Today is Monday – Happy Birthday to ME!

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:

That’s a pretty funny song – I never remember Adam Sandler doing that….
Last night we had my birthday dinner and family at my Mom & Dad’s. Some new clothes instead of my ‘fat pants’ were in order. A couple books and some DVDs too. Dinner was nice but the desserts!!!! Jello Cake is where you take white cake, poke a fork all in the top and then pour red jello over it and put it in the refrigerator. Top it with whipped cream and you have one of my favorite cakes! Fruit Cocktail cake is some cake with lots of sugar, butter, and stuff and it just tastes good. Jill collected on some side deal where she got come coconut cream pie too. I have not eaten so much food in a week, as I forced down last night! It was awesome and worth all the rolling around groaning later!
Today – caught up on some computer stuff – put away all my laundry and have been fielding Birthday wishes on the phone – I may need to recharge before I go out!
Here’s a link to my big 4-0 birthday from a while back…
Marks’ First Forty Years
Thanks for all the good wishes and may everyone have a great and wonderful- My Birthday!

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Today is Sunday

Life: Happy Work: n/a
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Getting on the bike yesterday turned into an adventure! See the post here.
After that, I had coerced the kids into going with me to play tennis. They are both on the school Tennis Team so any extra practice would be good! There’s several city courts around us and after a brief stop to get some Tennis balls – we were off. It really was getting too hot to be outside but we rallied through it. After about 60 minutes – it was too much and we packed it in.
We were all hungry and I went to Mac’s Steak in the Rough. Chicken fried steak fingers. Every now and then, you just gotta do it. The best thing about Mac’s is the fresh lemonade and limeade. It is worth the trip across town for! They used to make it to order with simple syrup, now they make it in ‘batches’. Still delicious.
We went to the Thrift Town store that opened up where the Menaul store used to be. We dropped off a bunch of the kids’ clothes that they had outgrown. That place was packed! I peeked into the back area where the Sofas To Go store was and was amazed at what they had done. They cleared out all the racks and double decked a portion of it. You really couldn’t tell what was there before. Kind of cool, kind of sad.
We tried to find things that could be made into Halloween costumed but did not find anything. Darn.
After that we went up to ABQUptown and got a book that I’ve been wanting and stopped off at the fountain for the kids to get wet at. Some kind had a rather large doberman/cross that was trying to nip at the water spurts. It was a bit scary at first with all the kids there but the dog was having a blast and the kids didn’t seem to care. Railee got drenched, Jaeden was more successful at staying dry.
After that, over to the Apple store so the kids could play on stuff. They were busy as always.
A quick stop to the grocery store and we were done for the day! Sunnee had to go see a play that someone from her school was in so the kids and I made dinner and played Monopoly afterwards.
TODAY…. some work and then off to my parents’ for a birthday celebration! Woo Hoo!

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Today’s Bike Ride – NOW WITH MORE TRAIN

Map for the day
Distance: 19.7 miles Time: 1:28:00
Avg Speed: 13.43 mph Top Speed: ??
Calories Burned: ???
It was 8 am and I really NEEDED to get out of the house. I looked online and ‘lo and behold – the train leaves the station down by the factory at 9:23 am going north.
New Mexico Railrunner Train
In case anybody forgot – I LOVE TRAINS. Don’t know why but I enjoy them in any city. I have not been our our new train yet so this killed three birds with one stone – get out of the house, exercise, and ride the train!
I was pushing it to be on time and actually made it with ten minutes to spare! Normally a leisurely ride for me is around 12-13 mph – I was hoofing it and made it 14-15 mph the whole way down there. Boarding was easy and they have two bike racks in every car or almost every car. The insides are very clean. There were a lot of people – most of them on their way to Santa Fe. Funny thing is most of them were just going to eat and then return. It’s a two hour train ride to Santa Fe so it pretty much eats up everyone’s day. It cost me a whole dollar to ride from point A to point B. The other station was at Paseo and 2nd. The four ladies going to Santa Fe next to me almost convinced me to go further north and ride back – I’m glad I didn’t listen to them.
Fifteen minutes later I got off and rode back home!
Great Day!

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Today is Saturday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
I got to see an old friend for lunch yesterday. Hopefully it won’t be every other year before we see eachother live and in person.
Concert plans fell through. Stupid concert. Didn’t want to go anyway… [sigh]
Work was unmotivational. I failed at doing anything.
Went home, spent some time with Jaeden and then went to bed relatively early.
Today – bike ride in the morning, some work the rest of the day and hopefully some tennis practice with the kids. I get them for dinner too while Sunnee goes and does something.
Need to get out of this house and onto the bike…

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Today is Friday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
WOW! More sleep! After a harrowing day of freaking out over ‘new’ [read: NOT new] issues with the pricing system – I came home. Jaeden was asleep. I had that feeling that I could go to sleep right then or… I would be awake until after midnight. I opted for the early sleep and was in bed about 7:45. A brief phone call at 9:30, a wake-up-and-see-what-time-it-is at 2 am and then out until 6 am. Every now and then you just need a catch up day – mine was last night.
Today… catch up on this week’s daily paperwork. Get new driver’s license. Lunch with a friend.
Concert Tonight - See Cheap Trick
Tonight is Cheap Trick, Poison, and Def Leppard at Journal Pavilion. Cheap Trick is always good. Poison – actually is a decent band – I just HATE all their songs. Def Leppard…. I like the songs, hate the band. Partly because one time at Tingley, I brought Sunnee and they were all trying to pick up on her from the stage. Bastards. HA! Guess who went home with me. There was that 15 minutes after the show that I couldn’t find her…..
I may run up the hill to the show – at least just for Cheap Trick.

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Today is Thursday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Yesterday was a non-day at work. I spent the whole day trying to get a certain task done with the data compiled from the night before’s all nighter – and….. nothing. I pretty much just did it myself as I couldn’t get any quality input from whom I needed it. Oh well.
The lady came and picked up the car. I took it for one last drive to the car wash to remove the ‘for sale’ paint from the windows. That stuff is hard to remove! I tried scraping it off but that just smears it. I actually called the company that makes the stuff (in Seguin, Texas) and she said you have to ‘immerse it in water’. I asked how I should do that with a car. It was a pretty funny conversation. After spraying it for about 30 seconds, it scraped off.
I took one last photo of the Caddy:
2000 Cadillac deVille and 2006 Chrysler 300C
Two very nice cars… I hope I get as much use out of the new one as the old one.
I left work early as this was the one day that it has not rained so I went home to mow the grass since I was not able to do it over the weekend.
The evening was spent testing the computer system. It’s okay but frustrating.
More of that today and then wrapping up the week!

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Today is Wednesday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Got to work at 8:30 am… left at 11:30 pm. Ouch. It was very productive, but the end results were a little disappointing. After hooking up data links I discovered pretty dismal stats regarding the Home Depot pricing system and it’s costs. More on that this week… Even though it was a long day, it was worth getting all that stuff done.
At one time I had two desktops and two laptops all running at once! I bet if someone were walking by the window they would have been tired just watching me. Ah, the price of productivity.
Today – test! Test. Test. Test. Make tickets for anything wrong and get them all in. Nobody is responding to any of my emails so that’s kind of interesting.
Today the lady is supposed to come with the cash for the Caddy – I had another guy call me last night that will take it if she flakes out. Sweet! Oh! I had Sunnee take the car on Sunday since she would be driving around in the heights. She was mad because she was just going to be parked at school while she worked and didn’t want to take it. This guy saw her driving it… See? I DO make good decisions every now and then.
Bad news on an older cousin yesterday – doesn’t look good 😦

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Today is Tuesday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Wow. Missing another day. The lowered weigh-in for the past few days has been exciting although I haven’t done anything to deserve it. Unless Graham Crackers are fat burners…. need to look into that.
Sunday was filled with work. I sat on my butt and did computer work all day. Unfortunately, Jaeden was doing the same until I talked him into running to the store with me. We had to ride our bikes because I had sent Sunnee with the Caddy so it could get some ‘eye time’ on the streets. Sadly, she took her car keys as well since her work keys were on the same ring. The bike ride was nice – even better with my seat-bound son.
It’s been raining most every day since Saturday night – it has been awesome! Supposedly we are short 9″ in precipitation this year. It’s been dry. But not anymore!
In the rain, about dinner time we had a frantic knock at our door. There was some guy, in the rain, wanting info on the Caddy. He said that he had a 2002 that was in a wreck and the insurance totaled his car and only gave him $3k. So, using his logic, my car – being two years older – was worth less than $3k. I told him ‘no’, and introduced myself and said if he was interested in actually ‘looking’ at the car or driving it and making me a reasonable offer – he was more than welcome to. Even the kids thought he was rude.
Overnight I got an email from craigslist with a phone number. I called her in the morning and she was calling for her mother and would come look at it later in the day.
I finished some things in the morning and headed to work. They installed some new ‘big-city-type’ electronic text signs over the Interstate to give notice about lane closures, etc. Usually there’s not much on them – seems kind of wasteful. This morning there was something about a lane closure at Lead and everyone did well to avoid the closed lane. Very cool. Then about half a mile later – dead stop. It took me 90 minutes to get to work. There was a nasty accident south of the factory exit and they completely closed I-25. How hard would it be to have announced that news? I was so cranky by the time I got to work.
In the drive, I called people – since I was just basically parked. My mom and dad were excited as someone was putting in an offer for the spec house that my dad had built a while back. There has not been any interest in a long time.
Also, on my parent’s little ‘block’ there’s been an empty lot for three years. I man put in an offer on it.
About 11 am this lady in curlers came in to look at the car. She bought it without even sitting in it or driving it! Hey… sounds exactly like me on the 300 🙂
The day was looking up.
I worked my butt off the rest of the day. Mostly finishing up some last minute stuff but never even came close to tackling my daily work. Trying to get out of the factory sent me into panic mode as I couldn’t find the windows laptop that I revived from the dead last month. Finally found it and left. I walked outside to baby-blue skies, clouds over the crest of the Sandias, probably 72 degrees. September and October in New Mexico holds those days that make you forget any windy, hot, or otherwise bad days. I wish I could have taken a picture at that moment. There were too many power lines around me to take a good one and Kathy didn’t answer her phone to have her try. The drive home I almost just kept driving because it was SO nice outside.
I get home, the family is eating, I eat some really nice steak with some jasmine rice, peas, and pineapple (it was very tasty). I unpack all the computers and look in the mail….. my 2008 federal tax return was in! I was supposed to have it in April and they ‘lost’ it. It’s been a bone of contention for all these months and I have tried to track it down and it’s just been a bear. But, I have it now! What should I do with it? It’s already spent. I’m paying off Sunnee’s car. Done. I will deposit it today and it will be gone by Friday. Oh well.
So – round up Monday, August 24th – THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!
Today, up at 6 am and at work by 8:30 am. Ouch.

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Today’s Bike Ride

Map for the day
Distance: 5.5 miles Time: ??
Avg Speed: ?? mph Top Speed: ??
Calories Burned: ???
We had not intended to make a productive bike ride. We needed to run to WalMart, Radio Shack, and Home Depot. I actually got Jaeden away from the computer enough to go and… we didn’t have a car. I had Sunnee take the Caddy around – since I painted the windows yesterday advertising ‘for sale’. I told him we’d ride the bikes instead and he actually did NOT throw a fit! I took advantage of the situation and headed out. About halfway there I realized that the incoming storm was upon us and the way back would be quite wet.
After the quick stops in the store we could smell the rain. He was okay with it and we just said we’d go as fast as we could.
We barely got the bikes in the shed when it just started dumping on us!
We had a great ride. It’s always more fun to share a ride with someone and I’m even happier when it’s my desk-bound son!

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Today is Sunday

Life: Happy Work: Indifferent
Weight: Hours of Sleep:
Wow. Missed another day…
Friday was just a day – I spent most of it trying to wrap up some customer stuff and learning the ‘new’ Home Depot pricing thing. It has some issues and I feel that the learning curve for the store associates is going to be STEEP. Now I am neck deep in testing two different builds of the system for correctness. It will be busy.
I don’t even remember what I did on Friday night but assuredly it was nothing exciting. There’s some local bands with friends in them that I had planned to see on both Friday and Saturday but that did not work out.
Saturday morning I rode my bike halfway across town to get a haircut. Perfect timing! Then off to the post office and then back home. Some computer work, a shower and then off to see how CARMAX works on buying your car. I was originally going to sell the car for $4k – no being greedy, just get it sold. I originally listed it for $4,350. One call but the guy flaked out.
A little side note that these people who spam you from your craigslist ads should be shot. IMHO.
Then I started looking at what cars have been selling for on ebay and what current listed ones were all over craigslist. $5,800 to $7,800. Same year cars that the pictures show are in nowhere near as good shape are listed in ABQ at $6,900 to $7,500. That was encouraging. I relisted on craigslist at $4,850. CARMAX is a nationwide chain of used car dealers. They always advertise that they will buy your car – ‘even if you are not buying one from us’. I tried calling to see if I could make an appointment. No, you can’t do that. Online has a form that says they will contact you within 60 minutes and will set you up. No, they just tell you the same – come on in. An hour later, with them setting you down in front of a computer screen while they tab through screens telling you how wonderful your car is…. $1700. Truly if it was around $4,000 – I was just going to take it. I thanked him for wasting an hour of my day and stopped off at Walmart to get some shoe polish to make a sign on my windows. Apparently back-to-school shoppers have taken all their stock. I ambled over to the automotive section and sure enough, they have ‘Window Chalk’ – funny. It’s also about $1 MORE than shoe polish. I painted up the windows and worked some more on the computer. I was a bit tired and attempted to take a nap. Didn’t work.
Dinner came and went and I still couldn’t sleep because the neighbors were having a loud party in their backyard. They got real quiet about 10:30 so I got ready for bed and noticed that it had been raining! That’s why they got quiet!
This morning I will be a computing fool and doing unreal stacks of laundry that my family bestowed upon me! Woo hoo!
Wait, I also found a gift idea for my birthday – the guy who makes them is in Italy, so you may need to order one now so it arrives in time…

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