back north. I think that Santa Fe would enjoy our ‘cultural event’. As spring and summer come around they should really look at that. And, although I don’t like them – those downtown lofts SHOULD be out in force around the Saturday train schedule! I mean that they should have pedal cabs that would take you on a quick tour of downtown and then take you to their condos. Actually that’s a pretty good idea – free pedal cabs from the Downtown Action Team! They need to work on something…
After that we had to be at Emma’s birthday party – we were late already. We had pizza and salad and cake. By the time Emma was opening presents I was so full. Like sick full. By the time we were home I was a slug. I don’t know if it was so much food, the mixture of different foods, or just a filled day.
I woke up Sunday miserable. My stomach was sick. My head hurt. Sleep did not help. It was like I could feel the flu coming on. Part of it was probably just in my head as Lori was telling us about the flu thing going through her family. I woke up nice and early at 6:30 am and was laying down by 7:00 – slept for another two hours. Still felt miserable. I opted for not eating – at all.
I did some computer work for the rest of the day. I had a small yogurt in the morning and then a late night peanut butter and apple butter sandwich. That was it for the whole day. I went to bed feeling a bit better.
Sunnee’s grandfather is in the hospital to get a pacemaker and we had some drama to get any information from them. By 6 pm Sunnee was a basket-case because nobody would answer a phone or knew what was going on. I settled her down and helped her figure out that there was probably only ONE hospital out there. Her mom finally got a cell phone about a year ago but refuses to use it. She’s always afraid that the battery will run out or something. Anyway, the surgery was supposed to happen last night but we still haven’t heard anything. We’re hoping that all is well.
This is a very busy Monday. Jaeden is sick – temperature of 102 and not feeling well. In true ‘great timing’ – he has SAT tests this week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He has to get better to be able to take this. Very important both for him and the school as well.
Deb is in from Phoenix today, I have payroll, Cynthia is supposed to stop by – and I have to finish closing out January. Perfect…

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